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    I think these are. The cane and blonde color just looks good to me. I have kept these pics for a few years and have yet to see another pair like them. Maybe they are owned by a forum member now? I believe they were on Ebay at one time. Feel free to post other LS's that stand out among the crowd
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    like the Cane grills on Max's, & mach-1's Center; think mine look pretty good, but these are the best looking, to me, only photos of FULL grill I've ever seen from Audiokarma Klipsch room:
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    These were far from crowds... but still look very cool. Bruce
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    It appears I have offers coming in for my JBLs, this calls for some Strong Coffee today:
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    Edit: Sold to a nice young man who came and picked them up! Thanks for all the interest. There will be more to come soon! I have a pair of original RF-7's for sale. they are approximately 9 years old. I am the original owner of these black ash, consecutive numbered floor standers. These were the rear speakers in my home theater set up, so they were never pushed hard at all. Priorities change and these are being replace by in wall speakers to free up some floor space. They have custom glass tops and copper painted spikes to match the cones. I would rate these 8 or 9 due to age. They are in excellent condition with no scratches or chips. All pegs are in tact on the grilles. The only blemish is where the feet mount to the cabinet, they have an indentation. All RF-7's that have the out rigger feet installed have this blemish. It is not visible when the feet are on. I only noticed it when I removed the feet to put them back in the factory boxes. I will be clearing out some other things in the near future. Including 1988 Oak Oil Cornwalls and parts for projects that were never realized. If you have any questions let me know, Thanks, Jeremy
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    SALE PENDING I have a Peach (line stage only) purchased from a forum member some years ago. When received it had a slight noise issue in the left channel. I sent the preamp out to Mark and instead of troubleshooting he installed a complete new board and I have had zero issues with it since. Originally it came with a maple case with what I think is cherry trim; this case comes with it. I also bought a walnut case (shown in photo) from another forum member. The joints on this case had become separated and I glued them back together. To be honest I don't know what tubes are in it right now since I suck at any attempt yo identify but looking through my boxes I bought from Brent Jesse, they are from the 60 or 70s and I think are Amperex Orange and Siemens / RCA 1966 GA2. Whatever, they were pricey and are black quite. I asking $1100 for the pre-amp with the tubes installed and the ones I had Mark install when he had it and both cases or $950 with the generic tubage. You pay shipping from S TX. I have the manual and original box. Here is my first snap while in my rack tonight. I bought A NOS NBS today as I wanted the kids (VRDs) to get to know their father and now need to refill the ducket gun to replace my ailing pre-pro. You can PM me an offer but if not what I need then you'll get a simple "Nope" response.
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    ...thi morning....need to change the fuses (3 amp) in the amp for 8 ohm.....
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    Man the only way to make that cabinet any better is to use concrete around it!
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    New fortes, and it cost about like a doctors visit on a bad day.
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    May have seen these. Sort of like LS
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    Wife Out of Hospital. Fresh Luziane Coffee & Chicory.
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    Yes, I have a 2 channel amp for my mains, and a 2 channel amp for my surrounds. I just need an amp for my LS center. I found the same amp I am currently using for my mains, so I am hoping I can buy it and use it for single LS center.
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    I went to an all boys high school. On St. Patrick's day the Irish would of course dress in green sport coats, but the Italians would come dressed in Back suit coats and red ties. There were the inevitable fights (mostly good natured if a bit bloody). During my Freshman year, I was coming back from gym class which was in a distant part of the school. I was met by three members of the Italian contingent. A fight ensued during which a few of my Irish classmates came to my defense. By the end, our clothes were all ripped up, noses bleeding and we looked generally messed up. My next class was Algebra taught by an ex-boxer (Brother Bazillian) who was one tough guy. As I walked into class and he saw me my blood went cold. I figured I was going to get the crap kicked out of me again (not an uncommon event when you went to a school taught by the Christian Brothers). He walked slowly up to me and said, "Hall...I only have one question for you. Does the other guy look worse?" I gulped and said, "Yes, Brother." he smiled, patted me on the head and walked away. That will always be St. Patrick's day for me.
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    4 double stacked MWM's with no woofers (needs 8) FREE! Must Pick up by April 4th. Area Code 30110. Yes. I was in the process of cleaning these up for use and decided to let them go. I am moving too....and I have too much stuff. I bought these from a guy in Maryland who owned a nightclub. He was getting a divorce and stashed them in an airport hanger. I paid a driver to go get them. I have checked all the woofer screw-in T-nuts and they work. I have new stainless steel screws for installing 8 woofers. The cabinet front cover screws are needed but the T-nuts for screw-in aren't damaged.. The seal on the front covers are intact. Some of these were hung at some point and have eye bolt holes in the back. The internal wiring intact. The back panel plates are there. Need new fuses and one of the cabinets needs a new fuse cap cover. One of the cabinets is missing the plastic portion of one of the banana posts to screw on the speaker wire. You could do w/o this if wanted. These small parts can be obtained from mouser.com or Partsexpress for cheap. You could bypass the fuses if you wanted. Attempts were made to put cast frame woofers in these as you can see where the internal woofer chamber has been "shaved" in areas in order to make the fit. This is similar to how this might have to be done with Bob Crites cast woofer placed in a la scala bin. The cast frames have the same mounting holes but the overall diameter is slighlty more. These need a paint job. One of the 4 had some veneer coming off the bottom towards the front. Probably from mixed drinks on the night club floor. I glue and nailed on a piece of thin plywood there. It needs to be sanded down even. There are areas where folks put their gum underneath the upper most panel. You would only see it if you looked up under there. You can sand these off easily if you wanted. I actually was gonna leave there as I thought it gave em character....showing these cabinets have seen some wild times (which I miss). I'm sure folks danced on top of these at one time or other. To be honest, I envisioned my kids dancing on these in my shop when I had them all setup. Was gonna put one MWM in each corner. These cabinets are sturdy. Performance wise...they should be fine. Up to new owner on how well you want them to look. You could do nothing but handle the fuse situation and be done if you wanted and throw in woofers. I guess whomever posts here first with interest gets the dibbs in order. Do NOT say you are interested and then PM me that you want more info or pics or something. I will bump the order if so. These are free dammmit! No emails or phone calls please. Just PM me. We can talk on the phone once we know the deal is solid. These are "as is". These are free dammmit!.....so don't give me any headache. They have to be picked up by April 4th bringing your own muscle. You can back up to the garage and load. No hills or steps. .
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    I don't know if this is old news to you, but I just finished reading the article, so it's news to me. The experiment used some serious subwoofage, but the results were negative. An excerpt from the Wiki entry: "Television show MythBusters used twelve Meyer Sound 700-HP subwoofers—a model and quantity that has been employed for major rock concerts.[1] Normal operating frequency range of the selected subwoofer model was 28 Hz to 150 Hz[2] but the 12 enclosures at MythBusters had been specially modified for deeper bass extension.[3] Roger Schwenke and John Meyer directed the Meyer Sound team in devising a special test rig that would produce very high sound levels at infrasonic frequencies. The subwoofers' tuning ports were blocked and their input cards were altered. The modified cabinets were positioned in an open ring configuration: four stacks of three subwoofers each. Test signals were generated by a SIM 3 audio analyzer, with software modified to produce infrasonic tones. A Brüel & Kjær sound level analyzer, fed with an attenuated signal from a model 4189 measurement microphone, displayed and recorded sound pressure levels.[3] The experimenters on the show tried a series of frequencies as low as 5 Hz, attaining a level of 120 decibels of sound pressure at 9 Hz and up to 153 dB at frequencies above 20 Hz, but the rumored physiological effects did not materialize." Here's the complete article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_note EDIT: to be accurate, if the idea was proven to be false, that means it didn't reach the status of a theory, but was only a hypothesis. In any case, it's good to know that even the most extreme subwoofage will not cause embarrassing accidents.
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    They are probably a lot less sensitive than the La Scala. As I remember, most Bozaks required about 5 times as much power as the La Scala or Khorn. No problem if your center channel amp is big. It probably would not be a good timbre match, if that is important to you. Stereophile reviewed the Concert Grand, the big, big Bozak of the '50s/'60s (I think) and reported a considerable treble roll off. The La Scala has some roll off above 10K or so (good to 16/17K) as well, but, as I remember, it sounds brighter than Bozaks. All that being said, the Bozaks were very sweet sounding speakers, rich and full, great on cello.
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    ebays quite the mess these days but the money ebay/paypal corp make off it prolly wont change anytime soon
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    Butch Cassidy's is a New one to me.
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    It may take a few days to get used to it adjusting and location. After some time they will truly reproduce sound very well. If you are not feeling this replace the woofers or look at the network. There are a few people around here that have large klipsch collections running forte ii in main system as well as some that just prefer them over anything
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    Yes man, you have sure enough caught the catch of the day, enjoy!
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    Got what? Does it require a doctor's visit?
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    I kid a lot with Michael, he's good people, not unlike you Dtel. He's been to my house twice and I've been to his once. The better I know someone, the more liberties I take when responding to them as I'm fairly certain he knows I'm just being a knucklehead.
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    Lifter, IMO, the best drop in replacement for the LaScala K400/K401 horn is Fastrac Lascala - drop in replacement for K-400 http://www.fastlaneaudio.com/ The sound is very good, to my ears.
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    Would these be too much to have in my apartment.... that is the question lol
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    One thing Mythbusters didn't count was if you were walking through a forest at night and heard a surprise 9Hz at 120 Db. Myth confirmed
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    I know this is said often but these WILL NOT last long...
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    I want to use a LS as a center channel to go with my LS mains. My receivers preamp output has only a single output for the center channel, do I have to use a mono amp ? If not, how do I connect the single speaker to a 2 channel amp? Thanks...
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    Speaking of a Holiday Inn, how come you're not going to the gathering? (Thad, feel free to send this to the Threadcraping section) oh man... i wish i were granted thread crapping shovel powers! Granting a wish did I hear. I have three.... Catch me if you can.
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    i can, and if there wasn't any insulation put in yet and things were easily accessible, not such a bad job haha. That is a lot of speakers though, holy sheeet.
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    Nah....just toe them in a bit and you will be fine. And I feel likewise. When we visit, we get free lodging (with a kick butt dedicated HT) and we get to wakeboard, tube and kneeboard behind his boat. We don't keep tabs on paying each other back. We just enjoy hanging out with our families and even "work" doesn't feel much like "work" when you are having fun in the process.
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    Just so potential buyers are aware this purchase will be treated like it was bought new directly from NOS Valves. The price is actually $400 below MSRP and $200 below the discounted forum price. The NBS line stage has the identical 6H30 single stage AF amplifier circuit as the phono preamp on one set of outputs and an added 12AT7 cathode follower low impedance output on the second set of outputs for driving long cable runs or low input impedance amplifiers. Both sets of output can be used simultaneously like driving a tube amp with the normal output and a sub with the low impedance output or for bi-amping with tubes on the top and SS on the bottom. If potential buyers have any questions shoot me an email craig@ nosvalves.com
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    I would find a pair of RB-75's. With the K-50.1 1.75" titanium dome compression tweeter, they are a real over-achiever. I use one pair in a room 15 x 22 with 11 ceiling in a 2.1 configuration with outstanding results.
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    I can empathize about accumulating paper and literature Bruce! The amount I have stashed is frightening at times! Thanks for the comment about pdf format being compatible here. The schematics were already in that format, but the article was in odt which I converted to pdf. I just gave everything a quick scan and things look in order. Comments/criticisms are welcome! The article was written for the benefit of experimenters/hobbyists who wanted to try their hand at building a tube amp, and the explanations of what is going on in the amp are as clear as I could make them without using any math. If anyone decides to build the amp, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Better to ask before doing anything than try to fix things up afterwards. Maynard amp article.pdf stereo amp v2.pdf separate-ps-for-stereo-amp-1.pdf
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