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    • We have plenty of those here, but they are small, I still avoid them.   Scream like a girl, never did that yet but I'm right there with you, well kind of I will be ahead of you running if it is big and hairy spider.   Nothing bothers me but spiders and it's the big ones I have a problem with. When cutting grass I get the tiny ones but with long legs on me from trees, I get them off quickly but they don't bother me much. Had a strange on on me a while back, much smaller than a fly and florescent green, I could feel it on my arm and it felt like an ant walking it was so small.
    • Would say that a Honda Ridgeline may be another option to aquiring a different vehicle, depending upon the cap. req. of cargo. For dep. A Honda or  good used Toyota... although a Chevy person... speaking of which the Avalanche. thanks
    • I had a corolla  in the mid 1980s with a r22  motor , loved  that car , motor would not quit , the car was beat up brfore I got , not the motor .   I now have a 2008 Lexus gx 470 with 130k miles  and I love it even more , love the way it drives , every thing about . Love it so much I am looking for a 2010 to 2o13 Lexus gx 460, private  sale , hopefully   red . One for my wife and one for me 
    • Man, quite possibly better than mine so... You will be happily ecstatic... as you know .. .thanks
    • Nice! 👍                                                                                                                                 👀
    • the 280f is almost identical to the 8000f, as far as I am aware most of the parts are identical, the woofers are for sure.  about the only real difference acoustically speaking is that the tweeter is vented on the 8000f which is supposed to smooth out the overlap area where the crossover point is.  otherwise it's mostly cosmetic.  Any significant and noticeable differences when a/b'ing them would probably be due to break-in time, room layout, equipment, or whatever.  
    • How's it wired in?  Crossover output to the outsides and driver to one side and the middle?  If so, it would make a difference.  If one of the outsides isn't connected to anything then the specific 30 ohm value is unimportant except for the knob or whatever lining up with markings on a label.  Even if it was the first possibility, you could go with something with a lower value and make up the difference with a fixed resistor wired between the one outside terminal and the wires from the crossover and driver.  You just wouldn't have full range of adjustment but everything else would be right.
    • Yes man, glad you're back period, Like you know,they be ashowing... Listening to Guess who...10 lp Cool
    • After setting up a set of tp-link Powerline AV 2000 adapters I started to get noticeable crackling sound from the Promedia 2.1 BT speakers. The speakers are powered through the same outlet as the  Powerline adapter for a PC. There are no other close power outlets where to connect the speakers to reduce the interference. The static noise is still audible when the speaker volume is set to minimum and the audio cable not connected to the PC. Any suggestions to eliminate the interference?
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