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    • I'm listening to a CD (demastered by myself 4 years ago) of the Los Angles Guitar Quartet (Delos 3132--with John Eargle, recording engineer):     I don't remember the sound quality being what it is right now--extremely rich guitar harmonics with a very pleasant engaging presentation, and sparklingly clear, much like a DVD-A or SACD recording without any further mastering applied.  The only thing that changed from last year is the quasi-linear phase Jubilees from reworking the crossover filters in the Xilica.  The listening is so subjectively inviting that I really can't tear myself away to listen to other Christmas music selections--of which this CD is only part of that genre (the Nutcracker selections).    I continue to be amazed in unpredictable ways with these flat-phase, full-range directivity loudspeakers (relative to the configuration before 1 May of this year)--in a listening room that has only been treated at the very front of the room for early reflections.  This includes nine 2'x2'x1" Auralex Sonofiber squares on each side of the room, arranged adjacent to the mouth exits of the K-402s and Jubilee bass bins (and ~1.5 panels placed across the Jubilee bass bin cabinet front panels). The Jubilees are crossed nominally at 550 Hz.  There is also one double thickness Owens-Corning 703 panel bass trap on top of each horn-loaded sub directly behind each Jubilee, that are positioned across the front room corners to form a closed-end cavity to trap lower frequencies, particularly in the 100-200 Hz band.   Chris
    • The first step is to admit you have a problem....   (but, what fun would that be?)   
    • Thanks, I will check them out!  Any recommendations on brand? 
    • Depending on your location, I would go with this company to save some serious coin:   https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/category/avreceiver/home-audio/receivers-amps/home-theater-receivers/2.html   That page has quite a few refurbished units that will exceed your requirements at prices that you’d be hard pressed to beat. Some of these refurbished units come with additional warranty coverage, which is a nice bonus. 
    • anyone know where I can find the stands for the Surround 3 speakers that go with the Bar 48 sound bar sku # 1067530? customer had rather have the stands than mount them to the wall.
    • Those are huge!  I think @rockhound is expecting a delivery that size tomorrow.  
    • I remember exactly what that sounded like 3 years ago AND I know I held the mic in the exact same spot AND never moved a millimeter for that 30 seconds while I looked at the SPL meter and adjusted the controls to get the volume to match.
    • Hey guys and gals!  I am looking for an HTR that has Bluetooth so my wife can cast her music from her phone and it needs to have 4K compatibility to match her TV.  It can be 5.1, we don't really need 7.2 but if that option is comparably priced then please provide it.  I will be matching this HTR with a couple of RB-5 bookshelf speakers as mains and a RW-12.  Surround speakers will be purchased later.  Price range- <$400 but if you have something close then go ahead and provide it.    So, what options do you have for me to consider?  Thanks!
    • I see. I’ve been experimenting a lot with placement and volume, but I left phase and crossover constant by letting the receiver take care of them. On this note, is there a consensus on letting the receiver take control of phase and crossover is better than doing it on your own?   Thanks for your overall input. It’d be good to rationalize keeping the bookshelves over spending more money that way. I could look into other ways to upgrade my setup, like investing in better music input (universal/ CD player, maybe, as ppl here suggested to me in a prior thread). 
    • Being self employed for the last 20 years I can tell you there is no good coverage at anything resembling a decent price. In the last 3-4 years there is no good coverage at any price. Also, It is very state dependent as Jim said. Its a shame the Ins. companies get to write the legislation and you have to buy it from the provider in-state. Providers are consolidating and leaving my state so once you get to only a couple of providers there really is no shopping around or competition.   A few years back I took a job with a company mainly for health benefits. I could only work for "the man" for about 7 months before I was contemplating a gun in my mouth. COBRA was a real treat. You pay 102% of what your employer is paying. Basically you are paying their part + yours after you leave the company +2% for them administrating the plan. It seems strange writing the company you left a check (I thought it would go directly to the Ins. Company) every month. The downside is it only lasts for 18 months. It was my favorite payment for those 1.5 years. Way, way, way better coverage and a lot less than what I paid on my own. I wish I could get coverage like that today. It was just under $1,000 a month with dental and vision with a 1,500 dollar family (total) deductible.   I'm in my 50s, married with zero kids very healthy. It costs me and my wife about $1,500 a month for a $6500 dollar deductible EACH. No prescription drug coverage, no vision, no dental. Needless to say the deductible is never met. So basically I'm paying the better part of $20K a year to get zero in return. Now if I get a blood test that is $135 and the Ins. Co. says customary and reasonable is $45 I only have to pay the $45....so there is some savings there. I feel bad for the guy/gal with nothing that has to come up with the $135 for 30 second blood draw and 2 minutes of testing. If they are willing to take the $45 that the Ins. co. says is customary and reasonable why isn't  that just the price? Its not like you can walk into an emergency room to get just a blood draw. You have to go to a location that only does blood work, no other health care at all, provide a payment method before you ever see the phlebotomist. So that lame argument about it has to be that expensive to cover all the "takers" that are deadbeats and go to the Dr. and can't pay simply does not hold water here.   Sorry for the rant, touchy subject with me. I'm sure 90% of the hard working people out there that get benefits from one spouse's company or the other never give this a thought. You ***** about your copay going up from 20-30 dollars for a doctor visit and take your kids in for antibiotics at every sign of a sniffle, even though they are not effective on viruses. When your employer raises your monthly portion from $300 a month to $400 next year don't complain. Count your blessings. I feel lucky that I make enough to pay my outrageous monthly payments for zero coverage and pray I never get into the type of predicament that sees my wife and I actually meet our combined $13,000 deductible. Think of that. We get in a car wreck and both lose an arm in say December. We have paid almost 20K for the insurance, now another 13K to meet the deductible. I can remember days when I didn't make 33K a year. Now I get to only pay 20% of whatever was so catastrophic that actually let me meet my deductible. I can't imagine the bills that would follow that sort of problem. I honestly don't know what a family of 4 making say $80K a year would do. Sad, very sad. 
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