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    • Respect others, protect yourself, wear a mask.
    • look , I take quinine every day , we had it  in our packs when we went in the bush against Malaria  ,I don't need a Doctor to tell me what we knew 50 years ago ----
    • These beautiful speakers are still waiting for a nice home...  
    • you are correct , you don't have to be an Infections disease expert to say that quinine works
    • I've been an educator for 21 years...and let me tell you, I have seen some stuff!!!   My bullet points: -Standardized tests are a joke!  Another way the government collects data. -Good administrators are worth their weight in gold... I've only ever worked for 1 out of 7 in my 21 years. However, districts like to hire a lot and this costs $$$  My school has a principal, 2 assistant principals and a dean of students... a little excessive on a school with about 1000 students -Sports need to either charge what it actually costs to run the programs, or be taken out of schools.  My district spends close to $850,000 a year for kids to play sports... and this is just at the middle school level.  We only charge a $50 athletic fee!  -Get rid of teachers that don't pull their weight! -Pay teachers at a competitive rate.  What smart person is going to choose a career whose level of pay keeps decreasing? -Destroy social media!  Then parents will actually put down their phones and pay attention to what's happening with their children!  
    • I don’t give a piss, many Physicians agree with him; and he still knows more about medicine than all of us put together.   Unless we have a specialist Physician, or perhaps a Nurse Practitioner amongst us.
    • Well, in the case with Rolex and many other brands they sell, the items are purchased from sources other than the actual brand.  As a result no factory warranty is present.  The brands have no control over it. 
    • That would be too easy...
    • Just because a person is smart in something doesn't mean he's stupid in everything else.   I believe in scientific consensus as it is obvious even all the smart guys don't agree with everything.  At some point you have to trust someone.
    • We just need space force to shoot an ultraviolet light beam? 
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