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I can't sleep.

Posted by Amy, 29 January 2014 · 226 views

I have a house guest for the next four months. Long story. No one told me he wasn't housebroke. Lesson learned.
Help me.

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Grrr...  The owner probably wouldn't care for my solution. 



You have a big heart Amy, as most all of us already know.


Is this guy "crate" trained?

Keep him in a large box.  Especially at night when you are sleeping, and when you are not home to keep a close eye on him.  When he makes a mess,rub his nose in it the mop it up with him and put him in a small box. Then tell him what you think of him going Potty in the house every time you see him while he is confined to the small Jail Cell.  Let him outside first  thing in the morning when you let him out of the large box which should contain his bed, and out last thing before putting him to bed.


May sound cruel, but I have broke every one of my dogs  that killed chickens.  And we became Great Friends.


You have to be firm, and give him plenty of Potty breaks during the day when he is out of the box. He may not know how to communicate his needs to you.  Use the same door each time you take him out.  Preferably on you will be easily able to watch.  If he goes to the door, out he goes for a potty break.





You have a big heart Amy, as most all of us already know.
Is this guy "crate" trained?

A big heart perhaps to a fault! Ha

I'm crate training him now. He's doing better at night, but not so good while I'm at work, I'm told. I'm just not home enough to be able to do this properly. Hence why I don't have my own dog!


Thanks John, and thanks for all the tips! A large box is a good idea, but he is a yippie little thing. When I'm home, I have him on a leash and he follows me around. Not very practical, but I have to watch him constantly. He has a bladder the size of my pinky nail. Doesn't help that it's feels like the Antarctic here lately. Bad time to potty train :(. Is it spring yet?

You may need to shovel a small area down to the grass if you can, and then carry him to it.  We have a small dog and when it gets nasty we sometimes have to carry her out to go to the bathroom.  Dogs are smarter then a lot of people think.  The average dog is as smart as a 5 year old child.  That's the average.  Of course some are much smarter, and others not so smart.


Yea small dogs do have a small bladder.  Although putting his nose to his mess will let him know this is not acceptable, I was not serous about mopping his mess up with him.  We have at times had to confine a dog to the bathroom when no one would be home to let them out.  At least that way you know where the mess will be.


You could put his bed in the bathroom with him while you are gone.  Put some plastic down with newspaper on it, and a rag/towel or whatever you have used to clean up one of his accidents.  Make sure that the rag only covers a small area of the paper so he has room to do his job with out getting his feet in his own mess.


I've seen dogs that will only use a certain area of the yard to do their business so they can play in the rest of the yard and stay clean.


Again, Good luck.

My wife's little dog sleeps with us and wakes her when she (the dog) needs to go out.  I understand some people will not tolerate a dog in their bed.  But I have found the dog to be of comfort to me when she snuggles up to my back side while we sleep.  Of course she is a clean dog.  Often have a cat in there with us too.  Large Bed.

Good luck. Sometimes they'll use pee pee pads.... Our oldest daughters little rodent like dogs just peed and pooped wherever.  The male even right behind my desk chair.  And now they've reproduced and she has chihuahua (papa) and chihuahua / ? mix (mama smaller than chihuahua).  Hoping to sell the puppies.  I'm hoping she's able to at least find good homes for all of them. 

I'd pay for it to be boarded elsewhere.....

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