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    • Thank You for all the replies! These are the connectors I went with. It was 'user error' insofar as not being able to get the connectors to work  Lol... I didn't realize that the banana plugs that I have going into my bass bins were adjustable. I didn't solder the connections but probably should. I hope the ones I have going into my horns are acceptable...    Bill 
    •     Agree, wait on the room and see what it likes! Only you have your ears, so trust them!    Roger
    •       Dhollin,   Sounds like you have your priorities straight, I on the other hand see it as my wife gets a free pass to do what-ever she wants to do in the bedroom, bathrooms and kitchen, so I don't give her a say on what I do in my one room and I like it that way   Hope you can come hang out with us this next spring, oh and wives and kids do come as well    Rog  
    • OK... I read the "Golden Cube" and my room isn't that. The size of the room is, however, closer to 12x14x8 due to a closet that will be opened up during the remodel. What treatments in the corners/walls are recommended? Due to the layout, the speakers will have to go on one of the long walls but I won't be able to get them into the corners. One wall will be covered floor to ceiling with custom open cabinets (media storage). Maybe I should just get the room finished and see what it's like? With the carpet gone, cabinets, etc. the room will be quite different than it is now. I do believe that I will go with the Heresy's sitting on top of two 12" subs as stands. I think I'll like the sound and I'm sure I'll like the look. Should they be directly on top? Sitting on feet? Sitting on spikes? opinions.
    • Sorry for the confusion regarding the 2.1. My new room does have a 55" 4K television but I will not be running a 7.1 system in that room.  I much prefer stereo for music and always have and this room is for my music. The Cornwalls are in another room (16'x24') as the front speakers of a 7.1 system (Denon DVR-1911, 70" flat screen, Klipsch RC-62 II, 2-Cornwalls, 4-RP15M's and another Dayton 12" sub) Although, I've found the sub to be almost redundant with the Cornwalls. This room is big enough to allow the CWs to shine. I'm hoping they will shine more with the new crossovers.  The new room is strictly 2.1 (or maybe 2.2) and is for listening with video almost as an afterthought in this room. I will utilize the Sony R-700S to power the Heresy/Crites pair and the powered subs but no 5.1/7.1/9.1 etc in the "cave". Sound source is CD (Onkyo C-7030) Lossless Audio and iTunes (MacIntosh iMac w/7TB), Reel to Reel (old Teac A-6100 Mk2), Vinyl (Audio Technica LP-120), and occasionally a cassette from my old performance days (Denon DR-M25HX or Luxman K-118 [dbx noise reduction]).   I currently live in Daytona Beach, FL but grew up in North Louisiana about 1.5 hours from Hope, AR. Of course I didn't really know it at the time. Left there not long after I got the Cornwalls in 1982 the 23U serial numbers (consecutive 737-738) tell me I got them when they were 2 years old. Been in Florida ever since teaching music (band, orchestra, chorus, and elementary music). Play saxophone (baritone mostly) professionally off and on. Now that I'm retired, I have the time to devote 2-4 hours a day to listening while staying out of my wife's hair. Since her office is at home and she earns WAY more than me, the Cornwall room is generally off-limits during work hours. Hence, the man cave. Since I'm retired now, I'd love to go to the Klipsch facility, and will consider that in the future.   Finally, I consider this forum a blessing as when I try to explain things to my wife, she sort of "glazes over". As long as it sounds good, she doesn't really care. Occasionally she does ask if an intervention might be necessary.  We're lucky that we have a room big enough for the Cornwalls to seem appropriate.... Khorns on the other hand.....
    •   Turn key? Well it's only turn key because of Chris! Otherwise I'd have a pile of equipment that didn't play music! So I'd like to do a 'shout out' to Chris!  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! ...     Bill
    •       Aaron,   The painter I mentioned, his ex wives first car was a 1971 Plymouth 440 6-pack Cuda'. Her father took off the linkage to the front and rear carb as well    My Cammer is way farther from stock than any that were built back in the day and only two others like it will exist, but I plan on adding boost. You are correct though, the high reving 427s were some awesome beasts, Ford made 5 completely different top ends for the 427s    Roger
    • Well if you have to ask    It was, (had to look at the editing) , that kind of thing is different, it seems to really stand out when it's meant to antagonize or bully. Some people are more sensitive to it and can take it the wrong way, Coytee, well he's seen it all by now, we don't have to worry about him. mostly    Everyone has their days and say things they normally wouldn't, when it happens regularly, or always aimed at one person it becomes a problem. 
    • Roger,   You got rid of two 'Eleanor's'????  How dare you.  I can only imagine.  Very cool.  How's the take off with the 4.40?  Something about a 427, Chevy or Ford, I want one.  Looks like you have it tuned for high speed.  The wife's first ride was a '68 Camaro.  Her Pops removed the linkage to the second set of traps on the carb.  He didn't want her to go to fast.  I wished that she would have kept it.   Aaron
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