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    • And it sounds awful!!
    • Welcome to the forum and yes on the 280's or near equivalent.Volume control and the larger presence of the tower speakers may actually place volume control Abit lower as a result.
    • What would moving do to the wife's retirement plan? Would she lose much, or all, by relocating, and having to start over, needing to work xx number of years before becoming vested in the local school's plan?
    • Chicago may be the birth place of Pizza in America --
    • It's true I'm selling these for a widowed neighbor.  Located next door to my wife's property in Alabama.  In the last 25 years I've been down there many times but was never able to see onto the neighbors property until this last trip. Charlotte lost her husband 2 to 3 yrs ago. After spotting those buses, I asked her if anyone in her family had interest in them.  She said none in her family but a local man had offered her a $250 each. So I asked her for permission to see if I could perhaps find her a better offer. I posted them for sale on the samba forum for best offer. Link I didn't really expect to find a buyer on this forum but you never know.    
    • The uncrowned queen of soul music. She was not only beautiful but had a voice that still knocks me out. Her album " Diana " from 1980 is and remains one of the most wonderful soul albums ever produced.          
    • Your Jubilees and your new 21" subs are a good combo!
    • LF's house is squared away except for one large tree hung up on our side the property line (neighbors tree).  Only thing done at my house is the tree was removed from shed and a tarp installed.  Clean up subbed out to two other gents and should start tomorrow. Thanks for asking.
    • I had to double check, but I started my Jub-Likes near the end of November, 2016 and finished them Feb. 5th, 2017. You were a ton of help getting me started, and if I am not mistaken at the finish by passing on the HF-200s that went on the backs of my 402s.   But during a major panic attack which turned me temporarily insane, I sold them in the spring of 2018. 😟 https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/175987-for-sale-jubilee-clones-toronto-area/  
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