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    • RIP Mr. Aaron.     Were Henry born today, he would probably not have the legendary baseball career.  Today opportunities in athletics and education not available to a young Henry Aaron would have made a career in professional baseball much less likely.
    • I just finished building our retirement cottage (900sq') . If you remember the 1950's style hifi entertainment centers, they would build the speakers into the wall surrounded by bookshelves for the records, pictures and sculptures. The speakers being even with the face of the shelves. I built the room specifically to accommodate the Cornwal's
    • Nick and Urban?  They have just a bit of history btwn them yanno.  hahaha  Research that one in your spare time and you'll see an even bigger picture.  They're both alike.  No love lost w/OSU either since Nick was an assistant under Earle Bruce til Bruce fired him.  hahaha  OSU just lost Greg Mattison their Co-D coordinator to retirement and Urban poached prolly one of the best player personnel dudes in the country but said he's not touching anyone else.  Coach Day has that part under control but is more concerned with portal transfers and the recruiting class of 2021, which is LOADED already.  2022 is also loaded w/a couple guys who should have a definite impact.  Fields is gone along w/Sermon, linebacker, few linemen and our DE's.  We're covered but looking at LB's and D-backs for the most part.  Ex NFL coaches are a lot like EX wives.  That's why they're EX's.  Not worried about Nick @ all.  Rumors now the AD Gene Smith is talked about as becoming the PAC-12 commish.  IMO that's a good thing.  They can have him.  He's more about making money for the college at the players/fans expense, which sucks cause it's NOT the NFL like he thinks it is.  Uni's listen though and want that cause it's all about the money.  Off season now and to be quite honest with Covid?  Not much of a sport season at all.  
    • Looks pretty. Not sure I'm ready for that either, lol. Something SS in good condition ~$500 giving around 300wpc would fit the bill, I think..
    • RIP Hammering Hank.  The real and true all time HR leader.
    • Hammerin Hank------RIP   
    • RIP Hank, I watched him often back then, staying up late to see the Braves beat others often. Wanted to post this yesterday morning but was still in timeout. Was anybody else watching when this happened? Fulton County Stadium... the Best!   Vin Scully calls Hank Aaron's historic 715th home run - YouTube
    • Duffi,   It may be you are still on some probationary period???? Your messages should be coming through.   I think $750 (half price) is more than fair price. The reason I am selling them separate is most people want the Cornwal III's stock and/or they are not willing to cough up the extra $. The new Cornwal IV has a much improved x-over, so why mess with them (and voiding the warrenty)?   These weigh about 38-40 lbs. Quite the impressive bit of engineering. See. http://www.alkeng.com/ Click on "Klipsch loudspeaker upgrades" > "extreme slope" scroll down for images. They are bigger than the picturse suggest. I followed Al's recomendation of 400hz and 5,800 hz. I waited 3 months for him to build, test and ship them. You will be blown-away by the clarity.   They ship from 01862 I have the old paperwork, so I can see how much they cost to ship eight years ago. Paypal is the safest payment method for both of us, if you chose to complete this sale.   I sent you a private message. let's see if that comes through
    • I thought we established I don't know what I'm talking about.     In BS, reliable members didn't nail the door shut after slamming it when they felt offended.
    • TV finally arrives Monday so I need to measure for mount height
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