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    The current set up-Acurus A2007, Yamaha CX-A5200, Zu Audio cube center, La Scala AL5 fronts, Sonance VP80s x4 in ceiling surround (14 ft floor-ceiling windows-wall mount not feasible) Rhythmic SW. Just replaced an Onkyo TX-RZ800, which I thought sounded good, but dayum what a difference...WOW
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    My wife at Bishops Castle in the San Isabel National Forest, Colorado. A remarkable structure, built by one man (The castle, not my wife. She is remarkable as well, but required one man and one woman to build) on private property within the forest. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bishop_Castle
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    Helping rebuild/refurbish a forum friend's Welborne Labs Laurel II mono blocks. A tremendous amount of cleanup; many feet of solder wick; complete recapping of all electrolytic, metallized film bypass, and film coupling caps. There was terrible hum and noise in one channel, which turned out to be a heater to cathode short in one of the 6AC7 as well as a bad rectifier socket. Many cracked wires, including capacitor leads, etc. A main issue was over-heating in the 300B filament supply, which was replaced by a relocated full-wave bridge rectifier and CRC filter section (all rebuilt with paralleled resistors for DCR of 1ohm). 300B 5V filaments had been running 4.3VDC, and are now corrected. Once wiring and parts replacement where needed was finished, there was still an inexplicable 60Hz hum in one channel. I worked literally hours on this problem, and finally found the source: hiding under a 3.3uf Solen cap was a wire from the 6.3 VAC heater supply (for the paralleled 6SL7 and 6AC7) leading directly into the grid. That corrected, I have to say these Laurels are now probably the quietest single-ended amps I have. I'm also going to take a picture of the MagneQuest 300B output transformer. They are absolutely huge, the largest output transformers of this kind I've seen. And so, with one more step (new 4 pin finals sockets), I will be very sorry to see these shipped back home this coming week. They are lovely sounding amplifiers; and if you have heard that the 300B is euphonic, syrupy, overly-warm, etc., this circuit thoroughly and comprehensively dispels that myth. With the schematic in (basically) in my head, I'm going to build a pair after I finish up a couple of other project. Forgot to mention: A large choke was used to replace the common resistor in the power supply between the main filter sections for CLCLC. Wonderful amps!
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    Good morning fellow Klipsch Brothers and Sisters: It's been a long time since I've poured my heart out to you all here on the forum. I used to post daily, but somehow, life and social media happened! Still, despite Facebook and all of its advantages, I prefer this forum to mainstream social media because it's simply more intimate and it's they way we all started as a family. It's akin to reading a real newspaper in your hands as opposed to reading it on line. Love the smell of newsprint! Many of you whom attended this years pilgrimage in Hope are already aware of the challenges the Lord had chosen for my bride Verna and I this year. And as word has traveled, we've received so many prayers, well wishes and so much love from so many corners of this orb. In short, in the beginning of this year, I was in need of two, total knee replacements. Verna got word in March of two issues just one week apart (can you imagine?): 1) "You have skin cancer on your forehead!" 2) "You have breast cancer in your right breast!" DOUBLE DAMN!!! March kinda sucked for us. In March my right knee was replaced successfully. Many of you saw the results in Hope and it's wonderful! The same month, they began treating Verna's basal cell on her forehead with a special chemo-type cream. Six weeks later, it was totally gone! In May, Verna underwent a lumpectomy for the removal of a pea-sized tumor. Her lymph nodes are clear (great news!) In June, they went back in and removed a section of skin the tumor had rested against that tested position for cancer markers. For those of you who unfortunately know "Cancer-Speak", she is Grade 1, Stage 1A which is like a best-case scenario. In short, she is currently enduring 4 massive treatments of chemo, one every three weeks, then a month's rest. After the month's rest, she'll begin 16 separate treatments of radiation: Once, five days a week until done. She should be through just before Thanksgiving. The chemo and radiation are purely precautionary so as to help insure the cancer doesn't return in 9 years as "something else". We'll have an enormous amount to be thankful for this year as they predict a full recovery for Verna!! To back-track slightly, I had my left knee replacement in July; an even greater success over the first (much less pain and greater initial range of movement). I am still currently recovering and in outpatient physical therapy after undergoing a successful two weeks of at-home therapy. I am unrestricted, on the go, kicking butt and taking names! So many of you have asked how we're doing that there aren't enough minutes in our day to answer everyone individually. So sorry about that. I could not be doing better and Verna has been an absolute, "Rock Star"! He has a few moments here and there of nausea as expected with chemo. Many things, including water, taste "metallic" to her. She gets tired easily. But she NEVER complains about anything! She lost her hair on Wednesday, so our daughter took her to the barber and he her gave her a "buzz cut"....on the house in a private room in the back of the shop! Classy guy! She has several scarfs that she wears and a wig, which she has yet to wear out because it's been pretty warm lately. But she's doing amazingly well! She's my Wonder Woman! Thanks to all of you who knew. Thanks for your continuous support. And it's been a pleasure telling the rest of you who were unaware of our journey. We will be fine! Love to all! -Glenn and Verna
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    A few pics. Great turnout of about 45 folks total. Beautiful weather, great food, great music from the garage Super Cornwalls and an old Def Tech sub. 32 lbs before hitting the smoker yielded approx. 24 lbs. More than enough for the gathering.
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    Well, my fellow Klipsheads just left. I'm sure their hearing will recover soon , but the younger ones will can no longer bear children. I think we were hitting 124 db peaks in the Sub Bass regions, with the "Flight of the Phoenix" plane crash. This should eventually reach 130 db peaks when I'm done building my Super Tapped horn Sub, which was still in pieces when they arrived. Thanks to DizRotus for organizing this event. Hope everyone had fun. I know I did. Looking forward to the next one.
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    Took this short video today in the surf zone and put it up on Youtube. Headphones if you got em. A nice natural surround sound. On a side note, it appears that this site bumps the resolution down to 480p. click on the little cog and put it back up to 720p for better pic and sound.
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    i just went and picked up some BBQ ... haven’t had it in a minute and got a craving. Sorry the place said it’s Texas BBQ not NC. I was wearing my Raiders shirt and of course the guy working there was a Bronco fan. I told him i’d save my Bronco comments until AFTER i got my food. But, this lady sitting at a table was giving me the “thumbs up” and then asked where i got my shirt from. I will have a cocktail or three today since it’s my birthday. got a ton of texts; but, spending the day at home. Got a bottle of good Tequila and a lot of music ... one of the these days, i’ll unpack a guitar and make some new music ... but, not today. too many items in the way of the walk in closet where they’re stored ... guess i didn’t understand that a walk in closet is supposed to be able to be walked into. The things that single guys can get away with! Enjoy your day ... sorry about the humidity ... I got 90 degrees out here; but, it’s definitely not the oppressive type like you’re getting.
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    The original LP was made in 1968 but mine was sooo worn I picked up this remake from 1970 too. Iron Butterfly from San Diego helped start it all. So many of those West coast groups. One of the top 40 selling LP's of all time. Heya Mossyone how goes? .
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    These guys were fun to see in our old coliseum, the trip over to that side of town after school. The partying in the giant parking lot, Godzillas thunderous "footsteps" coming from out in the mezzanine. No doubt who I'm talking about:
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    That basically means that anybody can say anything on any audio related subject and it can't be proved wrong because they say that it's so.
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    Internet is to slow at the lake house to post a pic, this one was supposed to go with the other post. Added the wood to the walls also.
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    I was rummaging through the older records and found this gem 💎  Its a great recording that I enjoyed immensely Brought back memories of the movie Artist - Peter Nero Title - Plays Born Free 
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    One more Dollar for dollar Klipsch has no equals Name one other speaker company that can build a speaker and keep working like new after 45 plus years of service. Answer NO ONE !!!!!!
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    The Highwaymen: Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. 1985
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    Sooooooo, which do you prefer? Ms Emile or Ms Emily? Asking for a friend... 😂 😂
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    ... but your truck is now dead and you drive a toyota
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    This is a garage sale, it is not an auction. What are you asking for them and where are you located? If the price is not reasonable, then no one will contact you. That is a pretty good way of gauging interest.
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    Just say no, at our age the odd's of finally getting it really right without knowing what should be done or a good way of testing is pretty slim. Try a proven design and spend the rest of the time listening, it's easier.
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    They disappear into the corner.. That is what I tell Stacey...
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    It sounded great. I was amazed at what I was hearing!
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    Glad to be back home, grass almost needs to be cut but not today. I need to readjust to home abnormal compared to Hope abnormal.
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    Alright folks 😲 This LP is knocking my socks off!! There are a couple more out there of these previously unreleased songs that might be cool too. So far only on side 3 but side 2 has a different version of Stepping Stone, $20 Fine that Stephen Stills does a great job on, well heck it's his song. Jungle is an interesting interlude. Geeze, never noticed how long Jimi's fingers were.... that might have had something to do with it!! They cover Joni's Woodstock! Nice.
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    hi guys. Im max from Argentina. I just finished my HT that took me a lot a sacrifice bescause here is hard to find this equipment and its very expensive. I will show you some pics. I hope you like it just like i do.
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    I've driven Boston. It's not as bad as a lot of places, but it helps to have sailed competitively. In Boston it is all about relative position. Try Paris sometime, or read a map in Hamburg where by the time you have been there the street name changes.
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    i’ll pick Los Angeles ... traffic definitely sucks; but, at least i know my way around that place pretty well. The 405 doubles as a parking lot most days; but, you get to look at some really sweet cars. i used to see this lime green Bentley on my way home from work. Still not sure why you’d spend a quarter of a million on a car and paint it lime green? Was upset one day because i was in the Del Taco drive thru and two cars in front of me was a white Bentley ... that was my idea ... expensive car; but, buying a 99 cent burrito.
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    I'm not on the road much at all any more. I might drive the Olds around town [Arivaca] once a week. Just to charge the battery. Go to the dump and cruise by the coffee shop/roaster That cross country run, last year, was a rush. Going from driving a car once in a while to biting off 2000 mile each way. And trying to NOT do it in 30 hrs.Spose I could have slowed myself down by employing a bell hop's assistance with my "luggage" and setting the stereo up in the room. HaHaHa
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    Thaddeus. I go by Thaddeus Smith around here, and people insist on calling me Michael for some asinine reason.
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    I have enough "hooks" rattling around in my head. Please to not introduce/instigated more... please?! I see we have French's mustard ice cream now. ... and along comes OscarMeyer with hot dog ice cream. Would make a reasonable ice cream sandwich. 86 the ice cream... not coffee, cables, cocktails or cannabis... though, I think the later may have a part in the idea of hot dog and mustard ice cream....
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    Getting back to the critter topic I need your help writing a song for my house share partner who is terrified of roaches. I've got to run out to a dentist appointment but hoping you can come up with a few lines by the time I get back. Royalties will be shared. I would like to base it on Hall & Oates "Maneater". I'll start........ They only come out at night Bugs that love to bite....... We've seen them before crossing the floor the lean and hungry type..... It doesn't matter yell at them if you like you're not going to break their heart....... Watch out now he'll eat you up he's a maneater...... Now if I was you tell you what I'd do I'd turn on the lights keeping track of their flight and carry one big big shoe......... Smash em and bash em do what you will but you're never going to win the fight. Look out girls he'll chew you up He's a maneater.
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    Painted 4 362 speakers and hung the 2 side surrounds, the other 2 will be rears on some kind of stands, there about 70 pounds I think. It took 3 of us to get them up on the brackets which had 4 3” lag bolts and 2 200# drywall anchors in each bracket. The grills were painted white also but they didn’t really show up in the pic.
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    If you asked me, I'd build a pair of Belle cabinets. Much prettier. But that's just me. There were 2 sets of plans I worked with plus a program that I got my cut list for 3 sheets of Baltic Birch. Belles are a tad wider but not as deep....you mainly give up the larger K-400 horn. But you could always do something else for mids and highs. Link to mine I built is in my sig at bottom. Ok, I'm partial to them. But if you DO have the woodworking tools and skills, get the Speakerlab K plans and whatever Klipschorn plans you can find and build a set. I believe all the early ones were built from half inch wood, which is what I would use if I built a set, versus trying to reinvent the wheel. It may take awhile but you have most everything for them.
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    Released 5 years after her death this collection of songs is almost always my first "go to" album when I want to hear her songs even though I have all of her albums. Great collection of goodies! 27 is waaaaay too young to die but she always did reach for the stars in so many ways! Nuff said!
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    My buddies son needed a ride to work every morning for 3 days one week while he was out of town so I volunteered. EVERY morning @ zero dark thirty we HAD to stop so he could get his Red Bull. I got coffee and he got a can of that slop. Yup, one small sip was ALL it took. He laffed at me and he still drinks it every day. Then ya got those ppl who have to hit it w/some Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps. Seriously? Bad enough going down I can't imagine how wonderful it would be coming back up! Umm, NO! 😎
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    Great post Buck!!! TYA - A Space In Time was one of my main lp's to do just what you were doing in the photo...And you are so right as good as the original lp sounded the Quad recording is mind blowing!!! Thanks! Ten Years After - A Space In Time. 1972 The Quad version...
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