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    • Let me know if you'll ever be down this way for a few hours on a weekend. Would love the help and lunch will be on me!
    • I would advise against it but if you do hook them up in series so the amplifier's channel sees it as a single speaker.  The ohm load will be higher so you will have to compensate with the preamp output level to match the mains.  It would be easier to just get the correct matching center and call it done. 
    • thought this tube amp(s) looked kind of cool   https://columbia.craigslist.org/ele/d/healthkit-4am-monoblock-pair/6752889999.html  
    • Yea.  I shouldn't have posted during a tool audit.
    • Though it would be hard to find KI-396's to audition,  I would strongly urge you to do so before choosing them over the Cornwalls   I agree with you there and I think that can be said about ANY speaker that you are going go spend this Koen of coin on.    This is pretty good for a 2-way design.     It's ridiculously good   But for use with rock or jazz I would think they'd require a subwoofer.   You are ABSOLUTELY right about this.   They NEED Subwoofer(s).   Problem may be, depending on how you like to listen, you need to find bass to keep up with them.   I got that covered, but many here would say my setup is Def ugly.   That I don't so much care about.   Wouldn't be my first choice awstjetically, but there there werenr really options..     
    • I had a Kenwood pre amp that started doing the exact same thing. Meters would surge when powering up. I failed to take appropriate measures to get it checked out and it cost me a horn and Xover. 
    • Very true.   Bill
    • The RC-7 and RC-64II are both excellent center speakers, size / shape and rear ported versus sealed design and of course price should be considering factors can't go wrong with either one and both should match up just fine.
    • I'll weigh in on the equalizer. The more you have in the path of the signal from the source to the speaker will add noise and degrade the signal. Also when you increase one frequency you lose some off of another. Optimally you want a pure signal driving your speakers. The newer Rotels incorporate a tone bypass feature. This bypasses the tone controls completely eliminating the degradation they produce because there is nothing else in the path from the source to the speaker. It's a straight shot. Setting your tone controls to neutral or flattening the equalizer is not the same as bypassing them altogether. If you're in the market for new amp check out the new Rotels. I have a RA-1570 and listen to everything with tone bypass on and will never go back to using anything to color the signal. Hope that explanation helps. 
    • If you haven't already done so in the past try experimenting. Take the EQ out the equation all together and listen to everything flat for a week or so. When I started to move up to better gear I had to re-learn how to listen to my source material. I was not finding enough difference with my better equipment to justify the money spent. It turned out that the way I had the EQ adjusted that I was killing virtually any gains I got with the better amps, pre amps and speakers etc. I never put the EQ back in the system as it just did more harm than good in my opinion. The speaker placement as mentioned above will have a very real impact on what you hear too.   I also have klf-30's and there is no shortage of bass, if yours are lacking then you may need to give them some attention. (Re)Sealing the inside of the cabinets usually makes a big difference, mine did as many others reportedly did too. Look on this forum for updates, upgrades  and mods for your klf-30's, there is a fair amount out there.