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    • This is Joe Cockers solo debut album as he was a professional artist since 1960/61   Artist - Joe Cocker  Title - Joe Cocker  Debut Solo Album 1968 but my album is a NZ pressing from 1969   Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/4321123-Joe-Cocker-Joe-Cocker  
    • that's a tough one   if it was a little help with my friends.. Joe Cocker.!
    • Who do you think does this son best Written by Lenon/McCartney  but I think released by Joe Cocker first  They were very good friends    From the 1968 Debut album     From the Beatles - Abbey Road 1969             
    • I went to see him at Newcastle Town Hall - but he was to drunk and did not perform    But I still love him - what a voice  Nobody has spun him in recent times or at least since the last time I posted a spin, so I thought to give him some exposure again    Artist - Joe Cocker Title - Cocker Happy   Album ID -  https://www.discogs.com/release/1524871-Joe-Cocker-Cocker-Happy  
    • Think the towers run on solar out there?  Maybe somethings up with that and it's more than just you wondering?  I'm sure they're not broadcasting it.  lol  HVAC problems or something @ the tower?  Sumpin isn't right.  
    • From a good friends post after the whoopin OSU took.  The Woody he refers to is the athletic facility about 1.5 miles from the stadium.  Kids are kids and kids play games.  Sometimes ya win and sometimes ya lose.     I like most of my friends are upset and even a little embarrassed by the game today I myself felt like some players quit today. After the game I went up to the locker room with Dom To get player interviews. As you can guess no one wanted to talk with the exception of 2. J T Tuimolaou. And CJ Stroud. 2 really classy young Men But even better then that what helped put things in perspective and help a little in cheering me up was After CJ did the interview and trust me I’m sure he would have loved to be doing something else. He was the last player to leave the locker Room all the others got on the bus and left for the Woody. Not C J. He walked over to about 50 kids and grown ups that had waited for him and signed everything they asked him to sign and took pictures with anyone that wanted one. To me that tells everything I wanted to know about C J Stroud. Class Act All the Way.   Stroud most probably lost his Heisman today.
    • The other night I saw James Taylor sing on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. Is there now a singing dead series on tv?  
    • If you still have the woofer, there's probably a place nearby that can fix it. Or there's Speaker Exchange in Florida. They do a good job.
    • This is easy, rsx4 or 5.  Used in my application…. Far better and far less than other stuff on the market. Easily mountable anywhere and not size obtrusive…
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