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Did You Bring Your Football Hat?

Posted by Amy, 23 October 2013 · 277 views

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I'm sure many of you are aware of our recent involvement in endorsements, specifically by local athletes. I love how these partnerships, although I prefer to call them friendships, have grown organically from a genuine love of our products and not a "give-me-money-and-I'll-tell-people-you're-great" basis. How refreshing.

We've had a lot of fun with all of our new friends, from goofing around at photoshoots to the always entertaining Twitter takeovers. Today was no exception, as we welcomed Colts' outside linebacker (and sacker extraordinaire) Robert Mathis to the studio to capture some images and video footage for an upcoming contest (stay tuned!). Much to my delight, his beyond adorable 2-year-old twin sons were in tow.

Cuteness ensues.

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For the curious... my subject line is a friendly nod to our creative director, who, bless him, has never been much of a football fan.

noun: helmet; plural noun: helmets; noun: helmet shell; plural noun: helmet shells
1. a hard or padded protective hat, various types of which are worn by soldiers, police officers, firefighters, motorcyclists, athletes, and others.

Unpaid... don't let that get out.  Wonder if any of the (rhymes with meats) endorsers can say that.  Say a bunch of those cheap at Atlanta Earth festival.  I'm sure counterfeit as cheap as they were. 


Robert has been a BEAST.  I didn't bother tweeting during the Bronco's game or the Seahawks game which my wife and myself got to see in person as I won a pair of nosebleed tickets from a (somewhat) local (Marion) radio station. 


Go Colts! 


And talk about endorsements.... what Lou Reed (RIP) was quoted in an interview how his Promedia 2.0 (I think) totally blew away much more expen$ive (rhymes with hose, whose slogan for truth in advertising should be better sales through advert$)

p.s.  I think I had trouble connecting to twitter in Lucas Oil.  You think they'd have free public wi-fi?  If they do I feel stupid.  :(

I have two football hats, caps actually,, a colts conference champion from 200? which I've not worn as it's white and will get soiled and I'm not sure where I've hidden it and a Western Michigan Football cap which Alea got me on $ale (my girls can shop for bargains :) ) that I I did wear during parents' weekend but with funding a bit low we passed on the football and spent more for standing room only tix to watch WMU take it on the chin in hockey against Notre Dame


A gentleman who left early did give us his real seats so we ended up sitting in front of the girls at least for the final period. 


Sorry for the rash of posts.  Catching up.  I do notice view counts now so you can tell that people do read these...

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