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    This is my first time in this particular thread, just now today. I have had the luxury for over 20 years of being invited to multi million dollar homes, complete home audio installations galore, start to finish on many occasions. Homes built with audio behind it 100%. From one of a kind pieces of equipment built for extremely wealthy people some were audiophiles as well as the rare and limited produced actual gold internals to the outside casing. This has led me obviously into a modest outlook and drive with my setups my entire life. Sure i havnt heard everything although i have heard nearly all variations of klipsch(dont get me wrong, there are antique klipsch i have only seen as well as some updated, custom modifications, that i also appreciate very dearly although many i have not heard) in my time even at moments steering towards sleek and simple also spending modest as well as large amonts of money only to find limitations in the gear instantly after opening the box to the point of returning to the audio only store, over and over and over again so many multiple times then settling for what i actually thought just looked good for over $10k mostly because i was tired of the stress driving back in forth. That simple. Yes iv listened to prototype and demo $200,000 amps. Speakers costing well over $100,000, some in homes. The countless times iv heard and everybody has heard wait til you hear this. To hear non affectionate noise to my ear let alone my other ear. Anyhow in the past few weeks im finding myself looking for another or the next step. And normally the size of the globe would not detour me from getting what i want, maybe patience although things as im learning are a bit simpler than i once thought. So anyhow i have read Claudes posts for years, some time before i ever thought I would meet the guy. He has a vast knowledge of graphs and charts(more or near as much as a few of my heroes in audio) let alone the generosity i have today read in this thread. If i were any corporate speaker builder in the world i would copy this thread let alone get in touch with Claude and use this quarter pie horn and patent it. I am in serious delegation as i find myself learning with(I just wish lol) and from Claude although so many others have his info right before our faces(or at least a bit to say the least now knowing Claude). The Claude Quarter Pie up close and personal. Well i have slept in front of so many audio reproduction setups including klipschorns, slept in front of my own belles more than a few times and spent hours in front of a few pair of lascalas and truly enjoyed them all. Some were more fun than others of course im sure many around here have done the same, please dont read my terms to loosely lol. When i first heard jubilees i was not ever going to put them in the back of my brand new truck even though i will say, at that time i could buy anything i wanted which is likely why i was led buy a freind of mine who owned the custom audio store i frequented at the time. Anyhow my auditions with the jubilees with the 502 about 10 years ago on a farely modest tube amp, some around here find mcintosh to be the king and i dont mean to bother anybody but there are far greater amplifiers on this earth and a large amount of them as well. Many not costing anywhere near what macs do although that is everybodys choice/preference, fare enough. I have too owned a few Mc units and they are a great investment. In my view if bought new or used regardless i will be selling to get my money back by choice. Claude and i had very little discussion of amps and nothing leading to what i stated above. Primary discussion was about choice material and most of all what the horn does all agreeable and understandable facts for perfection in noise re/&production. Actually in my opinion it is/may be possible to convert live or studio noise in to material to listen to that sounds better at that point, in such a setup as Caude does have. I can go on and on and i am being quite honest and dont throw rotten stuff at me i am stating fact weather you want to read it... your choice. While contemplating my current audio views with quarter pie thankfully gracious as to take my wife and i in to his home for an audition of the 402 most of all and my curiosity about the Danley dts10 of course and i just so stumbled on what i found to be farely simple as is the 402, the quarter pie horn. I am going to leave it like this. And by the way i may have heard a pair of p39's and never knew it at on point in time and im in no way deminishing the fact that klipsch is the #1 greatest speaker builder in the world by all standards you can view klipsch. Although to this point in time A side by side comparison of both the jubilee and the quarter pie may be 50/50 to my preference. Like i said i didnt even know what it was when i heard the jubilee for the first and only time i actually recall hearing(through the last 4 years i have actually heard other, some variations and some with the brand klipsch on them) hey check this out..... and there they were and was an amp with them bulbs on it.....is what i seen it then(it was tough but locals to me kicked my head, it only took a few times to get tubes out of my skull lol). Anyhow with the quarter pie and truly laying on the floor crawling up into each corner in claudes system and room, nook and crannys checking for room dispersion out of the size and style of horn as it is/was...as well of center of gravity, the sweet spot standing on the chair you name it. This is a fact....my current wife/fiance and i have demoed systems all over the midwest. Including some of of absolute most up to date demo theater rooms in more friends homes than i can count. Not 1..... one time has she ever sat at center of gravity like she did at Claudes. That is as well as the rest of my comment here 100% fact. Using a simple watt. wether it be from tube and solid state it is not the amp you are listening too, which i completely knew before knowing claude although a horn, to disperse sound with that single watt, $5million dollar watt or a 2 dollar watt it really dont matter what watt you get....just use it wisely. The glorious 402 is absolutely complemented greater than i have ever once heard with the quarter pie. More than anything i have ever once heard in my entire life. Simply put. To date i appreciate all systems. I am beyond content now. I walked in to Claudes to check out the 402 and the Danley dts10. I walked out a truly different person. I would compare it to what dmt does to some people in opening up there mind. It may also be very cautious because like an alcoholic you absolutely need more. Maybe its like heroin and once you have it once you want it all the time. Open to many interpretation. I do have a few adjustment in my room that are simple and are 99%done now. I am fully content with what i have right now. If i had a saw and Claudes blessing your darn right id have quarter pies. We did discuss figure for me to buy it, mostly one sided because it is not for sale although there was a moment i really thought it was going to happen, that was the moment my Claude made me aware my wife was in the yes mode. No Kidding. No i cannot even come close to the system Claude has. Not even a thought. I have my preferred klipsch gear right now and simply very content. If i decide to make a change in my radio the first and only person i will discuss if its only to get his blessing with....will be claude. Those danleys also. They are so heavenly. Putting the 3 in particular together. I am a 3 way guy no doubt and claudes high frequency channel is another time. So with the klipsch 402, A Claude quarter Pie low frequency section and 2 dts10's you do not only have a home run, not just the grand slam to include...Its simply Babe Ruth completing the cycle in the audio world series right now 2014 produced prototype of the CLAUDE QUARTER PIE HORN. Blessings to all and thank YOU Claude once again very much. Never in my life have i imagined the contentment with just the fact i have heard true pure audio excellence bar none. Sincerely Mark Beeker
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    We had some Landsharks about a week ago, I have been collecting beer caps for the bar, but no plain caps anything different and we have to drink them, so my wife buys 6 of something different on occasion. Don't know what I'm going to do with them yet, but it was a good idea even if I don't use them. I do the same thing with coffee, sometimes just drink it room temp, kind of a different taste compared to hot, not bad at all.
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    I was sitting on the front porch today drinking a cold beer watching my wife cut the grass. I was thinking about how hot it must be for my wife pushing the mower when an old woman from next door walked up on the porch and sternly said "here you are sitting in the shade on the front porch drinking a cold beer watching your wife out there in this heat pushing that mower. You should be hung". I said "I am, that's why she's out there pushing the mower". Keith
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    we need all of them lol i like my pc bouncing and crying laughing
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    from tears of joy to tears of sad
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    That is funny. I like../d putin or did. The guys falling off every scale of being liked seems to be. What a shame once to be pretty cool and in the pic above let alone his actions his true colors shine through
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    Thank you Carl. Iv turned down several in the past 2 year at $2k a pop and so many simply failing. Looking like my new insurance will cover me good now. With meds many only hear of on the news or surgery im actually able to move around now keeping in mind not to go too far with my body, just a bit of activity at a time to notice effects. None the less in the past week i have been able to complete and actually get ahead of my wants and needs in preparation if i lose more mobility to walk. After going to Indy yesterday then a moment at the horse track it was rough getting up getting ready for the day...just take a little magic pill that tells my brain no your fine lol medicine does work. its amazing. Cheers
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    I had a thread i was about to post as well about the laughs it exposed. At least once a day klipsch forum makes me laugh into tears lol Boxx you kill it every time lol. Many cheers to you my friend! Many cheers to many others as well. I laughed for 30 minutes straight Boxx. lol your great. That thread is hilarious. It should have the bad material deleted and left with the funny parts. Well over an hour now im not in tears but my pc is still bouncing off my gut lol i love this place. i'll still be laughing tomorrow. just hope i stop by 9a.m. monday morning i have my 14th and 15th, another double ephidural procedure scheduled lol yes i have to hold very still no laughing...thanks a lot lol this place is the best
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    Hey now i have been proud of my lawn mower since I was in my early 20s, my wife has all ways done a wonderful job. Now the question remains, are you proud of the clothes washer?
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    So I finally found another pair of EVM 15L drivers, so I didn't have to rob my main system of one (see Avatar) and finished building my first prototype horn, which is, after several dozens of iterations in Hornresp, is finally here. I'm happy to report that it measures very much as predicted. Put the microphone at the edge of horn mouth and ran Frequency Response plots, same as I did with the FH-1 bin a while back. The FH-1 is similar to a Belle Klipsch/LaScala bass bin, but larger, more ruggedly built (for PA) and ugly as sin. Now keep in mind, in my case, both bass horn cabinet use EVM 15L woofer, which is the preferred woofer by Dr. Bruce Edgar. This woofer has fairly high resonance for a 15", but it's low Q and low mass paper cone with minimal coil inductance give it superior high frequency response in the 300-400 Hz. range where I'll be handing off to the K402/1133 combo at about 300-320 Hz. I strongly believe in bi-amping or -tri-amping with the the Mini DSP or some other active Xover for the Quarter Pie because any mid/tweeter treble section you use will have an efficiency that is 3-9 db higher, so you need a higher voltage drive to the bass to make up the difference. All Heritage Klipsch products use Autoformers to attenuate the mid/treble section down to the bass section, so this idea is not new. It's just that woofers use most of the power and having direct amplifier drive to the woofer voice coil with lots of control option with an active crossover is really the best way to go in modern times. Thanks. I really had no choice since I had no room for a full MWM and the FH-1's fell way short of the 60 hz. mark by a whopping 40 hz. My tops and bottoms were precut to 45" for a pair of LAB Horns I never built, so I ended up using those.I also want to add that the MEASURED curves, Red Quarter Pie vs. Green FH-1, were done with the 45" and NOT the 48" version, which goes lower by at least 5 Hz., so the curves are quite real and if you build version 2.2, your response will be even better than the curves! If I were to build another pair from scratch, I would just cut 2 sheets of 4x8 lumber in half for a 48" square top and bottom before the big radius. It would eliminate a 3" sliver of wasted lumber and lengthen the horn just a wee bit to about 65" total instead of 60". This would also allow the "core section" to recess inside the horn by 3/4" so the cover could be cut at 15.5 x 15.5" to be flush instead of 17" square on the outside like I'm stuck with. This would eliminate the odd duck 17" dimension and allow all the rip cuts to be 15.5" to 15 3/4" long ways on the other 2 sheets........an even simpler solution vs. what I built. It's a minor tweak, I know but the horn would go down to 56 Hz. instead of 60, roughly. But hey, what's a few Hertz among friends. LOL. BTW, this horn really sounds good without the Danleys, FYI. But I do prefer adding their "bottomless bass" for music and everything else. The plots shown in the image are 1/48th octave resolution from REW (no smoothing) was used. The FH-1 had a 2.5 Mh Klipsch choke on it at the time of the measurement, so it rolls off more in this plot than it would without it. Nonetheless, the main reasons for designing this new bass horn was to extend the bass to 60 Hz. with the same driver and keep the 300-400 Hz response intact. As you can tell from the RAW curves, with the FH-1 (green) I had to do a 141 Hz, -5 db PEQ to knock down the peak in the FH-1 (or LaScala) as well as adding a +10 db boost at 61 Hz. to get any sort of bass below 100 Hz, down to 60 Hz.. Needed to this to mate up with my DTS-10 Tapped Horn Subwoofers, which are best below 60 hz.. The red Quarter Pie curve shows I don't need to do this anymore. So far, it looks like I have succeeded at lowering the bass response acoustically by making a 5 1/2 ft. horn (which I'm calling "Quarter Pie") vs. a 2.8 foot long horn for the FH-1 (or LaScala). I will also be lowering the 6 ft. height of my horn "stack" down to about 5 ft. or so, bringing the tweeter much closer to my ears when seated in the sweet spot. It also looks like I got a MUCH smoother horn in the process also. The distortion should also be lower because I will NOT need any kind of bass boost at all, so 10 db less power should translate into at least 10-16 db less IM distortion. The green is the FH-1, the RED is the new Quarter Pie Bass Horn. They are RAW Frequency Response Plots with NO smoothing and NO Equalization of any kind. An EVM15L driver was used in both. The smoother, flatter curve of the Q-Pie is pure acoustic response of a better horn on the same driver. Mission accomplished. PS: Since this first post, I have changed the woofers to Eminence Kappa 15C's since I'm crossing low and didn't need such wide bandwidth the EVM 15L provides. A few other Quarter Pie builders needed to cross at active 500 Hz. to a 2-way and passive 400 Hz. respectively, so they are the new owners. The Midrange response of the EVM 15L is best for those guys. The 15C's got me a little lower/stronger bass, but not by much. If you want the most bass out of this cabinet and are willing to sacrifice a little midrange to do it, the K-33 driver (shown in Black on Hornresp FR Plot) or Bob Crites 1526C will give you the most bass from 60-120 Hz. which is where the "big slam" occurs. The original EVM 15L is in gray. For those of you who own LaScalas without Subs and want to invest about $250 in just plywood and use your existing K-33 woofers, I have included comparison curves of the Quarter Pie vs. LaScala with your woofers. You can see HUGE improvement in REAL HORN BASS. Just use your empty LaScala bass bins as "spacers" for your treble section and run the woofer output on your AA networks to the Quarter Pie instead. You won't believe the difference. There's also a little improvement in the midrange also, but not as much as the bass. As of May, 2014, I traded my new Eminence 15C woofers for a pair of square magnet K-33's, simply because based on measurement, and, ESPECIALLY, lots of listening time to various CD's with discerning bass content. I would only recommend this for those who can cross their horns at around 300 Hz. like I can with Klipsch K-402-MF horns. I'm not using any PEQ since the natural mass roll-off of the K-33 "shakes hands" with the mid perfectly without it. Those who need to geto 400-500 Hz. may get away with a K-33, but a 15C would be a better choice (passive or active). Active bi or tri amping gives the ability to do a slight PEQ boost in that band with horns that have a higher cutoff or with drivers suitable for 2-way. In the 2-way case, you will, more than likely, be using modern active driver control anyhow, so you can PEQ a K-33 or any other driver to match your top end anyhow, since you will need it for high frequency shelving on the treble horn. It's your SOUP, and, you own the taste buds AND the salt shaker. Your ROOM is the main determinant of the bass sound, so it is the BOWL for the soup. Enjoy your meal.
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    I need advice on picking the appropriate speaker for my room. Room is 12' x 16' with 8 foot ceiling. I'll be using a Primaluna Dialogue Integrated amp. I mainly listen to jazz. My first choice is cornwall iii or heresy with a possible subwoofer. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Wow that would be interesting. To see what klipsch has had that didnt make it to production. In the past we have seen many variations that didnt cut it for long. The klipsch speakers from the past are such an interesting platform that has grown so many different directions. Lots of interesting thoughts. One day the current models that didnt make it would make great visuals and provide interesting specs...Many, many years from now. That such as early heritage have been shown and none exist xept 1 pair in the entire world that many years ago were meant to be used in mono rather than stereo. Last sentence i wrote is an actual true statement or actually happened with early klipsch heritage from what i gather. A pair of shorthorns if i recall correctly
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    I have many also, just not a lot from underwater. We just got that little waterproof camera about a year ago just for snorkeling pics. It works pretty well so far, it's a little Olympus tough camera, it good to 33' which is more than I am good for with a snorkel. Those pics and this one from Roatan was about the most unbroken coral I had seen in one area. We caught a little boat to get down the beach and probably offshore a half to one mile which helps, it's to far for people to swim. There opening so big there fuzzy, I only set to size 3 of 10, thought that would be small enough.
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    very welcome Mike, it sure was fun hanging out with Roy yesterday. Reminded me of old times
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    also... take a look at ALK/fastanes offerings for direct fit replacement.
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    No relations: http://lakeland.craigslist.org/ele/4417177163.html
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    Bet it will be even more interesting if he doesn't!
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    We had some Landsharks about a week ago, I have been collecting beer caps for the bar, but no plain caps anything different and we have to drink them, so my wife buys 6 of something different on occasion. Don't know what I'm going to do with them yet, but it was a good idea even if I don't use them. I do the same thing with coffee, sometimes just drink it room temp, kind of a different taste compared to hot, not bad at all. My Gf drinks hers right up. Yes, I guess I am savoring or hoping that the day will not end, or the coffee. That Landshark is pretty fair I had 2 yesterday after wrestling with a washer and dryer we needed. Nice here still but, getting warm is when a brew tastes even better for me. Used to collect champagne bottles when quite younger. Good habit, but fairly expensive to do nowaday.
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    Happy Friday Inmates Its 5 o'clock somewhere
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    And I would rather be in bed with the neighbors daughter ........long sigh! Time for the second cup..... Cheers Gents
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    I have a really bad cold and my taste buds are not working. Taking this as a good opportunity to get rid of my cheap coffee that has been sitting around forever..
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    Even more, now... It has gone way beyond whether to mow in a box pattern or to mow row over row.... What does a Boxx pattern look like? XX
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    Look at this old Denon jewel. Big Toroid, big quad caps. Bet that thing is 80lbs Edit: Nope. Its 17 kilo's. Made in 1977 .01% THD and has 122db SNR I wonder when Denon, Marantz and McIntosh became joined at the hip?
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    Even more, now... It has gone way beyond whether to mow in a box pattern or to mow row over row.... What does a Boxx pattern look like?
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    Hey now i have been proud of my lawn mower since I was in my early 20s, my wife has all ways done a wonderful job.
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    Good luck with snagging them. Let us know if you get them. Mine are 1977 model (bought in the Chicago area). They are in good shape, but the crossovers did need upgrading. Luckily, I had a pair of sonicap AA crossovers (bought off the forum) to swap in. They filled in the wall nicely:
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    My cactus, Henry, got his first bloom this year! Same color flower as last year
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    I don't know how I missed so much, I guess I was off doing other things. Forgive me for skipping to the end from St Paddys day. Ran out of beans so I made a trip to a local coffee chain, bought a 2 pound bag of Sumatra, it is roasted a bit dark for my tastes and has more roast flavor than Sumatra coffee but it will serve to make something drinkable until I can buy better uh..... Cables.
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    Funny. I look at the pretty girls and think about how babies are made...
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    apparently, you've never had a rodent problem...they are GOOD for that... Until you have a yard that smells like cat pee. Our neighbor has a bunch of feral cats and our fence smells like pee when ever the wind blows.
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    That's correct I said they are different, You can not honestly believe the speakers are the same as they were in 1963 ? or even 1983 for that matter ? The speakers use different components in the crossovers,and different crossover designs they use different drivers, different horn materials, and the cabinet is different. Not sure how you would consider them the same or even close to the same
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    that's a great idea!!! Volti even sells braces & grills...
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    Guinness flank steak on the summerset tonight. Coal and wood are for the weekends around here.
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    I kind of just went through the same thing so I can tell you what helped me alot. I was using marine spar varnish on a bar which was many square feet, and it dries even faster than Poly so this should help. I used marine spar varnish because the bar is outdoors and poly can not take sunlight and big temp changes, but poly will give the same gloss. I put the varnish on quickly with the brush in sections and used one of those cheap 3'' foam brushes and just slowly passed it over where the varnish was just applied, just lightly dragging with the brush. What this does is smooth out the varnish and remove all the bubbles. It worked great , the brush size you use may be different considering the size of the piece and they are dirt cheap. It's the cheap foam brushes that have a point on the end, hold at an angle and just drag without pressure and it removes all the bubbles, it really works, varnished a bar top with 6-8 coats (lost track) that is over 40 sq feet counting the back part of the bar and no bubbles.
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    Pinging the Chinese and Aussies say. Yet to confirm?
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    Then it's more than likely not a ground loop issue.
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    Here's the finished prototype with cover in place.
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    Many thanks for doing this. I will keep you posted right here.
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    NO. I wanted space efficiency as well as the closest thing to a straight axis horn as possible. LaScala, Peavey FH-1 and MWM are symmetrical bifurcated bi-folds, where the sound does a total 0f 180 degree turns. Khorn and Jubilee are bi-furcated tri-fold and they do 360 degree turns. Mine being assymettrical, only does 90-135 degree turn, worst case. If I ever get a room big enough, I would redesign this as a straight axis horn (my favorite), but it would stick out of the corner about 7 ft. Within a db or so, this horn/driver combo is as efficient or slightly more than all of the Klipsch built horns. The mods that JC proposed would improve the high end, but not the bass. This horn has one of the flattest and smoothest responses I've ever measured, so why mess with it. Next week. I will incorporate it into my setup and let y'all know how it sounds, which according to the curves, should be very good indeed. Thanks for explaining it to me, now I understand it better.
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    Great start. I will upload a parts list and plan view, which should help your accuracy to the next level. Here's a picture and words before gluing on the top. Hope it's worth more than 1,000 words that way. What is the distance from #9 to #10? Is it 8 3/8" as I calculated? It's 8 inches. Nice Job
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    These measurements are now OBSOLETE... Great start. I will upload a parts list and plan view, which should help your accuracy to the next level. Here's a picture and words before gluing on the top. Hope it's worth more than 1,000 words that way. What is the distance from #9 to #10? Is it 8 3/8" as I calculated?
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    Great start. I will upload a parts list and plan view, which should help your accuracy to the next level. Here's a picture and words before gluing on the top. Hope it's worth more than 1,000 words that way. FOR THOSE NEW TO THIS THREAD> PLEASE SEE UPDATED PHOTOS IN POST #126 ON PAGE 7.
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    I'm about to put the lid on the second one. Stayed Are you kiddin? I welcome your input. The only guy I know who has designed and built more horns than you is Roy. The speakers were in different corners in two different basements. In either case, the measurememt Mic. is resting on the ground right in the center of the horn mouth. I'm going with the assumption that two pairs of re-coned EVM15L's with non-oem parts, two years apart, from 2 different professional re-coners will have actual T/S parameters that are "close enough." Not sure about the efficiency difference, since they were measured months apart and the voltage drive never recorded or matched, obviously. I did a curve offset in REW with full octave smoothing to line things up as best as possible. Then I removed the smoothing to get an idea of where the peaks and troughs were. The red is the new horn. The green is the FH-1. no EQ on either, but I did have a Klipsch 2.5 mH choke on the FH-1 at the time I measured it. It's effect occurd above 400 Hz. so I thinks it's still a valid relative Peak and Trough comparison. Obviously, the new horn not only extends the low end, but is way smoother in the entire band. I have had to use a 10 db boost at 60 Hz. the make the FH-1 go low enough to mate with my DTS-10's at 60 Hz. and below. So my main goal was to lower the mid and tweeter horns by about 8" AND to acoustically extend the bass response by 45 Hz. going from a 2.8 ft. to a 5 ft. horn, approximated, since Hornresp assumes the horn will be axis symmetric, which my horn clearly is NOT. But when you look at how much corner air space is totally wasted with an FH-1 in a corner, it only makes sense to modify "the lumber" with the same driver to get better results, eh? Also, according to Hornresp, the excusion of that woofer goes way up at about 60 Hz., which is where I will do a 4th order high pass to keep the distortion way low. I'm pretty sure the efficiency numbers are about 104 db/watt, but I don't care since I'm bi-amping and can set the woofer voltage drives wherever they need to be.
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    JC: Purple 40" Cyan 52" Red, assuming you want the entire length: 28"
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    Yes, I named it for shape of cutting up a Pumkin Pie with two cuts, eh? Literally and figuratively speaking. It's an MWMs throat and expansion into an assymetrical single fold with a 90 degree mouth. The corner radius is offset by about 2 1/2 inches, for it to meet with the core sections, which is a smaller back air chamber version of an MWMs. I tried a bunch of other variables in HornRESP, but this MWMs throat was still the best performer. The lumber was precut square so I decided to do a radius instead of a diagonal line as you have drawn. I will actually be able to use the leftover lumber for a white background in my photo studio. Waste not, want not. For less waste, someone could end up with 47 7/8 x 47 7/8 top/bottom dimensions and add more back chamber volume, which could be variable for different drivers. After a few year, of experience and thoughts, I'm changing this to read: "To add more length to the horn (about 1/2 ft. total), which would lower the cutoff frquency from 56 Hz. to 51 Hz. Back chamber volume has very little effect on perfomance, so it's better to add horn length to get the extra 5 Hz. down below for free, since you have less lumber waste and are adding only 3 inches to each dimension.Since I was working with leftover lumber that was pre-cut for an aborted LAB Horn project I was stuck with 45x45". So what do you think of my measured curves?
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    Claude. Nice to start a thread on this. This gonna be in a corner? When u say Quarter Pie, is this referring to 1/4 space exponential flare or basically saying the shape is 1/4 of a circle? Can you provide the following info on the picture if you have time.......
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    Since LaScalas are so close to FH1's the answer is yes..............but, you can PEQ them too to reach down to the Super Spuds. Right now, I have the GREATEST bass definition on 2.1 music I have ever had. Every bass note, even from 5, 6, and 7 String Basses, that easily get down to 31 Hz. (or lower if detuned or MIDI synthed), so having "bottomless" horn bass capability is very cool. The response below is with my FH-1's PEQd, which I won't need to do once the new Quarter Pie horns are in service. Can't wait. What is PEQ?
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