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    • I'm glad you're getting it lined out.  Great job.
    • Personally I can't see spending large amounts of money on cooling fans when they can be had pretty cheap. With a USB port, I'd consider a Laptop Cooling Pad. They're inexpensive and QUIET. They come in various configurations from  1 fan on a chassis to 4 or 5 fans. All you want to do is draw heat away from the AVR. Amazon has a Boatload of them. Some even have pretty red and blue lights--Hahahaha. You can get a pretty nice one for 30 bucks
    • Deang, thank you. I found your great tutorial here “building the type AA”.   It saved me huge amount of time. Second crossover installed today and finally I have parsel with tube amp. Next few days I am going to enjoy the music. 
    • @JohnA I've got 2 usb ports on the back of the unit. I guess I would have to remove the other fans from inside the unit so they don't run. I wonder if I could just replace them with 3 of these fans? I guess I'll have to investigate more. Although it doesn't seem like the specs are that different from the AC infinity fans.
      I think the AC infinity uses these blower fans -> 
      https://www.amazon.com/AC-Infinity-MULTIFAN-Control-Receiver/dp/B012CL2V3I/ However I'm not 100% those are the fans they use in the T8 unit ,but it looks like them.   -Spencer
    • Excellent choices. I’ve got those plans as well. I like the option of placing the THTLP on its end, that’s a big space saver. I think the horn mouth is pointed towards the wall to basically lengthen the horn?  At least that’s my understanding of the theory. With your angled ceiling, I’d think that the horn mouth firing up would be the way to go. Honestly, after hearing the little T18 and what it’s capable of, I cant imagine two of the THTs in the same room. That should be spectacular. I’d also think capable of causing minor structural damage. I do like the idea of the “pillars” I think that would look great. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
    • It probably worked fine for them while setting up, before everyone showed up with their wifi hotspots running on their phones, and all the other additional wifi spectrum contention.  Should've hardwired their network.
    • Modify the speakers to fit the room... 👏   Here OP, its a bit more complicated.   Enclosed Klipschorn
    • Time to compare them...   Get One more and make a 5.1 system.
    • Quite lovely... congratulations.