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    • @jimjimbo   I am glad to hear that you had the connections to get the Prez to commute your sentence.     
    • I've found that for purposes of achieving time alignment with subs,  you can leave the microphone in the same place (1m in front) since the time alignment is very insensitive to distance and dialed-in time delays at 30-60 Hz.    For EQing the subs to flat SPL response, then you probably need to move the microphone to the main listening position.  This is the only time that you can really measure from the listening position.   I actually take these measurements at the 1m position from the front loudspeakers however, because I'm trying to adjust the sub's minimum phase response, not trying to boost room cancellations due to 1/4 wave reflections from the room's boundaries.  In general, you can shave off peaking response, but not boost the sharp troughs in SPL response.    You can look at the excess group delay plot to see if your trying to boost or cut non-minimum phase response.  The areas where there is significant non-minimum phase (all pass) response is where the excess group delay curve isn't flat (and that's usually most of the measured response below 60 Hz).    Below you'll see a combined response plot of my right Jubilee with both subs, taken 1m in front of the Jubilee on-axis.  The green trace is SPL response, the purple trace is phase, and the white trace is excess phase:     But when we get to the excess group delay (rate of change of phase response with respect to frequency) you see a huge amount of non-minimum phase response.  This plot had to be zoomed way out to see the total group delay indicating that almost all of the the response in-room is dealing with room boundary reflections:     Chris
    • Heresy   Sounds like hair-a-see    
    • Willie, I forgot what kind of patinaed land yacht is it that you tool around in? Got fond memories of a two speed late 60s indestructible Buick and us imitating Cheech & Chong then harassing the hare krishnas at one of the big intersections going toward the airport, they were everywhere even in a movie with that hot headed New Yorker Baldwin around 1980.
    • Probably won't be one there.............
    • I guess not, John Just read my post.... Somewhere along the way, part of it disappeared.  I helped a couple load their canoe onto the roof of their SUV... That's when I figured loading my boat car-top is easier.   MAS CAFE
    • Got your "gray matter" ready to roll? My first mug is gone now, gotta replenish.
    • As long as you don't hold your breath for them @Dave1290. The half inch thick or thicker rug with a pad are great for "rounding out" the sound when you're over hardwood. & I love wool rugs, blankets, shirts, socks, caps, underwear.....  Take that can of sg back if it was mislabeled somewhere along the way! They should verify that quickly and replace it.   Hate wallpaper so much from having to scrape it off then clean up the big mess before painting many times. I don't even care how beautiful it is. Using different sheens, colors, natural sponges, glazes and texture a lot can be done with paint. The room I'm in right now had wallpaper pasted directly to the sheetrock when this place was built. That was my first bad paper experience, fixed the walls and used texture to mimic light stucco in here    
    • Mornin' All  Fresh Mexican in the pot. Had to buy filters... Been a year. Wife bought some a while back, thinking we were running low. Were down to 1/2 box... except the box holds 200. Actually made it to the lake yesterday. Bluegill dinner last night.  Wife looked at me funny for taking shrimp for bait. And yes, it does sound extravagant, until you figure what worms cost by the pound and that you can't eat worms [unless you REALLY REALLY want to] if you don't catch. Lake is full up. Haven't seen that for a few years. Didn't take the boat. Just sat on the "pier". Didn't expect to catch dinner from there. Got a pleasant surprise. Still trying to figure a way to trick the boat into jumping on the roof of the car. , came to the conclusion that loading the boat on my car is much easier. Don't need to lift the boat 6ft to make the car roof.  I load the boat perpendicular to the [length] of the car to get around the trunk. I think my method is pretty slick and only takes a few minutes. I have seen folks spend more time trying to stage their 2 wheel trailer on the ramp. Back to "the routine" today. Starting to plant the garden. Rain predicted... good time to stick some seed in the ground.
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