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Klipsch Pilgrimage 2018

Talk all about the 2018 Klipsch Pilgrimage to Hope, AR! Save the date: May 17-20, 2018

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    • Thank you for the response.  According to the datasheet for the Model H found here - http://images.klipsch.com/Spec_700600_H_(still_not_Heresy)_635164929916924000.pdf they are 16 ohm speakers.   I pulled the backs off and tested each driver:
      Speaker 1: Tweeter 9.9 ohms - squawker 11.0 ohms - woofer 10.8 ohms Speaker 2: Tweeter 8.8 ohms - squawker 11.3 ohms - woofer 6.8 ohms
    • Did Klipsch get back to you with an update that works? I too updated, and had to roll back to the "this SN and below" firmware. I now have sound.  
    •   Glad to hear that dtel. I remember calling Trey one time and asking if there was a way to access the inside of the KSP cabinets. He said yeah, oh yeah you can access the inside of the cabinets. With a sledgehammer.  
    •   Thanks! I'll test it again via Bluetooth.   Could you maybe check it via USB too ?   Edit: I've tested it with my Nexus 6P via Bluetooth. Seems fine too. Maybe Windows issue?
    • I know how you feel, I would be out in the Gulf. That's funny
    • Damn no more Drag Racing NHRA or otherwise at Englishtown https://www.nhra.com/news/2018/nhra-statement-old-bridge-township-raceway-park-nhra-summernationals   http://www.mycentraljersey.com/story/news/local/middlesex-county/2018/01/17/raceway-park-discontinues-drag-racing-events/1039555001/
    • Oh my, that's serious, enjoy the sounds.   Your right, got to see Trey about a year ago and Steve a couple of months ago, good guys who would help however they could. When together they are funny, and a little crazy, I think more of the crazy comes from the Trey side. With those two it's like a party waiting to happen.
    • The powered speakers Peachtree has look pretty darn nice for $300.  Would give R-14M's and the Stadium a run for their money.
    •   Thanks Dave. I meant to respond earlier and forgot it. I don't want to get on a soapbox about it and don't want to preach but I am somewhat analytical. To me it's inexplicable. I didn't have to think too long or hard about the response that I got. To hear your own words repeated in response to a prayer for others, that you have shared with no one, in the event of your death is hard to rationalize. I think maybe the prayer and the meaning of the Bible were connected. We are here to help others. We will be judged on that, I believe.   You and I are a lot alike, me being the more handsome one however. Your interest lies in the technological future. I too am concerned about the future. The future of others. I think the future is shaping up to be a great burden on the working class. Flat wages, pensions disappearing, 401k retirement plans that are insufficiently funded because of low wages and rising costs, threats to SS and Medicaid, long term care disappearing or skyrocketing costs, and on and on. Maybe I'm concerned about it because I believe I have some control over my life and others should also. Ultimately we don't.   So, without the fruition of your future, we are doomed to face mine.   I still hope to get to your place someday. If you see someone drive up that looks like George Clooney, that's me.   Keith    
    • Me myself I would get something else. A small pair of speakers with a receiver/radio to run it, I don't like to tie everything to one device for reliability mostly.  I haven't looked at other options so I can't give you any ideas, sorry. That's just me.