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Music Monday (on a screwed up week): Dwight

Posted by Amy, 26 December 2013 · 188 views

music monday dwight yoakum
The year, 1991. It was the first summer I lived away from home, staying in Bloomington with my roommates. It was humid, we had no central air. A train rumbled past our back balcony every day. We stayed out late every night and went to work hungover every day. We had no responsibilities, other than to turn in our measly rent check once a month. We had crappy furniture, crappy walls, crappy food...mac and cheese, mostly. We didn't have cable, but a few VCR tapes got us by. We loved and lost, lost and loved. We lived. It was glorious.

Dwight Yoakam's album "If There Was A Way" was a big part of soundtrack that summer, in all it's twangy fabulousness. I still love it to this day. Here is a favorite.

Same old sun comes up to shine
On this old bed at the same old time
I tell myself the same old lie
I've got you off my mind

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PS. If you haven't seen Dwight's despicably creepy performance in Billy Bob Thornton's brilliant Sling Blade...well... just do it.

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