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    And, in the neverending march of technological change, even though Voigt's tractrix has many wonderful attributes, it is being superceded by constant directivity designs because of their superior polar responses. So I guess we will soon have to thank D.B. Keele (who himself thanks John Gilliom for the original idea) for all CD horn variants. After a while one realizes that this is just the way that technology progresses. As they say, one stands on the shoulders of giants. (Full disclosure: despite my forum name, I am not Dr. Bruce Edgar, nor am I related to him or associated with him in any way. Though I sent him an email message once. Yes, he responded.)
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    Thanks to all the past, present and future posters of information which I may use to further my pleasure at no cost to me. If I should benefit financially from that information, may I have the presence of mind to display common coutesy as to properly thanks those individuals, as they did the lifting, and I did the copying. Thank you Klipsch forum!
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    In an effort to consolidate and focus forum content, we've moved some things around, combining several previously too-specific forums into other forums where it made sense to do so. No posts were deleted in this process, only moved. So, here's how the new forum structure breaks down and where things were combined/renamed). Klipsch Announcements Klipsch News (formerly "Announcements") Klipsch Pilgrimage / Meetups (formerly "Klipsch Pilgrimage") Klipsch Website & Forums Info (Combination of former forums "Website" and "Forums") Klipsch Audio 2-Channel Home Audio Home Theater (now includes the old "Palladium" and "Powered Subwoofers" forums) Architectural Klipsch Pro Audio (moved away from its own forum section) Technical/Modifications (a combination of the old "Technical Questions", "Updates & Modifications", and "General Electronics" forums) Headphones Personal Music Systems (a combination of the old "Computer Speakers" and "iPod Speakers" forums) General Klipsch Questions & Info (now includes the old "Vintage Vault" and "Accessories" forums) The Klipsch Joint (formerly "Other Areas of Interest") Garage Sale Alerts Lounge (combination of the old "What else is on you mind", "Music/Movies", "Sports", "Computers/Gaming" forums) Right This Minute As you can see, there is much smaller number of forums to weed through. We feel this will help everyone in various ways. Thanks everyone!
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    I can post one for you later.
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    Maybe a sub category (no pun intended) in HT Like the Garage sale > Alerts
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    Will the real Prague Shady please stand up? Please stand up?
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    Looks like a great buy. Totally Klipsch....FTW. Right down to the badges. What's that you say? It's not stock? Home brew? GTFO We all know the stock La Scala horn sucks. The filter network sucks. The bass bin cabinetry and K-33 suck. The tweeter sucks. Look...it's got glass hermitically-sealed PIO caps, entirely assembled and offered by someone who clearly knows what they are doing. It HAS to sound great. Hmmm? No takers from the forum? Afraid of a "La Scala" after a nip / tuck and a boob job? Now, I wonder why that could be?
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    I know that Al references Dr. Edgar. In fact I actually have one pair of only a few pairs of the 2" Tractrix horns that Martinelli built before retiring. It seemed like more of the history of the Tractrix would be appropriate and informative for readers.
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    I would like to add to billybob's great post and also thank the Klipsch forum! In addition, when I was reading earlier today I noticed that in the Speaker Builder Magazine (1/86) that Dr. Edgar stated that “For Klipschorn, my midrange horn size should fit in the top volume for the mid and tweeter horns, although you may have to enlarge the cutout for the mouth. The Klipschorn is usually rated at 104 dB sensitivity, so a good choice is one of the 105 dB rated horns with some slight attenuation.” I also noticed that his original paper on the Tractrix horn design was in Speaker Builder Magazine (2/81, p. 9). It seems that people have been modifying Klipschorn speakers before many of us were even members on the forum. Imagine that..... It made me think that just in case I decide to crunch the math and build a horn one day maybe using the Tractrix flare (maybe even a 1.5” throat? I’ve seen the 1.4” but I don’t think I’ve seen a 1.5” yet…..), on behalf of myself, and all (if that isn't too presumptuous of me?) of the horn builders that have used the Tractrix flare; I would like to humbly thank Dr. Bruce C. Edgar for taking it upon himself way back in the early 1980s to revive the Tractrix contour by writing that now-famous article for Speaker Builder Magazine about the Tractrix horn contour. Until this point, most all discussions centered on the exponential horn that you could find in every textbook. It seems that the Tractrix had been around for a while though. In fact, it seems that Voigt was the only one that wrote about the Tractrix contour and he actually patented the contour in the 1920s in England. Well I guess it is too bad for Voigt or his heirs as that patent is long expired. After studying Voigt’s work, I believe it may have been Dr. Edgar, as part of his 1981 article, that first set up the differential equation for the spherical wave fronts traveling all the way down the horn, becoming the mathematical expression that we now know and love as the Tractrix curve. One thing to note is that the analytical formula for the Tractrix is actually for a round horn. However, when Dr. Edgar first started building the Tractrix horn, he did not have the capability to produce a round horn, so he may just have been the first person to convert the circular area into rectangles, hence the original forefather of that rectangular Tractrix horn that many of us know, love and listen to...... Excerpt from Dr. Edgar; “Although this midrange horn construction project may seem out of the mainstream for some speaker builders, it offers a new and different path for upgrading your old horn system or closed box system……. The route I have shown for a good horn design is to choose a rectangular mouth (2:1 aspect ratio), or a square mouth, and a mouth size frequency cutoff equal to the flare rate frequency. Deviations from this design philosophy will introduce peaks in the response…….. This article has taken a number of years to assemble and digest the research results, and I think the wait has been worthwhile. It has been a labor of love with countless evenings……..and weekends spent with numerous drivers and horns in front of a spectrum analyzer. So for all the horn enthusiasts out there, I give you the Edgar Midrange Horn.” In closing, I’m sure we all certainly would like to thank you, Dr. Edgar, for sharing your knowledge and experience so that many may profit by it……
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    Scrappy, Here you go. http://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/146412-audio-gear-garage-sale/ A200x3 -- 200 watts per channel, 3 channels - $450. Condition excellent. Bill
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    I'll make the 'Forum member billybob makes good' thread.
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    I do see where you're coming from. Shoot me a PM with an offer.
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    There's the truth, and then there's the whole truth. The fact is, having the knowledge to make a product, and actually making it, and then making it successful in the market, are all very different things. I am an engineer by trade -- I know quite a lot about audio and I have a lot of ideas for audio products. I have started two businesses of my own. Neither of them have ever seen the kind of success that Greg has had with Volti. There is about a 10:1 -- maybe 100:1 -- ratio of effort between knowing how to do something and actually doing it and bringing it to market. Greg and I even collaborated for a while. Ultimately he didn't use what I gave him, but he thanked me for it. Perhaps someday he and I can do it again. I give my knowledge freely on the forum, as does everyone else. I knew that Greg was developing a business, and that what I gave him might ultimately end up a part of that business, and I did it anyway. While I always hope that I can become rich and famous from my knowledge, that happens so incredibly rarely that in some cases it's satisfaction enough just knowing that it might be a small part of something great. Was anyone who collaborated with Greg NOT aware of the situation? It's not like it was a secret.
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    "Goes in the trash on Wednesday" Someone save its life.
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    Wake, That does not surprise me at all about the Acurus. They are very difficult to beat for bass drive and detail at their price point. Let Michael know that that his soon to be Acurus A250 is driving my RB-35's as I type and it is seriously moving a pair of 8 inch woofers with authority. Bill
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    Greg congrats on the good write up, I enjoy reading your newsletters when they come. Please try to make a effort to leave your Klipsch upgrade site up so folks like me have something to go back to and get ideas and learn a little. Thanks for all your time here and everywhere.
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    Hey John, I see it as he's becoming a better man, having gone though everything he has gone through. He will carry his experiences with him for the rest of his life. Sometimes/usually it's the "harder" things in life that make us better people. Love and compassion are great attributes to have in life. He is truly blessed and I believe many people will be touched by Cody, throughout his life. Thanks for keeping us updated, you continue to be in my thoughts and Prayers. Dennie
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