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  2. Enjoy Tarheel 😉 Beer...Warsteiner at my end, Oh and Cat Powers playing.... Hiring some one provisional to get past the normal hiring practices gets my goat. Provisional is for 1 year The person hired provisionally will get the position after the end of the provisional date. The position will be posted internally after the end of the provisional date. The posting will be written with the hires credentials...
  3. Yea, been droolin a bit since I saw the post and you all aren't helping matters any! 😂
  4. Lil Floyd "Obscured by Clouds" the movie soundtrack from "The Valley."
  5. Does anyone have any experience with these? I’m thinking they would be the best match for the rest of the pro gear in my living room. I wonder if I would have to be less spread out than Dolby recommends because the tighter dispersion pattern. https://f072605def1c9a5ef179-a0bc3fbf1884fc0965506ae2b946e1cd.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product-specsheets/IC-800-T-Data-Sheet-v04.pdf
  6. $ 500 is less than it would cost to build one out of BB, it would be silly not to purchase.
  7. Not me but I will be. Me too
  8. where do you live, again? HaHaHa
  9. Ya know they will never leave with fixin's like that
  10. I'd guess you might not care to be here on a long term. A good year is 20". I think I absorbed 5lb of water while I was in Indiana. I make fun of the wife. She carries a bottle of water [or is it?] everywhere she goes... She will take a bottle of water for the 2 block walk to the store.... and there is a drinking fountain along the way. With as much as she drinks, I spose it's a good thing there is a toilet along the way, too. lol It still struggling to catch up to normal temps. 85` isn't bad. It's just -10` average. We need the blob of hot [that is settled over the SE] to move over TX. That makes our rainy [monsoon] season.
  11. jimjimbo

    45 amps

    Comparing 2A3 to 45 is ludicrous. Listen to a well designed and constructed 45 amp first.
  12. guf

    45 amps

    Well the whole reason I'm bring this up is I'm getting a Thomas Mayer 45/2a3 amp. I'm trying to figure out how to use it. 🙄 in my main system. I'm considering a a pair of Cornwall IIIs. In the past the 45amp worked for 90% of my listening on all my 95, 98 db/m s. That 10 percent where it was lacking was when It sounded SO incredible I needed a little more.
  13. I like the low slung look but I agreee. The forte as a kit would be fantastic to see. New horns, new divers but same basic design. Was it the forte I that didn’t have the radiator ? I think the forte with the radiator and the chorus are the great equalizers for cabinet size.
  14. @Dave1290 That Santana Abraxas album is my favourite release So enjoy
  15. A Canada Audio Mart member reported many Onkyo HDMI problems, then the same with Denon and a third OEM’s AVR. He also said he lives near industrial plants and there are frequent power blips some due to thunderstorms! I suggested “get an electrician “. Not sure if he had heat and/or power spike problems. I’v owned, still have, 3 generations of Denon AVR with never a problem (knock on wood). I have though increased the clearance of my current unit by adding SVS subwoofer isolation feet. The unit runs barely warm, although I don’t push it hard. Best of luck on the DIY HDMI repairs and I look forward to some pics and updates.
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  17. Oye como va....phillepe!
  18. rplace

    What I Got Today!

    Just buy em all and be done. Sort and sell later, keep the best of yours and his. Where are they?
  19. The acoustic panels in my experience are great. Every room should have at min first reflection covered with even drapes if it works better. These bigger klipsch remind me of a monster hp bike,snowmobile or something. Crazy powerful so needs as good of control as possible. Il be honest when I got them for my projector ht room years back. It was decretory (had low expectations). The room is so huge I learned. Any small thing that upgrades the room at all will start to add up.
  20. The photo could at minimum be the RF-7III instead of RF-82. Bill
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