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    • I understand the laws pretty well.  Don't get your panties in a bunch! I'm not arguing that a horn loaded sub wouldn't sound awesome with very little distortion.  I am saying that it's pointless because of the amount of space it takes up... it's not practical for almost everyone in a home setting.
    • At MWMs the slope kinda ends, levels out considerably. Unless yur talkin' going to SMWMs
    • Thanks for your viewing. When in doubt, called for assistance. Appreciate it...
    • @314carpenter is correct here everything is worked out inside the crossover so when hooked up positive to positive and negative to negative the tweeter is actually wired out of phase as Klipsch intended with this design. 
    • This is exciting and add these to your Lmahl tweeters and these could be magical
    • I’m going to pose this question again, six months later...   If this was a war, and the generals, and chief of staff, anticipated the casualty rate, would they not have built field hospitals to treat their forces. Replete with all the required hardware.   How much would this have cost from the outset?   Would it have been less than the multi-trillion dollar bailouts?   Would infrastructure, and the economy have benefited from the construction and implementation?   Would the workforce have been able to continue?   What have I missed?
    • I'd sure like to see the rest of your setup!
    • I recently completed a Pass DIY clone of the Aleph J amplifier. I’ve been comparing it to my Dynakit Stereo 35 with Enhanced Fixed Bias (EFB), Pass DIY Sony VFET, and rebuilt McIntosh MC240 amplifier. To my ears and one of my audio buddy’s ears, the Aleph J is a very special amp with my Klipsch Forte II speakers. It is most similar to the Pass DIY Sony VFET amp, but has something special that puts in the running with my favorite, the McIntosh MC240 tube amp.        The soundstage is huge like the VFET and MC240 amp, but the level of detail, natural tonality, and excellent separation combined with the pace and timing are something to behold. I’ve only had the amp running for over a week now. We’ll see how I feel about this a month or two from now. I suspect I will continue to enjoy this amp.    My friend who heard it wants me to build one for him with a dual mono configuration in a larger chassis with larger heat sinks to set the bias even higher. This amp gets warm, but Fall weather is settling in now, so the heat radiating from the amp’s heat sinks is not a problem. 
    • Might not need a 500. This one might fit into the Belle just fine.  Just a guess, haven't measured
    • You will be busier than Santa and his elves in December.
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