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    I thought a few here may have kiddo's with ATV's or Motorcycles so I decided to start a thread on the refurb. I needed a project to divert a little attention from other things and after searching for about a year or two I finally found what I was looking for. He is still a little young to ride just yet, but this thing is going to make trash hauling a lot easier and it will fit through my gates. I picked this 1983 model up for $200. Everything is pretty much worn, but the frame is straight and the engine has compression and that was my biggest concern. Disassembly After a new stator, condenser and points the engine fired right up. Well almost, had to clean the carb and unclog the idle and main jets. Remember this thing is 31 years old After getting fire to the engine with the new ignition it was time to see if it smoked. I got it pretty warm and no blue smoke! Time will tell if the little engine will hang in there. Engine Video http://vid55.photobucket.com/albums/g152/JMC_711/70Video-1.mp4 Engine is almost completely polished after a lot of sanding and buffing. I may end up kicking myself for this maintenance wise, but I have a thing about any piece of aluminum not getting polished. I painted the cylinder jug black, just like factory and got the new recoil starter mocked up. The frame and all the hardware are off to the powder coater as of now. I should have all that back this week. Got the cute little holeshot tires and CNC'd wheels in. More to come!
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    Did those come in anything but black? Seems to me like its just a hard finish for traveling purposes... Yes, but in limited numbers I think. The is my favorite finish for the LS splits
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    Does all of this make K-Horn owners cornernuts? I guess listening to Dolly Parton out of your Klipschorns would make you a chestnut.
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    very nice... I am completely into old Honda's. as a matter of fact, I was privileged to be able to access the Private Honda USA museum in California. I look forward to seeing this ATC rebuilt and refurbished! Here is a little something for you...
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    yeah, the R-28F do sound pretty damn great for their price point, but they can't touch our Heritage speakers (not many things can). There's a reason we still make them.
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    I just read this at the AVS forum that the new R-28Fs are awesome and compete with the older Klipschhons and Lascalas but actually sound as good as the RF-7IIs if you use the new sub! http://www.avsforum.com/forum/89-speakers/680426-klipsch-owner-thread-1268.html#post26851817 If you live in the DFW area and plan on jumping on these please feel free to PM me if you have LaScalas, Klipschhorns, or the older RF-7s!
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    That could do it, but that's mild compared to some of your choices, some of the ones you posted would have the neighbors waking up thinking an apocalypse had started. A pic similar to your yard by 2016, your morning coffee and listening setup.
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    I'm gonna try to refrain from asking anymore questions on this thread. The engine/gear case is looking great!
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    I have no plan to upgrade anything I have so I'm not worried what they already have is excellent. . Next step would be cinema gear or triad platinums.
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    No no no you have this all wrong it's going to be the THX ultra 3
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    That Honda 50cc motor is the most produced engine ever, over 50 million made, Chevy small block 350 was second.
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    I'd like to answer that, speaking over your shoulder, to the OP; the bikes were banned, made illegal to manufacture, OP: If you love your child, DO NOT LET HIM EVER RIDE THAT 3-WHEELER! It is a museum piece, a wall-hanger. It is dangerous. The 3-wheelers were banned because of an inherent design flaw; they are VERY easy to flip. This is why. A two wheeled bike can be turned LEFT by leaning to the LEFT. This is instinctual and in case of an accident, the rider almost always errs with a low-side fall (to the left, if turning left.) It is easy on a low-side wreck to throw the bike away, which is safer for the rider. The THREE WHEELERS are OPPOSITE, ie you have to turn RIGHT to go LEFT, which is counter-intuitive. On a three wheeler, If you try to TURN left to go left, it will flip you over the handlebars to the RIGHT, and it doesn't take any speed to flip. The rider most often fell on their face and broke their collarbone, and it was very difficult to catch yourself to lighten the blow. When the 3-wheeler flips, it lands ON the rider. If a person did not ride anything else EXCEPT a 3-wheeler, the rider would be more safe. But at speed, with motorcycle instincts, the 3-wheelers both hurt and killed many riders (broken necks, smashing into trees because the bike would not turn if done the wrong way, etc). Get you child a four-wheeler or mini-bike when the time comes. Let the past die.
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    Yeah when is the new stuff supposed to be released?? I am waiting to figure out if I wanna stay with klipsch or jump in a different train this time.
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    Too many injuries / deaths from rollovers. That's why the quads were introduced. I had the 90 3 wheeler as a kid. Lot of fun! It's SO easy to roll those sideways. I wouldn't let anyone I loved on one. EDIT, nice work! Here you go Pawpaw
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    two coats of wood conditioner, three coats of Watco Light Walnut, and voila! I think they came out OK....
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    oh well... since we're sharing non Honda refurb's. My old "Race Development" bikes... unfortunately sold off a few years back.
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    How does the the new R-28F sound compared to the RF-82 and RF-62? Are they Comparable?
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    So Chad, any more little details you can share about the new Reference line yet? =D
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    I saw this post and thought, "WTF" but given you have one of those horn-loaded subs I can see where compared to it you came to that conclusion...That said, the RSW-15 may not go as low as some other $2,000 subs but for music I can't imagine a cleaner/louder sub except one that is horn loaded. I actually don't know anything about horn-loaded subs,but after writing this found you make Bill's designs and must say you do beautiful work.
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    I've heard of walnuts but never windownuts.
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    Prolly just an ordinary guy, trying to make claims in a less than winsome way; I'm sure the R-28F & the rest are excellent speakers; even slightly improved over their Synergy counterparts...a person could do much worse...
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    We had a WRX. Zippy little machines for sure! Ours was an 07, and my son actually auto-crossed it once. One of my son's friends was over at the house. He's looking to buy a used WRX in the $24K range. One thing we did was when the clutch finally went, we replaced it with a Stage2 clutch. That is more like the STI had, and it lasted longer. We also upgraded to EBC Yellowstuff on drilled and slotted rotors. If he were doing rally-cross we might have gone with solid rotors for greater contact area and less cooling. Your car looks great. There isn't a better winter or mountain car made!
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    Klipsch is doing a little advertising
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    Time to trade all my big horns for a pair of skinny towers and sub.
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    http://legendaryamps.com/latestpro.html No first hand experience with this model. Certainly looks to be built like a tank. I think it was originally intended for "on the road" commercial use. Sharp amp I found one locally for $350. 200wpch, bench tested 240wpch.
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    I've been going on snowmobile trips in the UP since the early 90s. I like it up there, especially the 200 inches of annual snow!
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    Bose has got to make money somewhere, i think the word is out on their speakers.
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    Congrats on the M 65. The Yammay amps are some of the best vintage amps that I have ever owned. All were dead quiet and had no problems running the Reference speaker. I wish they had some multi-channel vintage amps with the power of the M 70 or 80.
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    http://legendaryamps.com/latestpro.html No first hand experience with this model. Certainly looks to be built like a tank. I think it was originally intended for "on the road" commercial use. Sharp amp
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    I don't blame you there, but you are apparently according to the evidence piling up a very important person just being modest., or a regular guy . Either way you should have told people when they looked at you funny, you haven't heard my music or see my videos or my clothing line, where have you been in a cave, and just walk off with an attitude ! That would keep them guessing. Like Bonnie Raitt song, "give them something to talk about", they will be telling there friends when they get back home and you will be 10 different people by then. I have seen a pic of you before, you could pull that off easily.
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    The only thing that indicates possible poor handling during shipping is a couple cracks in the styrofoam. But the box wasn't dented or anything. Regardless, we are going to try a claim w/FedEx before considering a refund.
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    Let the squirrel have it and move what's important somewhere else.
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    I forget what are you using for a pre amp ? Or a better question is if you have a way to input through a headphone type jack you can use your phone for Pandora and Spotify, really easy and free. You would love the shear volume of types of music and very few commercials, maby every 25 songs a 15 sec commercial, great compared to FM. I use it through an old cracked face I4 phone my wife had replaced, It picks up wifi in the outside bar in the yard. I love it, I got a 15' really heavy cable with headphone jack on each end from monoprice for like $3 and can ley in the hammock and adjust the volume or change stations/songs, it's perfect. Inside the BR player does Pandora, the sound quality is better than you would think.
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    Stupid squirrel came back and is digging in my window well again. Thought it was trapped yesterday and took the cover off, leveled off the dirt and put it back on. Digging so much it had dirt 1/4 way up the window, again! The war is on. I wonder if the local Walmart has clay. I need some M80's too, and not the amp. Wife came in with a yell for help. One of the tomato plants fell over. All this rain is yielding a nice crop.
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    In between chores, truck is FINELY washed, some FM Rock is in order here. Crackin a Corona at this time, Maduro is in the waiting. No Dam Scotch, forgot to buy it.....again.
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    When people comment about our horns of beeing too big and dominating the room, I show a pic of your system to shut them up.
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    I may be pushing the Db a tad for 9am
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    I have to totally agree. If many are like me, I listen to music 10 to 1 over watching movies. Not because I prefer music over a good movie, but a movie is usually a minimum of 1:45 commitment while a quality music listening session can only be about :15 commitment if you want it to. Cleaner low/midbass is where the rubber hits the road in most applications and where the RSW-15 excels. None of the subs that I own(Revel B15, SVS SB13 Plus, RT-10d's, RSW-10d) will hit 15Hz with any audible impact(if at all) but from 18Hz(audible for B15, SB13) and 25Hz(audible for RT-10d, RSW-10d), these subs make for some incredible fun for movies and some serious punch for music. Bill
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    I have owned a couple of Subaru's over the years. Great cars. Congrats!
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    As long as you have 2 good corners, a pair of Belles will not be able to outperform a properly implemented pair of Khorns. It sounds like a recap of your Belles could improve them as well...........sharpen up the highs. Those old can caps are most definitely worn out and have attenuated your tweeter output. This is the first thing I would do to make the Belles have their original performance and sound like when they came from the factory. Very cheap and worth while update.
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    Patch Adams HD DVD (Not Available on Blu ray) Dolby TrueHD 5.1 RiP Robin Williams & Philip Seymour Hoffman!
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    The problem has existed for a long time. this solution is something that we've wanted for a very long time. Well within your right. However I should point out this was a company decision, not just something we goons in the marketing dept dreamed up one lazy afternoon between arm-wrestling the engineering department, napping, and playing tiddly-winks..
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    Title: Beethoven - Piano Concertos 1-5, Daniel Barenboim (piano), Staatskapelle Berlin [blu-Ray video disc] (2009), $32.99 (Amazon, Dec. 2011) Review Pros: For anyone wishing to hear a front-row-center performance of a notable orchestra with a world class pianist playing all five Beethoven piano concertos, this disc will provide the best most realistic listening opportunity that I've heard, all 3 hours and 17 minutes worth. Getting your 5.1 array tuned up for DTS-HD (48 KHz) is important in the playback to achieve the sense of realism that is present in this recording. The 48 Khz PCM stereo audio track just cannot hold a candle to the full 5.1 DTS-HD MA version. The multi-camera Blu-Ray videos of the performances are also outstanding - better than actually being there in person. As far as the musicianship goes, these Beethoven piano concerto interpretations follow a non-US interpretative cycle that I've come to appreciate from Daniel Barenboim and the Staatskapelle Berlin (where he is both director and soloist for these performances). There is nothing left wanting from these outstanding interpretations IMHO, and the musicianship is second to no other great orchestra. The orchestra itself is of original historic size for Beethoven, which is somewhat smaller than most other big-name orchestras. I find that the performances benefit greatly from this more intimate setting, and the precision and clarity of sound to be outstanding references to judge other like recordings by. Cons: None. Equipment and room used for review: Jubilee/TAD TD-4002 fronts, Belle center (time-aligned), Cornwall surrounds, two SPUD tapped horn subs (front corners--forming false corners behind Jubilees), Onkyo PR-SC886 AVP in DTS-HD Master Audio mode (see profile). Rating: Very highly recommended (*****)
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