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    • All natural here. I'm too lazy for chemicals, fertilizers and the like. Heck, it is luck if it gets cut.      Yes, two different rescue groups in it central PA and WV area. I've had dogs from CT, WV and Daytona Beach. All wonderful retired racers. Sadly the breed has a lot of osteosarcoma (Bone Cncer). We had to put two down less than a year apart and they were only 7 and 8 years old. The first one made it to 14.  
    • From the ad:   "Four way speaker system early 70s. klipsch Zirconia, NC · 4 days ago    $5,000   The best. The most powerful. The best clarity speakers I've ever heard"         Linky
    • Just so happens that I am an hour away from Montreal.  Can't travel there though until the restrictions are lifted on 7/21 but the mail works.  
    • Big city dwellers should remember what happened to Calhoun's crowded rats.   They were not necessarily having existential crises, but were "sliding down the behavioral sink," as Tom Wolfe would have it, as are many denizens of the megalopolis.  Some grass of any kind might help.🤪
    • Have you considered marble for your flooring? For durability vs. cost effectiveness vs. looks...it can rarely be beat. I know you said you prefer wood , but just a thought. We did our kitchen floor in marble . It looks great and it'll be there long after we're gone.
    • Nice amps.  I owned two of those as well as five MA700s.  Wish I had kept a pair of either one.   Bill
    • All on board with  a Linda Ronstadt ‎selection  This will go into the weekend   
    • The amp5 looks awesome. At 120 lbs., I don't blame you for not wanting to ship. I don't even know how I'd pick it up.   I run 3 Marantz MA500 mono-blocks for center, rear and surround. They work fine, but I just put in a new stand that gives me space for a one-box solution. I'm just investigating possibilities.   I run an AVP2 for surround duties. I've never heard an AVP, but I've read that the AVP2 improved on it.   Thanks to all for the replies.
    • I asked my Aunt once what kind of apples grew on her tree in the backyard and she said Piss Apples. I told her that I didn't know what piss apples were and she told me that the apple tree was the tree that all of us kids used to piss on when we were growing up. 
    • Not always ... my then wife had a heart condition and I was worried that the stress of another pregnancy wouldn't be good for her. We had several kids already so I figured that was better than her getting pregnant again and dying. 
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