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    My family thinks I have gone off the deep end. I believe I am too old for a mid-life crisis (although I am not low-T). I just bought another tube amplifier. That make five so far. Plus the loaner then its six. OK, OK I know there are few of you that have been through more but for me its a lot. I got a tip a while back from someone on the forum about Justin Weber and his fledgling enterprise making tube amplifiers called ampsandsound. The information from the web site with a testimonial from Dave at Fastlane coupled with reasonable price got me to take the plunge and buy the Stereo 15 an EL84 ultra linear amp. The Manley GY50 was going to have to find another role. Justin took the deposit and offered the use of a single end amp called Little Ben. The Little Ben was amazing. The soundstage and other single ended attributes I have heard about but never experienced, made me wonder if I really wanted the Stereo 15. Justin assured me that based on my conversation with him about my music tastes and listening style the Stereo 15 was still my best choice. After just a couple of weeks waiting time the Stereo 15 arrived today. It looks nice and sounds great. I have only listened to about 20 minutes of EDM, rock and jazz so far and I would say that indeed I do like it better than the Little Ben, especially the rock and EDM. Sometimes I like it on the loud side and the amp seems to work effortlessly so far. Attached are photos of the setup and amp. I do love the glow of tubes
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    Claude it was designed for Klipsch's 3-way as well as for their smaller 2-way cinema systems and not just as a tweeter..! I don't know how davis419b feels but I wouldn't appreciate someone coming into my for sale thread with this sort of posting. davis419b sorry for my post in your thread but I thought this should be clarified and lessen any confusion for someone interested in your sale as well as the K510. miketn
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    Be selfish. Erase that link.
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    Oh yeah another one hooked. Enjoy.
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    Congrats ! You,re going to love them !
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    Hey all, what should I look for if I get a chance to look at these Khorns and Belle. Seems like a steal unless they are trashed. Thanks
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    NICE... Lady called me back, I am going to pick them up this afternoon!!!
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    All one has to do to bump a thread is to push the button at the top of the every page which says "Bump this topic", and voilà! It pops to the top without identifying who pushed the button. Chris
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    yes it is, 2014 - 1995 = less than 20 years. caps should be fine. so use the pipe insulation to seal the backs tro the walls? where exactly do i put it on the backs? the side panels with the grille material is what touches my walls, or do i want to have the backer board seal to the wall? also any basic tricks for calming down the mids a bit? can anyone post some pics of where to seal them? or maybe i can post pics of what mine look like on the rears.
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    Did you ever take the side access door off a Klipschorn and stick your head inside while volume is at full tilt ?????
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    I see no reason why you shouldn't. OTOH, it is entirely subjective. Since euphonic simply means "nice," which is entirely subjective, there can be no direct correlation to "accurate," which can be either subjective or objective depending on how it is used. As Mark pointed out, one can measure whether at signal is passed accurately. There is, however, no measurement for euphony. One man's euphony is another man's cacophony, and neither is wrong. Dave
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    Claude, we all appreciate you enthusiasm. However, this thread is about a sale and it is posted in the Garage Sale forum. Perhaps a simple apology and then backing away would be best.
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    Need to add additional amplification.... no. Will addtitional amplification help... yes. At the very least, listen to the system for a while before making any additional amp purchases. One thing a big amp does in HT is to help with that instantaneous power delivery needed for big effects... this is not an issue in 2 channel/music. For me, when it comes to HT, headroom is essential
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    Claude it was designed for Klipsch's 3-way as well as for their smaller 2-way cinema systems and not just as a tweeter..! I don't know how davis419b feels but I wouldn't appreciate someone coming into my for sale thread with this sort of posting. davis419b sorry for my post in your thread but I thought this should be clarified and lessen any confusion for someone interested in your sale as well as the K510. miketn Hey Mike, You are right I dont like it ! Problem is it is not an accurate statement. I have KPT-904's that came with a 510 horn from 1998 which is long before the Jubilee was designed. I have never measured anything with anything other than my ears and they dont agree with Claude. They may not sound good on top of his LaScala type bass bins but they sound great on top of Jubilee bass bins !
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    Very kind of you. Haha, I'm sure your neighbors noticed you waddling inside with them. Offer to provide the music system for the next block party, if your neighborhood does that kinda thing.
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    WOW!! I'd be camped out at his place. Good luck!
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    The Belle doesn't need a corner. Check your email junk folder periodically, in case his response gets filtered. Good luck!
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    My old false corner enclosures worked very well, Go get em and congrats if you do.
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    Got the nod from the boss... Just emailed the guy again and will try to pick them up sometime tomorrow, if he gets back to me. So what about the corner placement? Does that really matter? I am sure it won't sound 'as good' but it should still sound loads better than my Heresy. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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    $900 La Scalas sat on Craigslist here for a long time. $525 k Horns with a center Belle will not last. I once left work a a stogy firm, dressed in my suit, to go the the scary part of town to get a pair of Belles. They smelled like cigarette smoke and I had to air them out for 4 weeks in the garage, but they were perfect and the smell went away. Got to make rain when you can.
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    Smaller area to pressurize. Makes sense.
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    If I wasn't married with two kids and still had a truck to haul them with, I would be beating his door down too... Look like they are in a storage unit, that part of town is pretty industrial, so I don't think he is selling out of his home. I guess either A) This person has no idea what he is sitting on and just isn't checking his inbox yet or His inbox has about 30 offers already and he is trying to figure out how to get more money out of them.
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    That's great! Glad you found them so quick. Are your Paradigm subs behind you in the pic? I've heard La Scalas with two subs at a fellow Klipsch forum member's house. IMO, they are a good thing to supplement La Scalas.
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    If I lived anywhere nearby, I'd already be parked on East 1st Avenue, between North Orca and North Sitka streets. Cash in hand.
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    LOL. I sent him a note about 30 mins after he posted and he hasn't got back to me... Not really a 'fast market' around here. I watched a pair of $900 La Scala sit on Craigs for 3 months. Seems like a screaming deal though, especially since I would sell the belle and my Heresy. Pretty much flat to trade into Khorns. I would love to give them a nice home. Do Khorns have to be in a corner? My 2 channel room doesn't really allow for it.
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    I am drooling.... Yes, those are droolcicles...
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    It doesn't. It's often been stated on the forum that the on-axis sound of the 510 is not that different from the 402. The 402 is better, but the difference is not like day and night, as you imply it is. It's not an implication, it's a measurable and listenable fact. You can't cross a 510 at 300 Hz. with any driver, preiod. Sorry. But for a little horn, it's a darn good one at higher frequencies. Heck it was designed as a high power TWEETER to go on top of a 402/K1133, for gosh sake. It loses pattern control at 3.3 times the frequency of a 402, and that's very important to a lot of people.
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    Gonna have to wait till the neighbors head to work. You know, all that "1946" stuff The very little juice I have given them so far however, again, SPEECHLESS!
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    When you slow down listening give us the details, please.
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    opps, forgot to post the link, seems like a good price. http://anchorage.craigslist.org/msg/4312335173.html
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    Oh say it ain't so. At least yours is interested. Mine thinks a boom box is Hifi.
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    It's amazing to read those gracious words as I listen to Alison Krauss. She is front and center and the rest of the band a step or two back. Wonderfull!!!
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    I have never seen a pair of La Scala's in person, with my own 2 eyes. Now I have a pair sitting RIGHT IN MY LIVING ROOM OMG!!! Speechless!!! did not settle YAY
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    What a great snap shot of Americana.
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    I agree that raising the tweeters is a good thing. It makes for a bigger and more realistic sound presentation. You can see the height of the tweeter on my right JubScala II in the avatar picture.
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    Here's a pic with the Seeger family in 1921. Pete is sitting on his father's lap. Bruce
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    That's just his style. Mark, I'm not overly concerned with your hurt feelings, although I admit I don't like arguing with you. I think on most things audio, save this wire topic, that we're probably in general agreement, fwiw. I will persist in holding your feet to the fire on the subject of wire, so if you find that insulting, tough toenails.
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    +1 We are men. We don't read about what we like. We like to see pictures of eye-candy from several angles, both with and without 'grills'
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    I think you are making a good decision.
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    True, if you can get a set of La Scalas in good condition for under $700-$800, jump on them. If you don't like them you typically won't loose any money reselling.
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    Mint condition la scalas for 600... I think if this was the case, we'd all be rocking la scalas on an ongoing basis. $600 seem way to hopeful even if you did happen to see a pair sell for that recently. OP, for mint LS you are probably looking between 1200-1400, MAYBE a pair might sell for 900-1000 if the seller is very desperate.
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    I wanted to try tube gear so I purchased a Yaqin VK 2100. It gave me a taste of tube gear without spending to much money. I have been pleased with the amp on my McIntosh XR 5 speakers and can hear a difference compared to my SS amps. The amp is from China and is of good bulid quality and has been a solid in my system. This amp has tubes in the front and SS in the rear so it is not an all tube amp. It can driver the RF 7's without a problem since it is 80 watts. Some of these amps may be a consideration for people not wanting to spend a great deal of money to see if they want to go in a tube amp direction or not fuss with the hassle of fixing up a vintage tube amp. Here is a pic of one for around $650. Buy them from Canada and save on shipping and get a gurantee. I guess is that you can sell them fairly easy if you don't like it.
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    I prefer the last ones made from Baltic Birch and with the AA networks, late 70's to early 80's.
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