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    • Officially, and practically, you catch this virus and subsequently pass away while infected you have indeed died from the virus with underlying health issues being a contributory factor. It's a 'but for the fact' issue.   Reportedly African Americans are dying disproportionately after getting infected. This reflects the high incidence of underlying health issues in this community of diabetes and heart ailments,  etc.   Wb
    • it simply means I disagree with Bob on this topic with no attempt to shoot any messenger. I have all the proof I need how about you? What do you think what do you hear? Lots of things can be missed for a lot of reasons someone might not notice sch things. I don't need to provide you with proof you need to make your own decision. When asking such a question you will receive answers on both side of the issue and more from up on the fence (that's such a safe place to sit). It has been my experience that most folks are just too lazy to spend much if any time attempting to discover what sounds like what. ask a person to rotate a fuse or a length of coaxial cable , things that take less than a minute to do and they will argue on line forever with rational why it is a waste of time. want to know what a speaker sounds like in your system buy a pair then you will know. How did you find out which ice cream flavors you like? You tried them that's how. That way you will know. There is no destination there is only the journey. Enjoy yourself.
    • Steroids, when used long term or in high doses, can elevate intraocular pressure (which may increase glaucoma risk), and can cause cataracts.   Do you get your eyes checked regularly?     Maynard
    • Today's COVID-19 updated news of US, Total Cases: 418,044, New cases: +17,709, Total death: 14,214, New death: +1,373, Total recovered: 22,184, Active cases: 381,646, Critical: 9,224, Top cases/1M pop: 1,263, Deaths/1M pop: 43, Total tests: 2,172,976, Testa/ 1M pop: 6,565  
    • who cares for the Formula right   --------can't say I blame the kid - 
    • Girl: You would be a good dancer except for two things. Boy: What are the two things? Girl: Your feet.
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