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    • I'd still really like to see the actual RF-7 III crossovers. I'd also love to see the internal bracing and bifurcated chambers. I intend to buy RF-7 III's, the RC-64 III, and matching surrounds. I'd love to have someone like you do the crossover upgrades on all of them. Any chance you could do this, or know someone who could?
    • Does anyone know if those settings are developed measuring the speaker outside? I haven't started testing yet, just curious.
    • Cannot recall now without looking but I or other may have mentioned the 600's as they were the rage at Rodney's. OP may have suggested cost prohibitive. Still we discussed future events being always better than the last. @Droogne...thinking things went off well last year. What is happening this time around, please...thanks!
    • Yes this would be the amount of lascala(plural) I pictured in reference to comparison, ridiculous I know. The 1802 would be one of only a few choice possibilities to properly source recommended range below 50hz.    Speaking of the 600's. The most difficult spot listening to them is the midbass. This was painful hearing a pair of them from my experience with Roy setting them up. Maybe using many stacks of 600's they may not sound so limited. 5 per side idk. Single pair was sub par. Not sure more would be better. 
    • He obviously prefers veterans and rookies that work on the cheap .
    • The tube tester looks nice to me.  If reasonable, I will buy it "as is", if you can put it in a box and ship it to K.C., Missouri area.   IF you want to test it, do NOT plug it in, and turn it on to see if the lights come on !!    Having set for a long time, it would really be best ( for the power supply capacitors ), to turn it on gently, using a Variac.   There possibly may be a Variac, with your Dad's other tools.   Jeff  
    • Ohh, I finally figured out WHO you are !!     I probably have built, since the 1978 start, 15 to 30 amps, they are all for myself, my use, ......closer to 20  I'd guess.    I probably have designed 50 to 100 amps, but this from-scratch designing started HEAVILY after coming back from RMAF 2006, and hearing the 2A3 SET Direct Coupled amps made by Serious Stereo.  I knew immediately " that is it " !!   I am not a good person at "least investment amps".  There are many other designers, including on this Forum, who do well at "least investment amps".  Not my bag, but thats what most people want.  Not me.  I just want to design the circuit that sounds the BEST, that I can live with.  !! Look at what I was doing on my very  first design / build.  SO much simpler executions, last dozen years.   Stage coupling,: worst approach ( sounding ) - to best, is simple !!   Cap, Transformer, Direct.    Yes, there IS a pecking order in amps, only ONE approach -for the BEST amp - exists IME:   Triode tubes Two stages only No feedback - what so ever Well laid out...very important As simple a circuit as possible, but no simpler than what is needed A FAST and nimble Power Supply: All supply chokes must be 10 Ohms DCR, or less No supply caps over 50 uF, all film caps Impeccable, low loss wiring ,  ( so as to transfer energy efficiently, with minimal losses )  Silver content in all wiring, Direct Couple is pure silver Always - an L input filter Always L1/C1/L2/C2  filtering topology to the FInals A mu of 100 Input /driver tube for the front end  ( most fun to live with, most possible get up and go, most responsive and most interesting to hear )  Tube rectified , prefer directly heated rectifiers .....like 5U4GB EH, maybe JJ. Conservative ( Golden Ratio-62%) operating points on tubes Long term reliability  - engineered into the design SE can be the best, but P-P will be acceptable, either can be OK, but only IF all of the above is incorporated, without fail. Amp will be 2 Watts , or maybe a bit less.    Amps are the weakest link in audio, you obtain the best amp design possible first,  ( I have to DIY mine, to afford it ) and THEN you find an efficient speaker to go with it.  Wire it ALL well, and .......you have arrived.   Push pull amps are advantageous over SETs, ONLY if the finals tube, ( in SE, ) is a miniature and can not produce 1 1/2 Watts, to 2 Watts in SE triode mode..    In 2019, there are only three tube-types existing, good enough,  that I would consider to use as finals in a amp.  The 2A3, ( a JJ 2A3-40 is the best choice, easily, cost VS possible performance) a KT-88 triode connected, and the third tube I find acceptable is the inexpensive and SMALL 6AQ5 ( in the form of a 6005) triode connected.    The first two tubes have sufficient Plate dissipation, ( run conservatively as I do ), to produce 11/2 to 2 Watts.  A 6005, triode connected, run conservatively ( 6.2 Watts of rated plate dissipation - 62% ) Single Ended, only produces 0.25 Watts clean, and 0.33 Watts.... sloppy.   That 6005 ( 6AQ5) tube has to be made as a P-P amp if triode connected, for any typical Klipsch , ALTEC,  etc H.E. speaker.    I am now working on a P-P prototype employing 6005s, for my use, during Q1.2019, because of what I heard in my 2018 SE build.  That little ten dollar 6005  output/finals tube just eats any Type 45 for Lunch, or a Type 46,  or any EL-84 in better amp designs.   LOL.    A cheap 6AQ5, P-P, two stage, DCed, could be done on a budget, sir, and may be the biggest bang for the buck.  Budget designing, not my game, but I could TRY to assist you, if needed..     I don't keep a control amp sir.  I live with them, and tweak a design till it sounds acceptable to me.  I am experienced, I hope, to know about expectation bias.     Jeff     
    • Will go farther. Approaching science in a non-emotional way as one knows is a proven procurer of hard data one may rely upon. The inspirational drive is not dampened by doing so. Result can, in a collaborative way, in this instance a forum derive beneficial results to ones self and to others. Having retired from my field, can now reflect upon the satisfaction derived from the human discourse from my coworkers at times and at other times, directly from the end users of my efforts. Sometime I find that given the lack of or, the access to fine measurement tools, I still must come to my own conclusion, at least for the moment. In the field of inquiry that electronics brings us to, sometime the result is nuanced. Perception then, is a vital tool to have in ones kit. Know this makes no sense to some, but the chance to speak to and associate with others of likeminded interest here, is worth all the angst that is found at times here. Enjoy the to and fro, back and forth and, like the sometime heated discussion which to those not involved may appear volatile at times. Good fortune!