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in memory of my father

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Well, I was debating sharing this. I feel my father would want to share the love. In 2011 my father died. He had an intense obsession with Klipsch. When I was a child he lived in a single wide trailer, that contained not 1 but 2 sets of Khorns in the same living room. It was insanely loud. For years, he and I collected Klipsch speakers. He passed on his obsession to me and I may have even surpassed him. One of his set of Khorns he bought from a friend many years ago that had fallen on hard times. When his friend got back on his feet he tried persistently to get my father to sell him back his Khorns. While he was never successful in persuading my father to sell him his "babies" as he called them, he did make him a deal. He said that if anything ever happened to him the speakers would be returned to him free of charge. I know right? Just give away the Holy Grail of Klipsch? Well, he meant it. Not long after he passed I called my dads friend and said he needed to come pick up his speakers. He hesitated, thinking I was joking. I definitely wasn't. After a couple weeks we arranged a day and I found myself loafing a set of Khorns into his truck and helping him deliver them to his house. It was an odd moment to say the least. Watching his babies go into another house was odd. It was also very fulfilling knowing his wish had been kept.


When he died we were wondering what to put on his headstone. I thought of the PWK Klipsch symbol and sent it to a friend proficient in art and asked if he could change it to my fathers initials. Within an hour I got this picture back and within a few weeks this was placed on his headstone. I feel it is only fitting for someone who not only loved but spent so much money and time on the product. Within about six months me and my uncle decided to get tattoos of it in his memory. To say the least, we are a family that loves Klipsch.

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What an awesome story, too many people would have ignored his wishes and kept the Khorns or sold them, well done sir.



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