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    • my mood dictates where   I'm good here/now. can't say I don't enjoy the beach/water.  and forest and corn fields I really like this part of the country.   Not many people, either. I'm not terribly social. Cities are not me.   I presume you are in the middle of the heat wave?  my computer shows me pics of snow country and asks if I like NO!
    • A K-55-V requires a tweeter.  But a good Altec 802 or 902 on that 511B does not, especially the newer 902s.  You will need to design and test a crossover.   The horn should have Dybamat added to limit its ringing.    It would be a shame to do that to a a $4500 pair of speakers when you can design/build woofer boxes around a nice woofer for less than $1000.   A 902/511b is capable of very high quality sound.   Or, you could look for FH-1s or La Scala bass horns.    
    • I'm just amazed how many people now what a waffle strap is around here...  
    • Hi.   First of all: Yes, speaker cables can make a difference, but don't fall for the snake oil gimmicky side to it. No speaker cable is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. Of course if you have the money, more power to you, but it just doesn't make sense buying an expensive cable that provide the same quality as a much more affordable one.    As long as your cable is made out of 99.9% clean oxygen free OFC copper, you're good. The only better conductor would be silver, but trust me when I say there is no difference sonically speaking to the human ear. The difference is only mathematically measurable. Although again, if you have the money, by all means go for it.    Furthermore, the other thing you should be concerned with is the cable AWG. There are multiple guides online saying that you gotta have a certain AWG based on the ohm of the speaker and the length the cable need to be. Whilst those guidelines may be true and accurate, I would never recommend anything smaller than 16, and no bigger than 12 (The smaller the number, the bigger the size is).    For reference sakes, Amazon basic cables is a solid choice. So is Monoprice cables, Blue jeans cables and InstallGear cables.
    • To all,   I thought outside the box and put them inside the cabinets.  It took about a day and a half of work but it's done.  There was a little more to it than removing the doors.  Thank you all for your help.  Now to listen responsively.  Oh heck, the neighbors should like Zep.    
    • Those measurements, as has been said, already look pretty good. You always have to look at those and then listen to a LOT of music you are familiar with.   Bruce
    • Not analyzing as much as looking for best practices from people who have been there before. It is a shame there is no way to visualize sound waves as they propagate and see what works best. They have FEA software for many things now but I don't remember reading of any for sound waves and I expect the market of potential buyers is to small for programs being written for it.   Really I am quite happy with the results but if there is improvement beyond electronic tinkering to be had I am interested. You never know until you seek the answers and at some point in time someone has to try it too. Sound propagation seems to be one of the fields that does not have specific rules laid down with proven singular best practices and so we see all the competing designs and no clear cut winner.  I regard Paul as a genius having come up with what he did and I assume some math and lots of intuitive engineering insight to do what he did before computers and software was around.
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