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    • 'eff the looks; they sound loud just standing there!
    • Either or. Depends how much work you want to put into it and what your resulting finish requirements are. If you want a smooth finish, go with the epoxy though may take a few coats.  Rough one coat, duratex.
    • The speakers look fine and someone else will surely find them beautiful I do realize that a lot of these were sold so there are a lot of people who like them just fine. People bought Avocado appliances also. Its just an opinion and not the end of the world. We don't all have to agree or pretend to all like the same things just to try and make everybody happy (because that never happens). We all cannot like the same things, there is no insult intended. I was trying to point out that they are not a raw Birch finish. I just happen to find this sort of finish a shame. That's just me. Please feel free to ignore if my opinion conflicts. My opinion or anyone else's opinion for that matter is not going to change the opinion of anybody. This is like ice cream you either like the flavor or you don't. No one can make you like something that you don't or make you not like something that you do. Why has having a difference in opinion become a bad thing?
    • Kadinim   Welcome to the forum.     If you look at my gear list below, you will see I like things to match, both visually and audibly.  With that said, my first choice would be the the Marantz.   Maybe look at the Yamaha A-S2000 or A-S1100.   I am sure you have your reasons but my experience with these brands has been wonderful.   Bill    
    • It's still coming across fairly critical Moray to a guy trying to sell a speaker.    I use a smiley face because I know your heart is pure and you have such a wonderful passion and expectation about how the finish on speakers should be.    I'm not being critical of your post, I just see the La Scala's a bit differently.  I think they will clean up nicely and I like a satin polyethylene finish whereas you stated a fondness for the high gloss finish, probably in lacquer because you are an old school guy.    Nothing wrong with that either, either way it's just personal preference. 
    • flea watt is generally less than a watt. if you have true high efficiency  loudspeakers, you can do a lot with a watt but a SE 45 or a 2A3 is even better. And you can make a lot of good bass too.
    • please don't take my comments on the terrible finish as an indictment of the loudspeaker. It does not matter if the factory did that finish or some guy who lived next door who said he knew all about finishing furniture did it, it is still a terrible thing to do to a nice piece of birch.     I know it's laying down I don't know how to rotate it but here is some well aged raw birch with a coat of urethane or similar such varnish along with 25 or 30 years of natural patina. You don't ever get to see this if you (or the factory) slop walnut oil wiping stain all over your birch veneer on day one. I like the speaker but I feel a deep loss for the finish that might have been.
    • I am a fan of the black grill on the LS, it's my favorite version.  I think those would clean up nicely with some TLC by the new owner.   GLWYS
    •   I've been following your thread on avsforum.com DIY Speakers and Subs. http://www.avsforum.com/forum/155-diy-speakers-subs/2957818-32-inch-subwoofer-driver-dilemma.html   You have over 100 comments and 3,000 views.  It's by far the hottest topic posted in the last month, probably in 2018.  There are a lot of guys over there commenting and making suggestions.  You have gotten some of the top DIY sub guys interested in your project.   Building a sub with a 32" driver is instantly over my head, making me one of the viewers, not one of the commenters.  I will be following to see how things progress. 
    • Great additional info and great price. Why must you tempt me?!?     Good luck with the sale.
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