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  2. This thread still makes me feel inadequate, to this day. My unit sure is small, especially when compared to Boxx’s Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Going with horizontal bi-amping makes sense in a few ways. Both woofers are powered by their amp, and both tweeters are powered by their amp. This keeps things consistent from left to right, which is important for stereo imaging. Many people think that since they like the sound of low power tube amps, those are a better choice to power the tweeters, but when the crossover point is really low, like the 480 Hz. or so of the Jubilees and presumably the Super MWMs, the load is divided fairly evenly between the bass and treble amps. The bass amp covers roughly the 5 bottom octaves 20-480 Hz., while the treble amp covers roughly the top 5 octaves 480-20K Hz. This is quite different from the typical 1800 Hz. crossover point of many smaller speakers. Accordingly, it makes more sense to get either a matching pair of fairly powerful tube amps, or a matching pair of fairly powerful SS amps, whichever you prefer. This way, the sound has tonal consistency from bottom to top, plus the gain matching is much simpler.
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  5. Geeze half a world away and it's all the same. Late 70s, at the bottom of my street 1/8 mile south they went to South High School, we all went to another. Theirs was the more prestigious locale. The rich kids two miles east went to a third hs. On the boulevard nearby across from the Pizza Hut and the Taco Bell where the McDonalds and HollyFarms Fried Chicken were was the parking lot where all the cruising emanated from. 90 cent gasoline, 16 year olds with big blocks. Every clique hated the other unless they were hooking up, then it was on. Same stuff as the fifties movies happened, it was just our era.
  6. While discussing Elton John His song Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting was like an anthem and something that we took literally in my youth The Westies ( my area ) group would head into town Saturday night to drink and dance and pick up chicks ( as you do when young ) If the other area groups East - South - North tried to spoil our fun - then fights were the only way to settle the score Because I was more of a surfer type I was never in a group but had to obey the location of what group one belonged to I have witnessed some fights that would send shivers up your spine - but the amazing thing is, In those days, once they were finished and the perking order was established they all got along and drank together
  7. I don't think there has to be any inconsistency. As was said earlier, a consequence of using a power supply with a smaller reservoir capacitor will be that the voltage drops during periods of high current demand, and rises back again afterwards. This can have an enlivening effect on the sound. It is not what one might call a precision rendering of the audio signal, but it can nevertheless be a rendering that sounds appealing to the listener. A point you seem to be missing here is that no one is saying that your liking for this type of amplifier contradicts any laws of physics. Rather, what is being suggested is that this type of power supply will have certain characteristics which might very well be able to account precisely for why you like the sound of the amplifiers. There is no physical, or logical, reason why the amplifier that sounds better than any other amplifier one has ever heard necessarily has to be the amplifier that is producing the most accurate rendition of the audio signal.
  8. Islander

    Av receiver

    Check out the Yamaha Aventage line. There are models available at various power levels, and the features and performance increase as you go up. Also, Klipsch and Yamaha sound great together.
  9. https://thevinylfactory.com/news/record-thief-finds-god-and-returns-stolen-vinyl-10-years-later/
  10. Dave A

    Super MWM

    I wasn't sure what to make of it. Funny thing about those old growth forests out west. Huge towering trees you wont believe until you see them in person. And no wildlife to speak of under them. I am used to the forest here being abundant in things to eat and critters to eat it all and it is hardly ever completely quiet. "but the soil doesn't have as permanent location as what you're accustomed to" Earthquakes?
  11. I'm still lost in here: It takes me way back * heck LSD is on this one!
  12. I am now listening to some Prog from an Australian band called Madder Lake - Album Still Point ( have posted it way back in the thread ) While listening I searched for some history and found this short 10 min documentary video of the bands history Please enjoy - also keep an eye out about the comments about the band Queen
  13. That's just me @dtel I love the spicy stuff but it doesn't love me anymore!! My guts have been ruined since they swapped out my dead liver. Heck more than that too but I'm still misbehavin'. I'm hooked on these ripe jalapenos now for the past few months, suckers have about three times the scovilles of the green ones and I can't quit `em. Ate a raw habanero once, won the $20 bill but it hurt. If I eat those red j a p s in the evening I have to eat a couple of those chalky calcium/magnesium rolaids....I still call `em maalox even though that brand is long gone.
  14. His stuff before Bu Bu Bu Bennie & the Jets and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was his best imo but I had those two 45s when they came out! And I recall that best of cover from when I first started my LP collection. Good one @dirtmudd is that index card from a news story? or even if you added that, that's a good post!
  15. I'm looking at local sales only for the moment... But you have a point - I do need to make time to drag these all out and test them.
  16. Agreed. These really look line new and glad to have them. Phill obviously took great care with them.
  17. Don’t move, you are fine just where you are…
  18. Always liked Tower Of Babel Do no remember the lp ..: Now I do
  19. Im just lucky that the Greatest Hits album has got all the best songs on it Song / track list and album info on this link - https://www.discogs.com/Elton-John-Greatest-Hits/master/85568 And this is the ID of my pressing Its from New Zealand - https://www.discogs.com/Elton-John-Greatest-Hits/release/666519
  20. That New Hampshire listing!! Lots of bang for that buck. Thanks for looking out. Wish I could buy em all. Charlie
  21. A1UC

    What I Got Today!

    Picked up my Martin Logan Center today it’s huge , along the way I grabbed a MRX 720 Anthem and a Accuphase Preamp and mint Sansui G9700 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Tomorrow!! A McIntosh MX113 Preamp+TUNER!! Get rid of the Technics Integrated Amp's Preamp section!! Put a McIntosh Preamp ahead of my McIntosh MC2105 POWER AMP!! Treat those La Scalas and Heresies RIGHT! The JBL Control X-s too! John Kuthe...
  23. K5SS

    What I Got Today!

    Well, curiosity got the best of me. I started a thread asking opinions on Monster amplifiers, specifically the MPA 5151, but didn’t get any feedback. There was one local to me that popped up for $550, I offered $450 and they declined but accepted $500. I read a bunch of reviews online and the only negative comments were from people saying that they hate Monster’s customer service and what seems to be price gouging and at $3,500, who can blame them, right? The actual audio reviews were all very positive, some comparing them to amplifiers well up the food chain. I can tell you that this 80lb beast is every bit as good as the XPA Emotivas, B&K 200.7 S2 and Proceed HPA3 that I have owned in the past. This amp really changed my entire system, for the better. I am supper happy I pulled the trigger this morning! The blue lights? Can’t say I am a huge fan. Luckily, they can be dimmed and more importantly, turned off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. I sent you a PM with info. Thanks
  25. I just say tied up at ATM... just leave at your garage door and I will p/u at my conv later this PM. Will slide cash under door in bank envelope...TIA
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