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  2. Well just what the title says, starting in 2007. There are plenty, will add a few at a time, no real reason just the past.
  3. Troubleshooting: Has this particular unit ever been known to work properly? Has it ever been been abused? Can you hook it up to an amp to just play a single channel of unprocessed music and voice for testing? Determine whether the tweeter is working by using a paper towel roll as an improvised stethoscope. WMcD
  4. @dtel--i can’t handle isolation. no bars on the boat; but, one day, the corpsman gave us Brandy ... it was like a million degrees below zero (we were on an icebreaker) and after working outside they gave us like half a shot of brandy. i had to go around and find people that didn’t want theirs so i could have a few shots. now, i did take a 16 day cruise from los angeles to hawaii and return (via Mexico) and they had plenty of bars and a casino. made friends with the piano player in one bar and whenever i’d show up, he’d start playing a Queen song.
  5. Hi All, This is my first time posting so I'm new to this, however I need some help and suggestions on which speakers I should be using where. About 10yrs ago I purchased new a couple of RF-5's, RC-35 & a RW-12 sub and I have just picked up a package deal on a heap more speakers, some I wanted and some I didn't, but it was all or nothing and a good price. The details are: I'm wanting to create a 7.2 set up, the room is 13ft X14ft X 9ft high, used 75% movies 25% music and I have the following speakers to work with: 2xRF-7 II, 2xRF-5, 2xRS-62 II, 2xRB-61 II, RC-64 II, 2xRB-35, 2xRC-35, 2xRW-12 Subs and a SW-311 Sub. The speakers I don't use, I'll find a use for somewhere or sell. My initial thoughts were to use RF-7 II, RC-64 II, RS-62 II, 2xRW-12 Subs and FR-5's as rears. My main concerns with this were, the FR-5s as rears is a tight fit and would it be too much for the room size? Would the RB-61 II maybe pair better? Also, the RW-12's are old subs and I don't know anything about the SW-311. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Cheers
  6. Dat's true, so true. But Tammy Faye never bought make-up on my dime!
  7. @richieb never did it like that, but a banana sandwich with peanut butter opposite the mayo is very good!
  8. Spent a couple of weeks cruising the National Parks in Utah a couple years ago. All of them are so very different in so many way. Zion's majesty, The Arches, Bryce seeing the burn and looking out into the vast canyon below but the one that resonated w/me was Canyonlands. Yup, I rode thru the desert on a horse with no name... "America" planted that seed LONG ago. They're all truly beautiful and I could have spent a month out there and just may soon!
  9. That's about it, away from people and great scenery in some cases, I could live like that, it would be like here but with nice scenery. I guess I am half way between you and your brother, I like that also and tend to just wear myself out, getting old I have to pace myself which is good. This I completely understand, I can and do just watch the ocean pass with nothing in sight, open ocean is an amazing thing. But not doing a service, but as a passenger with no responsibility for the important things. And a couple things none of the boats you served on had, bars, waiters and many places to relax and watch the ocean pass. But thank you for your service, I can understand why you feel that way, but in a civilian way.
  10. For sure, Whitney had a forceful yet buttery smooth voice. What a waste, the good ones die too young. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  11. Love blue crabs cooked with lemon grass. Have a good friend from Laos that prepares them. You can poison me on crab and I'd die happy. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  12. === been a while since I’ve had it but I can see one in my immediate future - peanut butter and mayo sandwich. Now we’re talkin’ - I used to get “that” look from guys in the office until I brought a few to sample. While I don’t think it became a staple they admitted much better than it sounded.
  13. Or a Caribbean island, and I say this not at all being a beach person, but some are just so pretty.
  14. Look up Klipsch amp repairs on eBay There’s a guy on there with 100% feedback and does great work in the Klipsch sub amps Dollar for dollar Klipsch has no equals Name one other speaker company that can build a speaker and keep working like new after 45 plus years of service. Answer NO ONE !!!!!!
  15. what exactly do you like about mountains? You’d get along with my brother. He’s an artist and loves being in the mountains and away from people. I’m more of a Vegas Strip guy ... loud music, neon lights -- now that’s a good time! About the only “peaceful” location that i enjoy is being underway ... just out there on the ocean (on a boat that i don’t have to stand watch) is VERY satisfying.
  16. A ceiling height of 82 feet? That's crazy! John Kuthe...
  17. Do you believe in a better day? Do you have faith in a golden way? If you do, then we must come together this day Come together as one, united television audience Brought together by the sound of my voice United, united financially, united socially, United spiritually, and all possible ways Through the power of money And the power of prayers..." What God wants God gets God help us all What God wants God gets God wants dollars God wants cents God wants pounds, shillings, and pence God wants guilders God wants Kroner God wants Swiss francs And God wants French francs God wants escudos God wants pesetas Don't send lira God don't want small potatoes God wants small towns God wants pain God wants clean up rock campaigns God wants widows God wants solutions God wants TV God wants contributions What God wants God gets God help us all What God wants God gets What God wants God gets God help us all What God wants God gets God wants silver God wants gold God wants his secret never to be told God wants gigolos God wants giraffes God wants politics God wants a good laugh What God wants God gets God help us all What God wants God gets God wants friendship God wants fame God wants credit God wants blame God wants poverty God wants wealth God wants insurance God wants to cover himself What God wants God gets God help us all What God wants God gets What God wants God gets God help us all What God wants God gets
  18. Other than the Ketchup thing (which i still find to be perfectly normal), i really don’t eat anything strange. I do like a slice of cheese on a PB&J sandwich (which can only be made with Boysenberry or Blackberry or Red Raspberry and creamy peanut butter). I have been known to crumble up some cookies or put a slice of cake in my cereal (which MUST be soggy -- i can’t stand crispy or crunchy anything). I also love a good potato salad sandwich! i eat out most meals and i’m not really a “special”order guy, with the exception that when i order a burger or sandwich i always say NO MAYO, extra mustard. My sister still teases me about the time she was making spaghetti and i poured some Liquid Smoke in it. She was grossed out big time. Hickory smoked spaghetti sounded like it was going to be a big thing back in the 70s ... but, i guess the world wasn’t ready for it.
  19. It can depends on where your from. Being from an hour from New Orleans we like a couple of different scenery. I said that because one thing we like is mountains, but you being from "Mountain States" not sure where but mountains may be less impressive if you live there, hills are few here. I would like to see what Jeff Matthews posted, Zion, looks amazing. Somewhere in the Appalachian mountains.
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