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    • If for whatever reason you don't like posting anymore, it would be a shame, because I really appreciate your posts, Dean. And I think many others feel the same way.
    • Thanks everyone! John, I really appreciate your response. Glad to hear pops had good taste. 
    • That’s not true.   Yes, let’s be honest on the forum. It wasn’t me that told everyone that “any capacitor over 20 years old should be replaced.” Want to guess who started that?    It is responses like yours why I rarely post anywhere anymore.  
    • To answer the question "Ever try moving away from Klipsch speakers?" The answer is yes.  I'm glad I did... more on this later.   If you haven't listened to other speakers produced by other manufacturers, then you are missing out on a lot of what the audio world has to offer. To me, that's part of what I love about the wonderful world of audio, that exciting feeling of exploring what else is out there. Striving to improve your listening experience! Comparing one speaker to another, pairing a set of great amps against each other to see which one your ears tell you is more pleasing, etc.   It's like only trying a cheese pizza... sure, you might think it's love at first bite, as you sink your chompers into the warm flavorful combination of flaky crust combined with a luscious tomato sauce topped with stringy mozzarella cheese, but what do you have to compare it to?  If you've never had it with any other toppings, like sausage, pepperoni, olives, garlic, etc. then how do you know that your cheese pizza is the best for you?    It's almost a "must" to get out there and try other combinations.  Who knows, you may decide that your first love is what you find yourself returning to, but you owe it to yourself to get out there and explore the wonderful world of audio!  To say that Klipsch is the only speaker you'll ever listen to is very narrow minded.  I understand brand loyalty and the cult like following some people have with different speaker manufacturers, but to say they will never even consider something else is downright foolish.   I am 48 years old and have been wowed with electronics, speakers, and music since I was in grade school. I tipped over my brothers old Jensen speaker, lifted it a couple inches off the ground after placing it in the corner of our basement, connected it to our Peavey Pacer guitar amp and fed it a signal from my old Panasonic boom box to make it my first ever subwoofer!  Yikes!  Yes, I have come a long way since then, but I've always been curious about speaker design.  I have tried many speakers over the years, as I like to purchase speakers in need of a little TLC, restore/refinish them, and then compare them to my speakers I currently own.  Then, I decide if they bump one from my current lineup, or go on their way for someone else to enjoy.  This allowed me to try many different speakers over the years.  Now being a teacher, I'm on a limited budget, so I can't speak to any fancy $$ speakers out there, but I have to say Klipsch has the most bang for the buck!  However, for my ears, the ones I own and have tried are not necessarily the best overall sounding speakers to listen to.  For example, I did an A/B comparison with my RF7 II's compared with my set of Focal Chorus V's.  (Both paired with my dual 15" subs)  The Focal's stomped all over the RF7's when it came to detail in the upper frequencies!  However, if I was looking for a speaker to crank and stand alone without any subs, then I would for sure choose the RF7's.    I guess what I'm saying in a rather long winded attempt, is that there is a speaker out there for every purpose and for every person.  Have fun an explore what the audio industry has to offer.  Go out on a limb and try something you normally wouldn't ever listen to, who knows, you may just find a new love of your audio life!
    • I currently have Forte IV and really like them.  In the past I have had several other brands,  all decent but I like the flavor that Heritage speakers bring.   Past Klipsch speakers were KG 1.5, KG4, CF4 v1 , Heresy II , Heresy III.     Someday I'd to own Lascala.
    • I have nothing more to say about capacitors on this thread. As I said previously talk of capacitors on this forum never ends well. Mostly due to Dean who tells everyone that they need new capacitors every time capacitors are mentioned.  I will let Dean have the last word. He will not stop until he does. I am just stating the truth as I know it from my electronic background over decades.   I still consider him a friend that often disagrees when the talk of capacitors comes up. I am sure all of us have friends in the real world that often disagree so it is normal on a social media forum as well. Dean and the late Bob Crites disagreed on this subject continuously years ago which was in a way entertaining. With no clear winner. Both are decent individuals but I did favor Bob because in his disagreeing he was always a gentleman. 
    • Dean I know of no honest technician who would tell a potential customer who had measured their capacitors with whatever ESR meter and came up with the numbers this member did and tell them those capacitors were bad. If they needed the business they might say, you know those capacitors are old and you may want to replace them with more modern ones and I would appreciate your business.    Most of the ESR meters out there are perfectly fine for technicians working in the field to find a bad capacitor in any electronic product. I honestly have never heard measuring at 100khz is not the right way of measuring a capacitor. If that were true why would engineers not use a lower hz value in their product such as the Peak Atlas? I do not even know if what you are saying is true and that Peak Atlas is measuring at 100khz and do not care to find out. I will just trust Peak engineers know what frequency is best for checking capacitors and have used that frequency in their product.   I make no distinction between a capacitor made for a computer and one made specifically for audio. Both should be almost equal in specs on a data sheet. I cannot see how a film capacitor is designed and built differently for an audio product than use in another electronic product.    There have been thousands of Peak Atlas ESR meters sold to engineers and technicians all over the world and are you trying to say they do not know what they are doing and only you know what meter is best for audio work?   Let's just be truthful and honest on this forum.   
    • i can understand when your in the business of capacitors / crossovers building and selling like Dean does, the testing equipment should be as good as possible.   I've looked at the b&k Dean mentioned, the retail price of that meter is 500EUR against 90EUR for the Peak Atlas. For home use, and testing my speaker capacitors just once (or perhaps twice) the costs of a professional meter is too much.    @Deang in your professional opinion, what is the frequency the capacitors for our speakers should be measured at? In the specs of the b&k 880 the selectable frequencies are 100Hz, 120Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz. assuming that (from the image you posted), 1kHz is for capacitors smaller than 0.01uF and 120Hz for capacitors larger than 10uF.
    • I am spinning some great rock & roll that’s was considered a little on the dark side back in the day  Artist - Black Sabbath  Title - Paranoid    Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/11803355-Black-Sabbath-Paranoid      
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