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    • Take my advice, been there done that. Go with the RP-8000s versus the 6000s and a sub. Buy the largest woofer drivers you can. Its all about the area of a circle, or audio transducer (woofer) diameter.
    • Wait until you get the opertunity to it in HDR  4k
    • Thanks guys, I have been poking around on Crutchfield and have chatted with a couple of people there, so that's good advice.  Any thoughts on my other question about two RP-8000f speakers vs two RP-6000f speakers with a subwoofer?  My thinking was that the highs would be similar with main difference being the subwoofer for base vs the 8" Woofers in the towers, but, reading the forums, I am thinking that maybe my thinking about the highs being similar might be wrong?   The Crutchfield person seemed to like the idea of the 6000f's with the subwoofer (he said "more soundstage"), but I always value the opinion of real users over sales people, if I can get that
    • Here is a plot showing reduction in resonance after I added 3/4” MDF to the back of my H1’s   Don’t t get too worked up about the actual frequency response. The transducer I used for measuring the resonance wasn’t calibrated. 
    • Sounds like a match made in heaven for an LSI bass bin.
    • Hi and welcome! I have Forte III's and two high quality integrated amplifiers, a solid state Bryston B60R (60wpc) and a tube Quicksilver Integrated amplifier (20wpc). As much as I like the Bryston (having owned a version of this amp for almost twenty years) I prefer the Quicksilver with the FIII's.  I have also used the QS with other Klipsch speakers and Cornscala also. The Bryston is a versatile, wonderful integrated and I can't bring myself to sell it as I know its quality and flexibility (with preamp out/amplifier in jacks, sometimes I use it as a preamp and sometimes as a power amp to audition equipment I may come across).  More power isn't necessarily better. More higher quality power may be better. If you can, audition in your room and have fun!
    • Good point, I will make the overlay work. I can even raise the back part some with the bracket to aim it more at the center sitting position. The mantel is about 5 1/2 feet tall so it is fairly high anyway.    Thanks!
    • I'm still using my BDP-80.
    • I'm not a big golf fan for the same reason on my previous post.   That being said, one of my clients was president of the U.S. Open. And that year it was held at Medinah Country Club near me. My client offered me some free tickets.   I remember seeing Greg Norman hit one over a large stand of old 50 foot+ oak trees to "cut across the corner" of a L-shaped 5 par only to land right on the green without even seeing it. Now that was impressive even for someone like myself who knows little about the game.
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