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    • Forgot what this thread was originally about, but here's my take:  Suffered the MS DOS and then the Windows because you know, the office.  Early adopter of the Chromebook ( you're probably using a Chrome browser now, right ? ) and could not be happier.  With the AdBlock, seldom see any ads, sometimes websites say we see what you're doing, whitelist us, just walk away from that.    What really set me off the Windows was the impenetrable update process, rendering my computer useless and taking forever, and very vague useless descriptions about what the patches were for.  The Chromebook update is once monthly and totally transparent, both in effect on your computer and in documentation of what the update is adding.   Criticism of the Chromebook puzzles me:  I can easily open new spreadsheets and docs offline, and I can compose email offline.  And if one wants to get fancy they can dual boot to Linux or Ubuntu or Mint or whatever.
    • Yea they got messed up more than others I know of first hand besides the Toxic-Twins. Danny Joe Brown fell off the stage and broke his leg when I saw them in CLT at the Crockett's House of Pain!! That was the NWA? wrestling arena where Rick Flair, Mulkey Bros, Andre and everybody else worked. Molly Hatchett Judas Priest UFO  was the other show I saw of those Gator Country guys.    
    • OMG, Paul is still at it.  Suggest watching muted, 2X speed, with closed captions, you've been warned.   Um, the comments for the video have far more wisdom on this topic than Paul, no surprise.    
    • @Marvel those Playing For Change videos are always a "feel good" listen and one of the best things since WWIII started late `19. Everything (mostly not physical) is decimated and not too many realize it for what it is.
    • If set on LS then cool. Just keep your cash handy, check out the deal as best you can, and do the Klipsch Roadtrip thing. Checking Offerup and googling may help. All I got...
    • I have some older folks in their late 70's and 80's that don't know anything about computers except for how to use them for internet and music/photos etc.. that I switched them over to Ubuntu and they have no problems. For their purposes it works the same; open Firefox and use the internet is the extent most of them know.
    • My advice since all I run is personal computer towers, I'm not a phone guy and fixing laptops isn't easy or fun is to get a blank tower; i.e. no operating system. Windows costs as much as or more than the computer itself. Then just install the latest Ubuntu LTS which is a Linux operating system.   I have had zero issues running programs even made for windows through wine which is a Windows emulator. My newest computer I just got due to my old one being damaged from electrical issues is the only time I have encountered a slight issue. I typically use Thunderbird for my emails but I was only getting half of my emails for whatever reason. If I log into my email account via my web browser I can get all my emails. I'm just using the web browser for now until I either straighten out Thunderbird or just download another email program to use.   Windows just plain sucks in my opinion and costs too much. You may even be able to get a free computer if someone lost their operating system and just went out an bought a new computer. Just re-format the hard disk and check it for corruption. If the HD checks out then just install Ubuntu from a dongle drive or via DVD with the iso burnt onto it.
    • I don't know if you've heard them or not, but the CW IV would scratch your itch pretty good. Not Lascalas, but closer than you might think.    
    • Thanks for the info! I will keep this in mind.
    • Been a while since I've heard that one George!  Thanks!  Might have to pull that one later.   
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