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    • RF82 IIs are ok if you are looking for bedroom speakers or something narrow that don't require a sub or stand.  Excellent for that. Heresy IIs, particularly positioned appropriately in a room provide a much better presentation though don't go as deep in the bass.  I like bass but the top end in the Heresy lends itself to be much more cohesive with the 12" and ties itself together is a great little package, to the point I would forgo the bass depth afforded by the RF series.    If you buy the RF 82's just to check them out, you could probably resell them for about what you paid for them if you want the experience.
    • Because it undermines yours and HDR's narrative that MDF is chosen because of cost rather than engineering considerations, including sonic qualities.
    • Let's consider this one heading to a new home. PM coming.
    • Hi HDBR.  Man your Trifocals! That's an F-35 in that Section. Actually NAS Lemoore is the West Coasts only F-35 RAG for the Navy.  The East Coast has Oceana.  The 35's are substantially louder than the Supers so Lemoore was the best fit.  Even Whidbey is taking a lot of heat for the increase in noise complaints from the civilians in the area.  Mostly because the number of flights has increased and the fact that they're louder than the the EA-6Bs.  I was a Surface Warfare Officer via the aviation pipeline due to a change in my depth perception.  So like the RAP song goes,  I'm On A Mutha F__in' Boat!  Great song to play loudly.  Below is a great video of Visual Route 1355 near Whidbey,  If you have a few minutes to spare its a great example of the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. It's one of the better training routes for maintaining Low Level currency.  At night, with no moon it gets a whole lot more fun.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9W48BYDATkI Enjoy! R/ Mike      
    • .... o O (Coffee good)   but getting there (this morning) caught me off-guard.... I mean, the weather is perfect... somehow I overslept, had 30 minutes to get to work, made a modified 1 1/2 instead of 2 cup's... then the cat kept messin' with me, doing that thing like - where's mine... so I grabbed his bowl off the counter, (boom) it stuck me, cat's don't drink coffee... and luckily I returned the coffee pot to the maker, got the cat food for the cat... then got me a good full cup of coffee... and the rest is History !
    • Hi JL, Other than the Kenyon Gyro my equipment is pretty middle of the high end road.  Canon 7D MarkII and some older bodies,  EF 100-400 F4-5.6L IS III USM (typical air show lens), EF 70-200MM F/2.8L IS III USM and a couple of other portrait and wide angle lenses.  When I take my Bush Hawk support onto to MIL bases I get a few looks as it looks more like a stabilized rifle with its trigger/pistol grip but lately I've been using it all on top of a tripod and or on a JOBU Jr. gimble on the tripod.   Once the MP's check out my BushHawk, it's never been an issue taking it on base.  Almost as fun as listening to a great sounding system, but a whole lot more mobile.   Do you partake in photography? Have a great evening. Mike
    • Thank you for all these explanations,    so for medium and tweeter it may not be necessary to change the diaphragms despite their age, given the investment is it not wise to do so?    For crossover, I only change the capacitors (I have a device that allows me to test Esr) directly at Bob's or can we put better ones?    With the RF-7 llls, I have very good bass and I'm used to it.  If I can go down to the Scala with the Bass reflex mod and use Roon to equalize.  I don't see how to put a Sub on my system, because the "Lightspeed attenuator" preamp has only one input and one RCA output   Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
    • ... o O (but everyone know's) .... that you want your yard art to last for million's of year's and change the course of hurricane's blowing around the world, which would involve burying the lower portion at least 200 feet underground !
    • The lead aircraft is actually an FJ-4 Fury.  In fact, it's domiciled up in Idaho and is the Last Flying Fury in the world.  A lot of folks that see it believe that it's an F-86 Thank you for the compliments on the pics.  Much appreciated.  Mike Linky:  http://warbirdsnews.com/warbird-articles/mig-fury-fighters-north-american-fj-4b-fury-kind.html  
    • That definitely makes more sense to me. LOL! 😀
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