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    • @teaman is the local Emotiva guru.  It will be interesting to hear his take.   I have the XPA-5 gen 1.  I added it to a 2014 model Onkyo 717 AVR, rated at 110 wpc  (MUCH fewer watts in real life) which was showing its age trying to drive some not so efficient CF-4's and an MTM center.  Since I only use 3 of the channels the XPA-5 makes 250 wpc available to the speakers.   In my case the external power amp gave some more life to the Onk 717.  FYI the XPA-5 is totally silent.  I hate hiss and if there were some I'd tell you.
    • There are now 31 NHL teams. Bah Humbug. 2 of the 'Original 6' will be playing  tomorrow night in game 7 of a 7 game series. Classic! FWIW I'd watch The Godfather. Like John Sandford would say "Fu*k a bunch of Moses"
    • FleaBay? I haven't had any luck finding cheap xilicas..
    • Good luck to your family. Sorry for such huge loss. Brutal  😣
    • Sorry, busy weekend.  I'm available, 270-556-8427
    • Probably the wrong guy(very biased) responding here but I feel it is always "better" to have more horsepower under the foot than not enough.  If it is cost effective for you to add an outboard amp then by all means do it.  I shop mainly on the used market and some of the amplifier bargains I have taken advantage of have really enhanced my systems.   A little hum that is not audible when things are all fired up never hurt me.   Yes, have everything powered off or better yet unplugged.   Bill
    • She's in Manila... asleep I hope, will catch a fight in the morning to one of the islands, and then a 14 mile boat trip. I'm praying for good weather!   Thanks everyone...
    • To me, there's no comparison b/w mono and properly recorded stereo.  Stereo wins hands down.  HOWEVER, some of the early stereo recordings were so absurdly mixed that they are unlistenable .  The only way I can listen to them is in MONO.    Some early Beetles, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughan come to mind where the voice comes entirely from one speaker and instrumental accompaniment entirely from the other.  These songs are WAY more enjoyable after engaging the MONO switch.   I'll never again own an integrated amp or pre-amp that lacks a mono switch (or tone controls, for that matter).    
    • Sorry to hear this Bruce.  That is also a tough trip, exhausting. 
    • Andy, I want very much to be able to sit and talk with you, but unfortunately we won't be there. Could be lots of good stories to share.   Too much to do and not really able to get any more time off right now. First next trip is to deliver my LaScalas to my older son up in North Carolina. We have five grandkids to spend some time with there as well.    The LS are being replaced with some MWM (doubles) bind and an as yet to be worked out top section. I'm supposed to get get the MWMs this Wednesday.   Bruce
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