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    Why doesn't Klipsch upgrade the horns on their Heritage speakers ? A large portion of these forums are directly related to their perceived weaknesses. If Cornwalls or LaScala's were upgraded to perfection (at their price, they should be ) I would have bought new instead of used !
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    I couldn't find my old thread since the site switchover, In July I was walking home and stumbled across a local estate sale going on and scored a walnut veneered custom console that had a Marantz 2225 and Dual 1019 TT with an Empire 150 Cart with stylus with plenty of life left that was sitting idle for over 20 years. I bought it for 40 or 60 dollars (can't remember) and carried it home 2 city blocks. I dismantled it as my woodworking friend said it was too done in to restore. I cleaned and deoxit the Marantz and is now working beautifully in the bedroom where I placed it in a 1969 Teak Normande console (that works but needs a little work done) and I replaced the original drivers with rb61's (that i bought cheap with rough cabinets) they slid in place almost perfectly. The Dual 1010 works but needs to be relubed. Anyway, I took the 1019 base template from the original console to my woodworking buddy and he was excited to put together a new walnut plinth for the 1019. While he worked on it I had the 1019 refurbished and cleaned it up. Here is some pics of the 1019 in it's new home! Total cost of the 1019 about 100$ for wood supplies and TT (free labour ) Just thought I'd share Forgot to include that the Normande console (which I paid 140.00 for) had this Telefunken Reel to Reel in it which I think I'm going to test out on my 2 channel set up at some point, but I have no knowledge of R2R, but does work.
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    I've spent more than most, but less than I could have and that's all I'm gonna say about that... Roger
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    PWK embraced advancement as was mentioned earlier. Haven't there been some improvement made to the Heritage speakers that are still offered new? Also, I see where according to the marketing materials from Klipsch that the non Heritage lines are better speakers. Wouldn't want to muddy the waters now would we.
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    Making it better is an opinion. I think that it would be an amazing honor to pwk if they stuck to his original designs. They can invent plenty of new klipsch lines if they want with "better" stuff. Personally, I think they need more 3-way designs.
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    Fine points, we all love PWK and his genius. Most importantly, his sound and speakers. Modest improvements to the Heritage line ,would only add to his legacy IMHO... I think the Heritage line , should be treated like the flagship line of speakers. Not the forgotten ones...
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    Here is a recipe site I like: http://tasteologie.notcot.org/ They post new recipes every day, and the search function allows you to find almost anything you crave. They also host a companion drink site: http://liqurious.notcot.org/ And a design site: http://www.notcot.org/ Good stuff.
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    I was told it was out of respect for PWK and his legacy. I'm not sure if he left instructions for the Heritage line or not. If you look at what PWK was embracing towards the end of his life that would give some hints at what a modern PWK speaker would be.... Cough... Jubilee.... Cough..... Actually he was embracing steeper slope crossovers, tractrix, and modified tractrix horns. Amazing that after so many years of designing speakers he was learning up to the very end of his life... Top notch.
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    Welcom to the forum. Used is a great way to go. It may take a few weeks and require driving out of your local area but, great deals can be found. Post this in the Garage sale section as a WTB subwoofer and others will help you find one.
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    I have a pair of Klipsch KG 4s being driven by a marantz sr8500 and am looking for a nice sub to go along with them, primarily for music as opposed to movies. I'm limited to $600 or less; new, used, discontinued, etc makes no difference to me as long as they are in good working condition. Anyone have any recommendations or could point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance! KG 4: http://www.klipsch.com/kg-4/details#specs
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    My friend emailed them but they have not responded... I am assuming they are gone already.
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    Good question, I wonder why they don't offer some sort of 2 way Lascala.
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    Man, I gave a away junk one last year. I knew I should have hung onto it.
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    A couple of observations on the cost issue. First, except in the higher end there are not a lot of 2 Channel only receiver/or amplifiers be built at say, the typical $300 to $500 level you would pay for a good multi-channel receiver. So if you are comparing 2 Channel tubes to 2 Channel SS, not as much difference price-wise as you would think. Second, please remember that the production of high-voltage transformers as well as vacuum tubes, is driven, not by the audio market, but by all those musicians who just have to have a tube amp for their electric, not acoustic, guitar. Without the guitar amp market, it's doubtful if any tubes or tube transformers would be getting built. So encourage the young ones to play the electric guitar!
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    That is a great offer, this forum has great members!
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    It just so happens that a Dynaco ST120 is in my basement. It worked when I put it away several years ago. The cosmetics are okay if you squint your eyes (pitting on the chrome and corrosion on the black cage). It would be shipped from 06365. This would be free and the only cost would be shipping. I probably could not dig it out until next week however. PM if interested
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    Bring your Dad! Love to meet him. Dave
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    Welcome to the forum. Have you checked your local craigslist? You'll get more bang for your buck used. For new, look at offerings from SVS, possibly sealed.
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    Get a sub or subs first. Even a $300 AVR works well with Klipsch. I know. I have one.
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    Mcacc didn’t do this very well either. When I used my old Elite SC-55. I agree Derrick equalizing them as 1 sounded far superior IMO but I was running 4 Passive THX subs. Also tweaked the THX subs a lot with Phase and the cleanest powerful output was when I phased the two KA-1000s at opposite polarities. Not sure exactly why but this achieved the most incredibly deep tight bass response in my theater.
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    The laws of diminishing returns apply to audio faster than any other art form.
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    John, what a home theater you have at your place! I've heard fantastic things about Emotiva equipment, I bet everything sounds outstanding. Jeff
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    Excellent speaker at a great price!
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    Those shouldn't last very long. Good Fortune
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    No reason to be ashamed. Some people just get it and others do not. You are just in the later category. It comes very naturally to me. Been doing it all my life. When I was a kid it was really loud and I would run around the room and play air guitar to Led Zeppelin. Then later I got some JBL's and would sit on the couch and bob my head up and down, mullet in full swing. Now I am middle aged and kind of tap my feet a little. Maybe if they legalize pot I will go back to the air guitar again. Post a short video of you listening and we'll all give you some pointers. Here are some examples: This guy is really good at listening: But we need to start you out slowly. Maybe follow this example:
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