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#1822118 Boxx's Memorial Service

Posted by Thaddeus Smith on 08 January 2015 - 04:53 PM

Was it worth taking the day off to wear the most uncomfortable clothes I own, driving an hour and a half through Dallas traffic, fighting my social anxiety to be part of a crowded room full of strangers?


For this man and his family, most certainly yes. I am truly grateful to have been a small part of today's events, to meet Boxx's family, and to celebrate a life well lived. In overhearing conversations, his eulogy, and brief conversations with his family is was evident that Boxx was the same here as he was everywhere else.


A wonderful husband, a doting father, a loyal friend .. he was goofy and loved to have a good time, always welcoming, intelligent, and most certainly a music lover. So the Boxx we knew was the Boxx everyone knew, and that warms my soul.


Alex, the soundtrack you put together was a perfect amalgam of his favorite artists and it was as though he made it himself. Great selections that had me tapping my toes and recalling fond memories of late night jam sessions. His eulogy was presented by his best friend and also included a beautiful message by Boxx's daughter Genevieve. A few musical selections were played as well, including "Time" and "High Hopes" - I think Boxx would have loved these selections for not only the personal importance they have in his family's life, but also the fact that he got a full chapel of multi-generational people to sit through two very slow Alan Parsons and Pink Floyd songs. I cried the whole time.



Dave and the PAW: you guys knocked it out of the park with the flowers. Thank you for taking that initiative and making it happen so quickly.


Forum guys: It was both weird and humbling to represent a whole segment of people that could have easily doubled the number of people in attendance. I know this forum, and all of the love and support put forth by its members, means a great deal to the family. If any of you were there, my apologies for not seeking you out. So many people in such a tight space started to overwhelm me and I needed to duck out.


Boxx family: Thank you for alerting us so quickly and allowing us to support you and grieve with you. It would have been just as easy to let us know retroactively, or not at all. It was indeed a privilege to to be there in honor of your husband and dad.


Alex and Genevieve: I sincerely hope you guys stick around and interact from time to time, continuing your dad's legacy and leaving your own mark. I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me and I'd really like to get to know you more, here or "offline". I thoroughly enjoyed your dad and it's clear that his influence is found in you both, and that makes me think I'd enjoy you as well.


Michele: Thank you for sharing your husband with us. He spent a ton of time here, but it should never be considered a wasted effort - our lives are enriched as a result of knowing him. I have no doubt your support network is vast, but please don't ever hesitate to reach out to the brothers of Klipsch if you need anything.


Stay thirsty my friend.  :emotion-22:


- Michael








#1785983 Please "Like" me

Posted by John Warren on 04 October 2014 - 11:16 AM

I woke up in the middle of the night last evening realizing I need more "Likes" in my profile.


Please "Like" me so I'll feel better about myself.






#1816015 Transparency + Reality

Posted by Alex L on 27 December 2014 - 10:24 PM

None of the statements below constitute an official Klipsch statement. These are my personal opinions and thoughts. Please treat them as such...


I don't post a lot here (always lurking, though), so I'm not going to pretend like everyone here knows me. In short, I'm the guy who runs social media for Klipsch.  I have been the voice of the Klipsch Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Google+, etc accounts for almost three years now.


Anyway, in the thread about the big launch we're having at CES 2015, things got a little heated. I don't like to run social media way the traditional way - kissing every customers butt no matter what they say. BUT I do take great pride in being a far more transparent and open representative than you would find at other consumer-oriented brands.


In that spirit, I would like to tackle a few subjects and many more in order to continue this transparency and openness. This is gonna be quite rambling and incoherent, but I just want to get a few things out there.


I LOVE Klipsch...This is my life. This is how I feed myself (sometimes) and put clothes on my back. I spend way too much time thinking about all of this stuff and that is the same thing for 90% of the people who work there. I love coming into work and it's not like I'm getting rich off this job. I love what the company stood for and what it stands for now.


We Love You...From my readings here, I think people are feeling detached from the company here - that we don't care about out. This couldn't be further from the truth. We always ask "Well, what are the forums guys gonna think about X?" Did our marketing drift away from you guys? YES. We admitted that and have taken the necessary steps to appeal both to YOU and the grander audience that we need in order to survive and thrive.


We Need You...You want Klipsch to make certain products? You want Klipsch to make more stuff in the United States? TELL YOUR DEALERS! Screaming about it on the forums does almost nothing. We have to make a business case to make a new speaker and that means dealer buy-in. The fact about Klipsch business is that so little of it is done directly. We rely heavily on our dealers to move product because we simply do not have the advertising or marketing budgets to move tons of product on our own.


Paul W. Klipsch...Not a single day goes by, where someone does not mention him or his audio principles. When Mark Casavant introduced the latest line to the entire company, PWK was in his very first sentence. His audio principles are literally drilled into us every single. The engineers and product managers are absolutely instructed to make products that stick to these principles. Heck, I even have four photos of him in my so-much-better-than-Chad's cube. PLUS, many of our new marketing initiatives are centered around him aka "Good Poop" blog posts, our CES 2015 audio museum, brand video, etc.  As a marketing department, we are working closer than ever with Jim Hunter whose wealth of PWK knowledge is ridiculous. Jim takes almost every single visitor/guest on a tour of Klipsch HQ in which he provides in-depth commentary of PWK and his speakers. All of this is why I take great offense at some posters here who act like we have forgotten him or don't care about his legacy. That is utter horse manure through and through.


Heritage Sales...Certain people seem to take great offense still that we make products that aren't Heritage. Come on, guys! If we didn't make Reference, we would have to lay off everyone. It's really that simple. No one, past or present, would/should/could want that. The ugly truth is that many/most companies would just shut down the line and move on. I know a lot of you guys recognize this already, so I apologize if it seems condescending. We would love to expand on the Heritage line but there needs to be a business case. It doesn't matter if someone from the past would be in charge. The situation would be the same. We can't just make every awesome speaker we think of, unfortunately.


Made in America...Reading the above paragraph, one might think "Oh, Alex is a young punk who hates Heritage and just buys a bunch of Chinese-made crap." Deep breath! I love, love, love our Heritage line and Made in America products. I am actually saving up for Heresy speakers that I will surely pass down to my kids (if that ever happens). Oh and right now I am wearing a Gitman shirt, Flint & Tinder denim, Flint + Tinder underwear, and Chippewa Boots - all products made in America. The initiative with the Made in America blog series and partnerships with companies like Tanner Goods, Woodchuck USA, Imogene + Willie, etc is my baby and it's an initiative that has backing from everyone. We want to make more stuff in America. Even Vlad and the headphone team are looking for creative ways to get Hope involved. We'll see what happens.


Heritage Opportunity...We have a unique opportunity to take advantage of a growing consumer segment - the hipster with disposable income. A popular trend right now is buying handmade and American-made products that, yes, are a little more expensive than the comparable made in China product. Our friends Tanner Goods charge $450 for their Portland-made backpack and they sell quite a few of them! It's quite remarkable. With our current Heritage lineup, we have a unique opportunity to target these consumers. We are looking for unique channels of distribution for Heritage that goes beyond audio-specific dealers.


Heritage Marketing...There is a ridiculous misconception that we haven't marketed Heritage products at all and that's why they're not selling. Wrong, wrong, wrong! I don't know how many of you follow our social media channels or blog, but we talk about our Heritage speakers a ton. Also, be sure to check out the relatively new video we made for the line. Plus, our partnership with Classic Album Sundays is centered around the Heritage Series. If you don't know what it is, CAS is special listening sessions in certain parts of the world where you listen to an album all the way through with Klipschorns or La Scalas and a speaker guest speaker explaining the album. These events are great, but they are expensive, so we can't do it in as many places as we'd like.


Klipsch Professional...We are making a new push with Klipsch Professional. We have great opportunities to grow here. You should see a lot of cool stuff coming through this department in the next few years. A lot of the growth will also be done behind the scenes.


Concepts...Sometimes we make concepts that we aren't allowed to talk about with you guys. These can be Hope-built products that would certainly peak a lot of your interests. Sometimes, these get canned for lack of dealer support. Watch both our own and third party of the Klipsch at CES carefully! Chad and I are asking for permission to show you guys stuff, so we can drum up support for certain things, but no promises.


Website Homepage...Our website currently features a bunch of products that aren't favorites here. That's because they are on discount and we have rarely ever done discounts directly through our website. It is an experiment. In any case, website hero slides will go back to our more heritage-y marketing that we all prefer on 1/1/2015.


This industry is tough for high-end...Here's a little taste of the market for you. The average selling price for soundbars + bluetooth speakers dropped over 40% in only year! Isn't that crazy? We don't do the low-end market particularly well and we recognize that. In fact, we have recommitted to the high-end market. See this recent article from the Indiana Business Journal.


Mistakes...We have made mistakes both in products and in marketing. There is absolutely not denying it. BUT I think everyone here is really going to like the direction we're going in both these departments going forward. Things have change SIGNIFICANTLY in the three years I've been here and I think, now, it's finally for the better.


Soundbars...If you read the article above, you will know that CEO Paul Jacobs said "You can’t replace the experience of a premium home theater system with a sound bar.” Everyone here should be VERY happy about that statement and it's absolutely true. We are committed to superior home theater and two channel solutions. That's our bread and butter. That being said, our soundbars do sound great. I know from personal experience that people on these very forums thought they were hearing professional Klipsch speakers but it was actually a R-20B soundbar. So, with that in mind, let's not always scream and shout that these products can't possibly sound any good, please.


No Voxx, No Klipsch...I can't go into too much detail but the reality is that when Fred Klipsch (who PWK sold the company to) decided to sell Klipsch, there were two choices - Klipsch lives through Voxx or it dies an unrecognizable death. I know many of you have fears they will run us into the ground, but, at this point, it is what it is and we ALL need to make the best about it. It's been what - 4 years? Time to move on.


Criticism...Parts of this post probably come off as me being quite butt hurt and unable to take any criticism. Part of that is true haha! I should let more things go, but I think that also does show how much I care about this place. Anyway, criticism does make us better. It definitely does. That being said, sometimes this place can be brutally negative even when it doesn't make any sense. We need you guys to be part of the solution. 


Anyway, I hope this was worth reading in some way. I really hope it didn't come off as dick-ish or condescending. I know a lot of you recognize already what I just typed out. I am just trying to be open and honest. If you have any questions, fire them over.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


Again, none of the statements above constitute an official Klipsch statement. These are my personal opinions and thoughts. Please treat them as such.

#1827071 Prayers appreciated for Wakejunkie

Posted by Youthman on 17 January 2015 - 09:53 AM

Two days ago, at 36 years old, my best friend Wakejunkie had two strokes. For the most part he's doing fine. Has some balance issues and cannot walk without assistance.

Dr said its a miracle he is alive. Only 10% survive from a stroke like he had and he had two making it around 1% of people that survive.

Here is the latest update from his wife

Update: the doctor has confirmed that it is a tear in his vertebral artery alone causing the strokes. It is a life changing event. The doctor said it is a miracle that he didn't die and to count this as a second chance. He will not be able to play sports anymore, go to the chiropractor, or pop his neck without risk of causing another tear. He should heal from his present symptoms over the next three months but doctor says risk of re-injury is great. It is a weakness of connective tissue and not from previous surgery. Treatment for this event is major blood thinners until the tear heals and then an aspirin type regiment. Please keep him in prayer as he adjusts to these changes.

#1835947 My new Klipschorns have arrived!

Posted by Trentster5172 on 05 February 2015 - 12:28 PM

A phone call came this morning at about 0715 am from the trucking company. At 745 we were unloading. By 830 we were listening!!!

2015 Klipschorns serial #1 and 2.

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#1751309 You guys made me cry....

Posted by Amy on 09 July 2014 - 06:59 PM

But in a good way. Thank you all so much for the beautiful flowers....as you can see, I didn't have a vase large enough to hold them, and I was overwhelmed by the gesture. My gratitude for your friendship is unmeasurable... through all the moaning and groaning of rules, warnings and locked threads, I've always felt appreciated and respected here. I won't forget it.

Thank you all for your contributions to this most special of internet corners, to the amazing Klipsch brand, and to me personally and professionally. I will definitely keep in touch.

With love,
Queen Emeritus

image.jpg image.jpg

#1849431 Joining the Palladium guys

Posted by Scrappydue on 03 March 2015 - 07:19 PM

So after hearing palladiums a few months ago i have been itching to try them in my own home. i decided to total up all the money i have in gear around the house, and decided to see what all i can start selling. so while i am losing a lot of gear (that i don't really need) i can finally find out how the klipsch palladiums sound in my home. to me its a price to pay to end the wondering. so selling bedroom setups, and computer setups, and setups i have in storage just because. the only things i will not be selling is anything from my downstairs home theater, and the wife said the cornwalls better not be going anywhere! (I really do love this woman)


so on to what i have coming. on friday i ordered the p-27c in merlot. it should be here tomorrow. now i have p-17's payed for but the seller is really pushing the towers on me. i like towers much better than bookshelves as far as looks. plus the thought of having bookshelves on stands with a 4 year old whizzing by them scares me. so i still haven't decided if i am gonna (or can) fork over the money for the towers. 


since i am selling all my stuff, i will be getting rid of the projector and screen in the living room. me and the wife are ok with it cause we have so many windows so frankly i'm excited to take the kuro out of storage and get it back up. i have a gentleman buying it and a whole 5.1 package from me. i always have good luck selling full packages to people as it just comes easier to me than selling separate pieces. so i have to find a new avr eventually if the palladiums end up staying. i will use my once 805 for right now. HOWEVER i do have to find a subwoofer for the living room. and foot print can't be huge, just don't have the space for it. 


pics will come once the stuff gets here. and as usual waiting is the hardest part...

#1851623 Happy Birthday PWK

Posted by Trey Cannon on 09 March 2015 - 12:21 PM

Hello Klipsch.

                I wanted to take a moment to say Happy Birthday to our founder Paul Wilber Klipsch. Today would have been his 111th birthday.

I knew Paul and Valerie a number of years before I started working for the company.  I only had a few conversations with him about audio. Most of our talks were about life.

We talked about love and loss, the past and the future and the usual planes, trains and automobiles.

Paul always struck me as a man that loved to learn. I could be about stuff or people or how the world worked, but he was always looking for new things and how to make the old things better.

I have seen him make changes to a math equation 40 years old while in his 90’s.  He had such an amazing mind. I miss his stories.


…I can just see him talking to Gabriel about changes his horn.


So, if you have a bottle of Scotch around, raise a glass to PWK. I know I will.


Trey Cannon – Systems Engineer

#1806898 Coffee and Cables

Posted by CECAA850 on 03 December 2014 - 09:30 AM

Back at the rat race today.  Trying to make the best out of a bad situation.




#1835184 Prayers appreciated for Wakejunkie

Posted by WakeJunkie on 03 February 2015 - 09:12 PM

I appreciate all the prayers and well wishes.
I am doing very well all considered. I can walk using a walker or if I hang onto someone for balance. This should improve over time. I have been refered to Vanderbuilt University to see a specialist. I am waiting on that right now. I will be out of work for at least 6 more weeks.
Thanks to all.

#1814726 What I got Today!

Posted by Boxx on 23 December 2014 - 07:45 PM

Actually, I got two early Christmas presents.....


1.  The Longhorn Network has been "finally" picked up by Directv.... Hook'em Horns and


2.  This little guy (Doak) got a new home this evening.  He's just over two months old and all fired up about his new home.





#1761483 What I got Today!

Posted by Thaddeus Smith on 05 August 2014 - 03:52 PM

I got one of these this morning. :)



Anabelle Ruth Ray, born 8:54 on 08/05/14, 19.25" and 7 something pounds.

#1847375 Coffee and Cables

Posted by JL Sargent on 27 February 2015 - 05:22 PM


#1835984 My new Klipschorns have arrived!

Posted by Trentster5172 on 05 February 2015 - 01:26 PM

Here they are at the factory last week. In the photo are the two builders, the quality control person, and the packer. I really appreciate the attention to detail. These are nothing short of miraculous! They blow my La Scalas paired with my subs away. They didn't fill the house with sound quite like these do. American craftsmanship at its finest!

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#1834498 Coffee and Cables

Posted by Tigerman on 02 February 2015 - 08:31 AM

Good morning friends.....

Big snow storm today, and so I elected to stay home from work, fire up the weekend coffee machine once again and grabbed this photo for the forum.... A cozy morning inside (0;image.jpg1_44.jpg

#1820707 Coffee and Cables

Posted by Tarheel on 06 January 2015 - 08:30 AM

I feel the absence of Boxx.....one of our own. There is an empty chair here in the Cables and Coffee coffee klatch :sad:


I friend some folks here on the forum because there is some commonality or admired trait that draws me to them.  My friend Boxx had many.   He loved this forum as was evidenced by his writing, his wit, his calming influence, his creativity, as well as the many friends he made here.  His dedication to this forum is unmatched.  Boxx dropped in from time to time to share a cup of coffee with us.  He always classed the place up.  He will be missed.


Cheers :emotion-44: Gents

#1816043 How Did I Get Here? (A Klipsch Story)

Posted by IbizaFlame on 27 December 2014 - 11:23 PM

I'm not going to claim to be as good of a story teller as thebes...because, hey...who is?  I'm an academic writer...that means I add little numbers next to ideas and hope someone pays attention to where the ideas come from (most of the time).


This evening, I stumbled upon Alex's post over transparency.  But honestly, I read that thread - and I think to myself "hell, I might actually love the company that much too."  Anyway, I love you guys, my wallet hates all of you, and I'm pretty sure the audio-craving is a contagious one now ever since joining here.  When I joined here, I had a pair of RF-3 II's and a Gen II Quintet system...now, all but 2 speakers and 3 subwoofers are Klipsch born-and-raised. Those 2 speakers by the way are 1998 Jamo Cornet 175's (oh Chad!), they can hold their own without too much worry.


At any rate - there's a certain fuzzy feeling and a special place I have for my RF-3's - and that's mainly got to do with how I received them.  Growing up, I was not a child who did the toy thing.  I think my idea of toys was limited to model airplanes - otherwise...it was big-boy toys.  TV's, VCR's, Amplifiers, Tuners, and Speakers.  I'm a product of two band directors - two symphony chair players - a song writer, and a music producer.  Members of my family have played for Manheim Steamroller, Alabama, and Guns N Roses at various gigs around the Midwest.  Those same family members have also been involved in musical performances in theater as well. 


I was raised on a trombone, played with cellos, blasted out with the trumpet.  I toyed around with the piano, and banged on drums and always had a guitar within reach (unless it was my grandma's, then it was a ukulele).  I live in a world of perpetual music - melody, beat, and rhythm - the same one I was raised in.


When I was 6...my dad bought be a GE boombox.  Yeah!  Detachable speakers too!  I was totally a boss then (I look at some of you with your kids and RF-7's...trust me, I'm so jelly).  I kept that thing until I melted the faceplate off it next to a bonfire on one 4th of July.  Before I did that though, I bought an Aiwa NSX-AJ20 Shelf Unit...which survived all the way from January of 2000 (I bought it with birthday money) to November of this year.  It was with that system that my brother and I would have "Stereo Wars"...where we'd try to overshoot volume against each other.  Of course, he had a pair of MTX floorstanders and a Yamaha V390...I had an Aiwa...lol.


2002 - I had a Kenwood HTB system...with my first subwoofer, and first surround speakers.  VR-414...couldn't shake the floors too much with it, but we tried.  In  early '02...I acquired some JBL Northridge speakers - the models of which I can't remember...those were my first floorstanders...they sadly did not survive the move from the old house to this one (they perished in 2007).  The Kenwood sub lasted until late last year somehow.


Anyway...it was 2002 and my school experience was not doing well.  Straight F's in fact!  7th grader with no ambition for the course materials...and was made fun of by just about every student in the school.  I missed so many days of school that it wasn't even funny.  I still loved talking audio, and had since made friends with a manager at one of the local electronics stores.  One day that same manager (Ian) had called my mom, and we both went over to talk to him.  He handed me the 2002 catalogue of Klipsch speakers and pointed at a pair of RF-3 II's, and said that if I could stick out the year at school and not miss a day...and at least pass...they'd work out getting me a pair.  I had no idea at the time he was literally going to do half-off + a free speaker with that deal for me and my mom...I was 12...and they were beautiful to me.


I made it through that year (that was my last year I attended traditional school...I dropped out in 8th grade, got my GED in '07 and went right into a Tier-1 Private College in '12) and I got my first pair of speakers...the very same ones that are in my bedroom, and the same ones that I spent all of these last 4 months finally completing (with the RC-3 II, RS-3 II's, and now the RB-3's).  It is with that accomplishment, that I feel like I finished what I started on this system, and I never foresee myself parting with them.  They're not the 7's, not even the 5's...they're older and smaller - but they damn well look better than just about any of the other RF-3 II's out there still.  I babied these speakers every day...and still do.


So for me...these specific towers are more than just a signature of great sound that my mother and a good friend got me going on.  They're also a symbol to me that I survived a teenage hell, and am still going strong.  Funny what happens when you realize that you're bleeding copper.  12 years after the first Klipsch speaker ended up in my house, the whole house finally turned.  What will the next 12 bring me? :)

#1814857 Coffee and Cables

Posted by Tarheel on 24 December 2014 - 08:17 AM

Twas the day before Christmas

and all through the house

Spotify was streaming

at the click of a mouse....


White gloves were hung

by the tube amps with care

in hopes that Diana Krall

soon would be here...


With Jake on his new bed

and me in my cap

we both settled down

for a long winter's nap....


When out in the music room

there came such a clatter

that I knew in a second

what was the matter....


We dashed to the scene

full of fear and dread

as a heavyset bearded guy pulled away in his sled

I heard him shout as he pulled out of sight

Merry Christmas to Tarheel and Jake.......have a good night!


But under his breath I heard him say

"Where's the hot little LF dang it.....for her I would stay!


Cheers :emotion-44: Gents........and Merry Christmas!


Jake and Tarheel

#1808521 Coffee and Cables

Posted by JL Sargent on 07 December 2014 - 07:02 AM

Good morning! Got our tree up last night.



#1683076 What direction is Klipsch going in?

Posted by Amy on 15 January 2014 - 02:39 PM

We are getting ready to launch an complete new line of R.... oh, crap, I'm probably not supposed to say anything yet.

Rest your fears. This is the year of copper. We're not going anywhere. Either is the Heritage line.