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    • Gotta treat it like a stray dog I tell ya...  Don't feed it and maybe it'll go away.  Doubtful but maybe.  ALWAYS a bit humourous slippin in here.  Perhaps moving it to "Jokes?"
    • I want to see what a 27 5/8" number 8 wire will do in my Denon AVR. JJK
    • She looks like she likes to roll and I bet she is a good ride. Start with short rides on your bike and you will get your butt muscles back into tone for longer times in the saddle it won't take very long. There is nothing like that sense of freedom alone on a bike on a road. I have included a link to one of the finest bike blogs I know of just for some inspiration. Roll on brother roll on. https://janheine.wordpress.com/
    • These are a special version released in 2004 (ad says they are 15 years old).  He might throw in a Christmas stuffed animal,extension cords and some lights, and if you press, he can tech you some of his photography know how, he is good with the tight shots. 
    • just my opinion having had a late model Heresy and two sets of Heresy 3 along with a set of Forte and a set of Forte 2Heresy three sets of KLF20 and a pair of CF3. Heresy in all their versions tale some power and level to get them sounding well balanced in the low registrar. Forte Forte 2 and KLF20are very much better balanced at low levels due to the size of the cabinet they have deeper bass extension. If you purchased a set of Heresy and made the cabinet twice as tall (doubled the cabinet volume) you would then have a Forte you could either reflex load it with some vents or you could run it sealed and fully damped which would be the way I would build it. As a sealed box that will yield deeper bass extension compared to a vented version. If you do go with a Forte or a Forte 2 which would be my recommendation as it has a larger passive and a larger better modern mid horn you can tune either Forte version a little lower to extend the bass response downward. Good luck in your process.
    • I guess it's going to take more than attacking bad soldering to get this thing closed down.
    • My poor Schwinn Le Tour.  She looks so pathetic just hanging there.  Longest cruise for me was with a couple buddies.  Here to Grayling, MI in 3 days to canoe and camp then back home.  A LONG haul yet survived it somehow.  20 years ago.  Every month I turn the crank and spin the tires.  Then tell myself I'm gonna start riding again.  As if!  lol
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