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    • Well I got them all cleaned up using light soap and damp clothes. I went with a natural slightly tinted wax to seal and protect. We have used this over the last 20 years on a couple other wood furniture pieces we have.     Yes the speakers sound awesome (running cds through it). Love em.  I did some research and wanted to do some tube amps and decided on a new build from getdynaco so I got a st70 and soon to arrive pas-3 or M preamp. I also have a new turntable coming in on Monday.  It will be interesting but something I’ve had on my mind for many year is to have vinyl (ones created from analog source) and tube amp with klipsch belles, klipschorn … but these LaScalas will fit the bill in this room.  I do have other rooms I’ll need to look over if I do see a klipschorn near me at a fantastic price lol.      The AA crossover sound great to me but I understand will need new caps for longevity. I wanted to get my new gear going and listening for a bit and then do the upgrade. So not too many changes at once.   thanks again all, for the great information.
    • The list of amps especially solid state that descriptions fit are way, way too long to list...   The same can be stated for amps that test not so good but sound great! Many of those would be tube amps!    In the end spec list buying is for retards!!  Sorry but my BS fuse is still very short LOL  
    • Thank you man! Yeah but it wasn't heavy rain and let's gets through the woods even with the leaves on the ground instead of in the trees. So so the rain stopped but I'm just worn out after being sitting on my tail for 4 months. Ate that good hot chili and the coffee once the cup cooled down a little. And I'm going to take a nap. Feeling old right now but I'll get out there and clear from the high spot down to the road before dark.
    • When the leaves are we, they are a lot harder to move...   Glad u're in your new house.
    • Yea, he dumped the cat and took the gnomes so you'd have to buy new ones and the cat door.  You've got such a big heart.    Gonna fit perfectly in your new hood.  Congrats kinda maybe but you'll git her done me thinks.  Then we'll let ya know when we're all coming in for the partay!  Right now just kick back and one thing at a time til ya get it closed and own it!  Then it's balls to the wall.  😂
    • Nope. Owner came by to get his gnomes which did behave last night and told me that the kitty came back. He took the cat door out of that window too.
    • 😂😭😂  Did Mz Kitty come in thru the cat door last night and curl up next to you and start purring?  Asking for a friend.      Get ur self a REAL blower!    Meow???  😂
    • Well I've got an update too. I'm in my new house! It's not actually mine yet because the bank still dragging their feet but with the weather like it was. I called to ask my guy if the bank would pay for a couple nights in a hotel for me until they got the paperwork here for us to do the deal.   He let me know that him and the selling agent were working on getting me in that night which was yesterday. So I signed a little document to get in prior to closing and I'm in my new place. It's tiring. I cleaned this place yesterday. Everything but in the cabinets, windows and the toilet. I wiped it off of course but not really cleaned it. And today I have educated myself about leaf blowers. I got one that can blow 170 mph and I thought jeeze cat five that'll work! Wrong. It's flat out not good enough. I INot enough when you're in a forest. I'll clean it up, take it back and get one that does 250 mph. So I'm taking a break and heating some chili that I got to add jalapenos to this time. Also heating the coffee I made earlier today. Didn't take pics but it did happen after I warm up and dry off. I'll go back out in the cold rain and finish the driveway. I'm up at the top and it's pretty deep up there! Felt nice to be under a roof again and without the approximate $80 charge. Nope it's the empty the bank account charge. Delete the six figures and the comma then go back to what's been normal for me except this is extraordinary because it's mine! https://postimg.cc/ZCM4kMxW   
    • Many feel that SEC bias was a factor in Florida State being left out of the College Football Playoff following an undefeated season, and at least one coach from the conference is unhappy with the snub. Missouri head coach Eli Drinkwitz discussed the College Football Playoff controversy during a Thursday appearance on SiriusXM’s College Sports Radio. Drinkwitz said he finds it absurd that a quarterback injury was the justification for excluding Florida State from the four-team field.    Two sides to every coin applies here!  lol   Here is what has bothered me since the beginning of the Playoff system.  ESPN is nothing more than a media outlet.  Just like CBS, NBC, ABC and others.   WHY is ESPN even allowed in anything to do with the committee's decisions? They always have had their nose stuck in there.  The dude that started ESPN went to school where?  Bama, Ga or somewhere down there and vowed early on there would always be a one of that conferences teams in the playoffs.  How ya think they got as big as they are today?  Any other conferences that wanted prime time exposure HAD to crawl on board w/ESPN.  That's the crux of the problem as I and many others in sports news see it.   The NCAA has made some attempts to change it up but nothing to speak of has happened.   ESPN is just another news outlet why should they rule the world?     That's ALWAYS held true.  Prove me wrong.   
    • Those look great! 😊 Congrats! We're all excited for you. They don't need much power, and it's all about synergy in regards to amplification. Nothing wrong at all with your Denon, they make solid amps. If the crossover caps aren't leaking, they might be just fine as-is for now. I bought new caps for my AAs, but haven't gotten around to swapping in new ones. 
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