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    Yep, I know the diehard dual-channel mono "everything MUST come from the front, including applause" bunch turn up your noses, but I was immediately rewarded after a couple of weeks of front-only when I hooked up my ancient Hafler magic yesterday. I still hold that it is "pure" in that the amp is two channel and only that which emanated from the rear goes to the rear. Actually, the way it shines best is with two mike recordings. The main thing I immediately noticed on "Polovetsian Dances" was NOTHING from the rear. Studio recording...a good studio, but a studio. What WAS noticeable that the front image reached out to me with more depth. The K'horns just sounded bigger and more transparent. On Sgt Peppers, shared with my audiophile understudy son, things got a bit more complex and fascinating. Of course, since it's a complete studio fabrication and inherently non-reproducible on a stage, it isn't subject to a "correct" image. All that mixing and such creates complex phase relationships. Nonetheless, it never got muddled in any way. Occasional discrete bits from the rear and sides, but mostly front. Firesign, that incredibly complex mix, was a whole 'nother story with stuff suddenly popping in (like Deputy Dan, the holygram) right behind my right or left ear. Downright disconcerting and really good fun...actually MUCH more natural sounding than Dolby or any electronic processor. My last music room wound up a complicated mess as the family gravitated there for TV and I added an HT reciever and rather complex speaker and amp switching to use my ST-70. Most of the time, I would up listening to the HT reciever. I decided this time it wasn't going to happen and I am glad. Any visitors who insist on "good ol' fashioned stereo" from the front only, simply flick of the switch on the QD-1 and it's back to dual channel mono and the sound collapses forward. Paid 5 bucks for that thing about 1977 and it remains the biggest bargain I ever got. I've seen them going for 75 or so lately on Ebay. Must be some others who remembered and returned. Dave
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    Pair of early 80's Cornwalls, work perfectly, sound fantastic, very good cosmetics, original (dirty) grills. Started to clean them, then got scared. Building a house, and they simply don't fit. Make an offer! Somebody is gonna get these speakers! You will need to pick up or arrange shipping. Must sell by end of December, but if the offer is right, you can have them immediately. Greenville, South Carolina 29681 DBarnett9000@gmail.com
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    Personally, I avoid the whole thing by tri-amping through a single capacitor per horn (active rolloff on the woofer bin, so no inductor at all). The tweeter picks up where the mass rolloff occurs in the K-402/K-1133. Having discrete gain control for each driver tweaks up the final db or so, after which global room EQ takes over. Al K trashes PWK's "constant K" network. I remember from the "Dope from Hope" papers where a Heresy showed less amplifier distortion than an 8 ohm resistor when looking at a spectrum analyser BECAUSE it had a rising impedance at higher frequencies, not to mention 11 ohms on the woofer, but I digress. Al doesn't like varying impedance and uses a swamping RESISTOR across his autoformer, which is higher quality than Klipsch's. So I guess he's on both sides. I'm on neither side, as I prefer only one cap for passive networks with judicious efficiency and rolloff matching of each section and matching disperions angles for each respective band (took 5 years to evolve). My next step my be NO CAPS and go strictly active with PEQ and time delays with either first or fourth order. Let the ears and measurements decide.
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    So Paul Klipsch, who was notorious for finding the least expensive way possible of meeting an engineering goal, chose not only the most expensive part out of the available choices, but the one producing the most distortion. When Al started working on the first Universal, he was going to dump the autoformer because he thought it was just an expensive way to accomplish something he could do for less than a dollar. After he finished his testing, he adopted the autoformer. It looks like you guys might be on the wrong side of this one. Sorry Roy.
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    Been running 9.2 for awhile myself and totally agree that you get totally immersed into the movie especially those with very active soundtracks. The ones recorded in the 7.1 DTS MA do seem to sound the best. I don't trust the automatic (i.e. Audyssey) speaker level adjustments though I do it with a setup disc, SPL meter and my ears.
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    Understood. But if we noticed them all we would do nothing but mourn. In this way, there is a representative for these types of tragedies who can hopefully bring awareness to certain dangers. I don't think he was god-like, but he did have an affinity for adrenaline rushes and fast cars. There's a lesson there for those who idolized him. The most tragic part of this story, to me, is the driver's 8 year old son who was apparently on the scene moments later looking for his dad. Or so I read.
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    I get your point (which is always brought up when someone famous dies), and of course all sudden deaths are tragic. I don't think anyone here would dispute that. It is those that involve a familiar face which are discussed and shared as a group, while others are mourned in private by those who knew them. It's the nature of celebrity.
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    He said make an offer. Somebody could get a sweet deal...... Shakey
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    you need to put up the asking price.
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    I have assembled a diagram for the TDA7297 amplifier connections. This corresponds to the TDA7297 amp I purchased from eBay seller homemart.usa. Other amp modules may differ in their layouts and connections. I have also assembled a Bill of Materials (i.e., BOM or parts list) for anyone who is interested in upgrading the parts of their TDA7297 amp. I upgraded my second amp with 1uF / 50V Black Gate N caps. These are near-unobtainium, but Sonic Craft still has some in stock. To my ears, these are comparable to the Mundorf Supreme caps I installed in my first unit. The Elna Silmic IIs, the Wima MKP2 and the Black Gate N caps will all fit on the board. Notice, the cost of the $6 amp does increase considerably, and some people may think my BOMs are overkill, but I'm enjoying these upgrades and this amp is still performing at an astounding performance-to-price ratio. Nice test rig. I really like that experimental test bench look. Actually, I am glad to hear that the Wima MKP2 caps are comparable to the Panasonic ECQP caps. They are less expensive and these should fit right onto the board to keep things neat and clean. Your listening impressions follow mine. The 2,200uF / 25V Panasonic FM electrolytic cap in the power supply path makes a profound difference in dynamic response, bass definition and the size of the soundstage. Better input caps do reveal more detail and a slight improvement in tonality. Thanks for sharing about the Denon MC cartridge. I may have to get one of these for my restored Kenwood PC-400U belt/idler wheel drive turntable. I have a Talisman Alchemist 2B high output MC cartridge that is a bit long in the tooth, and probably needs to be re-tipped and/or replaced. TDA7297 Bill of Materials, Elna Silmic II Caps.pdf TDA7297 Bill of Materials, Wima MKP Caps.pdf TDA7297 Bill of Materials, Black Gate N Caps.pdf
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    Even if it's not a priority is should be a 3 minute export out of their accounting system of active dealer accounts, unless they have that idiot Sebelius running their accounting. I'll bet Chad could do it with about 3 keystrokes and really, wouldn't that benefit them to have an accurate list? I know that when I'm trying to find something if there are too many hurdles, I'll just move on to another product or another site.
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    They are still for sale. The new Revels are here!
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