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    I use component "video" cables all the time for audio. If of pretty good quality, why not. I often hit my local Radio Shacks to see if they have cables on clearance, and I have often found "$40.00" Monster component cables for $5.00 to $7.00. I have scooped up some very nice cables for pennies on the dollar. For a while there, I was using RS instead of Monoprice. Bill
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    I have two Klipsch Quartet speakers that I would like to sell. There in excellent condition. They are a medium OAK oiled finish and they sound great. I got these speakers as part of a complete set up and all I really wanted was the CD player so I sold the amp and pre-amp and what is left is the speakers. I re capped the cross overs with high grade capacitors from parts express so they sound like new again. I live about 20 miles north of Cedar Rapids Iowa. I am about 5 hours from ST Louis, MO, Kansas City, MO, Omaha,NE, Chicago IL, Madison WI, and about 5-6 hours from Minneapolis. i have owned numerous different Klipsch speakers and the proceeds from these will help finance a pair of Belles that I would like to build. I presently have a heavily modified pair of ported La scalas in my shop that sound fantastic (Crites tweeter, larger throat mid-horn). There just too ugly for the house. I can be reached at 319-560-4437. during week days please text me as phone reception is minimal at work.
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    Nelbruce54, Welcome to the forum. The Chorus II's are fantastic speakers. They can reproduce the most detailed subtleties of quiet passages and acoustic music as well as rocking out with Led Zeppelin tunes. They are keepers indeed. Good luck finding a more complete refined pair of speakers for $700.00 anywhere. Bill
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    is there an echo in here? the chorus are a very good speaker & of course have value. they go for anywhere from 450-700 on ebay, probably a little less on CL. as stated, they are definantly worth keeping as i dont think you will find anywhere near the sound quality for that price new or used.
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    "...This isn't another cable thread in disguise, is it?"
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    I am looking to do some rolling here... I need to find a good set of 6922/E88CC that will deliver warmth and more important clarity. I don't mind paying, but since I am fairly new to this, what are some highly regarded 6922/E88CC tubes... preferably units are good from a value perspective. I don't mind paying for telefunkens if they actually deliver... and are real NOS.
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    i have a pair of oak kg 5.5 for sale in eastern iowa, zip 52403. $450obo in excellent shape overall & work & sound like new. one speaker has slight discoloration on the top but easily fixed with light sanding & restain. price is negotiable somewhat to a serious buyer. also willing to meet within 120 miles of 52403 for small fee to cover fuel cost.
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    Selling a pair a klipsch khorns...new crites tweeters 200.00....also have the original metal tweeters...new soncaps done on crossovers...superb performance...walnut cabs.not pristine but very presentable...can deliver within reasonable distance..$ 1000. Pics
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    So this is how my afternoon went... Knock Knock... UPS!
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    klipsch corner horns speakers if u know sound then u know what they are a timeless master piece these are 15 years old but they sound perfect and the haven't changed them a new set cost 4500,oo each that 9,000 a pair the side cover were getting beat up from a cat so I took them off but when in a corner like they should be you can't tell 1250.oo obo hear them first concert sound big speakers text or call 207 409 605five Pics
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    Several years ago, I picked up a pair of RF-7's thinking I will never part with. Well, in short, goodbye my ol' friends. Hello! La Scala!!! After getting them settled in (had to paint the wall behind cause they clashed with the yellow). Replaced a diaphragm on one HF horn (I'll do the other next week). It was time for a test drive! Three words, OMG!!! -the delicacy of sound from these is amazing. The warmth is attractive and the look, well, look at them! Gorgeous! I was a little worried they would be too much. Those worries went quickly out the door with the twist of the throttle. Oh dear Lord, I had no idea what I have been missing. Now to smooth over the neighbors. I think some fresh baked cookies are in order
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    I am thinking about selling my Academy; I really need a C7 as a center channel. It's in really good condition, there are a few scuffs here and there and a small chip. I've personally owned this speaker since 1997. I actually bought this as a pair; however, one was destroyed when the right channel of my Phase Linear gave out. This has been on my parents basement since 2001; and I recently required it when I was thinking about rebuilding my HT with Klipsch. I'd say its 8/10 overall, maybe a 8.5. I've got pictures of all the marks and the chip. I'm asking $325 plus shipping, but feel free to throw an offer my way. Not looking for a trade; unless you have a black C7 in as good of shape.
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    I've got a pair of very nice oak constructed Chorus II's I know they were made for a short period of time in the 90's, then discontinued, but that's the extent of my information. Are they still worth anything?
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    Will pick up if not to far from Lumberton NC
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    Just seen this, Congratulations on the LaScalas........If a party ever arises they sound great outside ! I remember the first time I heard LaScalas, I picked them up for a forum member buying them and got to listen for a few months until he could pick them up, I was shocked and ruined, we went on a quest which ended up like more like an elephant hunt.
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    I agree with Max. Early to mid 90s I went to a party at a friends house. Someone rolled up with their Chorus for the music that night and they rocked all night long. Lots of rock some hip hop and they just kept going.
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    Welcome to the forum and members may be interested to find.
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    IMO, you can't beat them for their sound, footprint and price. They have bass that hits you in the chest that is fairly close to the Cornwall offerings. The Chorus 1 and 2's are very good by my ears.
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    They are highly desired in most quarters.
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    thanks again, kind of what i figured that video was ok for audio nut not vice-versa. the Ar brand are very decent budget cables & the older pro-2 series are very nice, they have thick jackets with a foil & wrapped wire insulation & thick gold connectors. i assume the wire inside is up to par as well. will give em a try, while drinking my folgers instant coffee....
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    I purchased a pair of used Dayton 240 (now discontinued) plate amps, but I've not powered the subs up yet. They're functionally complete at my warehouse, but I want to get them painted in Duratex prior to letting my wife see them. There's been no time to complete to WAF status, even though they're headed to my basement office. The Dayton amps were modified pursuant to the recommendations of Lilmike (the designer of the sub). Initially, I'll try a single amp powering both subs with a summed signal and then compare that to each sub powered separately by a separate Dayton 240. Eventually, I'll share the results, when (if) time permits.
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    Welcome to the Klipsch Forums; they are keepers, Klipsch website has info to get you started. Retail c. 1991 was about $1800.
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    A single unit, including construction materials, would be well below $200. The PayPal transaction details pertaining to a single unit are pasted below. I ended up ordering a second almost immediately, so Erich gave me a break on the shipping for the second one. Description Unit price Qty Amount Anarchy Woofer Item# Anarchy-woofer-8 Ohm Anarchy $63.00 USD 1 $63.00 USD Anarchy Tapped Horn Item# FP-02 $77.00 USD 1 $77.00 USD Shipping Item# Fed Ex Ground - Home Delivery $18.55 USD 1 $18.55 USD Subtotal $158.55 USD Total $158.55 USD Payment $158.55 USD Payment sent to erich@diysoundgroup.com
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    put it in the closet like I have it
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    Used to work in a Big sawmill that would order computer and controller parts from Radio Shack about 25 years ago.
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    'okay. I'll double down then.. I'm not much for using RCA patches, but when I need them (subwoofer out > DSP > power amp, for example) I keep'em short and heavy duty. I've saved quite a bit on Monoprice (with the shortest lengths available online at 1.5 ft) or Cable Wholesale by purchasing premium component video cable (CL2 RG-6) and simply peeling off the strands as needed. ...and yes indeed "the Shack" is still quite decent. "Making", as it's called on the web now, has grown in popularity as the recent shortage in very good electronic devices and lack of any significant spending power in combination with the wealth of online technical info is tipping the market in favor of repairing and maintaining once again. Unfortunately, micro-electronics are out the door, but for anything with through-hole and even some SMD, I've had good luck finding the correct hardware there. As long as they keep the bench stock full, I keep coming back.
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    MattSER, I have not heard that they are bad speakers but IMO, you could do so much better for $700.00. Maybe $350.00 tops would be a "fair" price. Amp failure would be my concern also. Finding "matching" speakers(center, surrounds) would also be one of my concerns. They may be worth a shot for a second stereo system but for a much lower price. Bill
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    Damn, I was going to post until I saw Mark had. Mark, don't ask me any questions because I can't hold up to scrutiny. Seriously, I hope the new guy hasn't shut that thread down. It was like the old days; entertaining and if you try, something can be learned. Oldtimer: loved your movie reviews.
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    ok thanks for the answers. they are AR pro2 series. for sure a step above the standard red & white ones that used to come free with cheap components.
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    Well when the picture starts to dim you will be able to remove the filter and re calibrate it... I still think it is better to have a picture that is too bright to start off with as it will last longer between bulbs.
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    Well I wondered that myself. But, he was a really nice guy. I don't think they told the other person no. Several hours went by after I made my offer; they were an older couple who just sold their house of 40+ years. I don't think they are schemers....I had a really long conversation with him and he even helped me carry them to my 4runner. I'd post pics, but for some reason I keep being told the format is wrong. They're jpeg, so I've no idea.
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    You just couldn't resist.
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    Just so everyone knows, I bought these and she never shipped as promised so I filed a claim and got my money back. I would not try to deal with her unless you are local. had them with shipping for just over a grand. I guess it does not matter now, I just dont want anyone else to get screwed
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    What you are considering is referred to as "fools bi-amping". People are fixated on this for reasons that don't make a lot of sense. Find the amp that sounds the best to you in that room and sell everything else. Use the money to replace the horn and/or crossovers. Those are probably in desperate need of rewiring as well. http://www.chuckhawks.com/bi-wire_bi-amp.htm
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    First, La Scalas are not ugly. They look a bit different, but you get used to the look, and you never get over the sound. Second, those bass mods do help a bit, but they're not a substitute for an actual subwoofer. A sub (or subs) will improve the sound of La Scalas with all kinds of music, even acoustic folk, and is pretty well required to hear everything in movie soundtracks. Sancho, with your new (to you) La Scalas, you're right in wanting to hear them as they are. Whether you make any changes later does not matter right now. However, you may want to experiment with their placement and direction, so you can hear the best sound they can give you. All in good time. Congrats and happy listening!
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    That would have been a good opening statement. Welcome to the forum.
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    John, you remind me of a local ham I knew who ran 5-7 kw output on 80 CW!!! I don't remember which tubes he was using but, when transmitting, the lights of his neighbors' houses (as well as his own) dimmed slightly. I can still see the gorgeous glow of the banks of mercury vapor rectifiers which he used in the p/s. The good old days!!! As far as an 8 kv xfmr goes, much depends on how much current you need/want to draw. If it is no more than 100 ma or so, you could play with a neon sign xfmr. Your request also minds me of a huge Tesla coil my EE room mate and I built when we were doing our optical grad work. The secondary was 6 feet tall and we could easily draw an arc of a few feet. We once connected it to the door knob of our room when a friend was on his way over. He never spoke to us again!!! In any event, if you need an xfmr which is more substantial, contact Magna-Power Electronics. They can design and build anything you want: http://www.magna-power.com/ Enjoy! Maynard
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    John I'm sure we can work something out for you to hair the Decware. It would be nice for you to hair it with your set up to answer your own question about what 2-3 watts can do with the speakers you have and your room. I get to hair what 2A3 amps can do with K horns at my friends man cave and i will say there is some punch with 2 watts or so.
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