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    Relaxing after a drive in the countryside. Time for a liedown soon. My first flight was aboard a Cessna 172 I think and there were four of us. My brother, pilot, and the guy sitting by me in the rear. Left Herndon at first daylight. Pilot wanted me and him to be on opposite sides of plane to balance it better as I was sixteen, and he was slim. Coffee was good that morning as I caught a beautiful sunrise above the pine pasture prairie land which make up the property towards the east coast of Florida. We flew over a part of the Mormon Ranch and other which were inhabited with nice deer in their harem. When later we were back in Orlando proper, The view was spectacular with the neighborhoods leaving me thinking, I would be hard pressed to ever see in my time, so many swimming pools of every size dotting the earthscape. Have since flown but, that flying by your own joystick is freaking got to be cool. Read a 70's version of events surrounding the Red Baron's death twice. All I got... Thanks for the flying pics and you others contributing have a wondrous day and good morning Was a little nervous...
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    Yes, this is the same AEA, and the same people who designed the 520. My name is Ken Leonard and I was the lead designer. Thanks! Always nice to hear from someone who remembers the 520. And I'm always happy to answer any questions about the old AEA line. There is an interesting story about the 520 preamp and how I came to design it on our site at http://aeaaudio.com/legacy-page/. It was actually very much as you described - a crazy startup challenging the SP3. My son, Lloyd Leonard, who convinced me to recently restart AEA and who now works for the company, originally wrote and posted this thread, sharing the method of cleaning and the restoration process we currently use.
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    Are you aware of Marty’s insane love of The Beatles? He’ll show up in a coon skin cap singing Rocky Raccoon.
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    My ouse is filled with a bunch of Filipinos, so we are definately watching. Halfway through the fight before mayweather-pacquio. We're pretty excited about it. We've had a fun evening of Filipino food and good times. Earlier today we we to a Latin Festival her in Chattanooga. Had good food and music there too. Bruce
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    What year are they; any labels left?
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    AWESOME AMPLIFIER - I recently missed one for 100$ -
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    last time I bought Jubilees - my wife flipped - but when I told her that they were a gift to her - she smiled and locked mer out of the stereo room for a whole week -
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    zero sound difference at nominal sound - plus the Square magnets should sound better - you are downgrading - Alnico K77 round magnets demagnertise with time - ferrite square unirts dont - square units hit 16khz - round 12-13 max -
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    “There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man ... a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination.” ― Rod Serling
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    I think this is very well said. Paul fancied himself a "gadfly" and it appears he was certainly willing to engage anyone and everyone on issues he was passionate about, whether it be his pastor's sermon, the audio "establishment" or anyone else. He used satire, as in the case of his article about a combination space heater/amplifier. He was so accustomed to misinformation he invented the first analog tweet, the Bullshit button. I only know him from his writings, and a great number of anecdotes from those that knew him personally, but I don't recall him ever having to resort to personal attacks to make a point. Travis
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    Do I see you are using a CR-2020 with those La Scalas? I haven't tried that combination yet but now I'm curious... I'm a big fan of the 2020!
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    Mixed reviews? More like mixed reviewers!
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    Thebes, some of us still look at you as a hero and I think you are internalizing this all wrong. You probably need to think about it this way in that you revealed a weakness in the moderating process where an unscrupulous, really bad person could take advantage of moderators that don’t currently have the experience and wisdom of Amy Unger. You have shown us that the use of certain approaches in forum threads can result in blocking out people that an individual may determine are not wanted in their special “clique.” For example, “We don’t want that person around so let’s cause chaos in their thread and the thread will be locked.” Now we have the opportunity to educate people about this possible tactic and we will have a better forum for your efforts. For that, we can thank you!
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    Good Saturday evening and Happy May Second (0: I must say, a busy day for this guy, getting the deck all power washed, stain touch up here and there. 60" glass table and those puffy chairs which are double covered through the rough winter=all set up and ready for deck dinners and breakfasts al fresco once again. So, we decided to eat our nosh outdoors presently as I type with our usual Saturday evening LIVE show A Prairie Home Companion on PBS radio ;0) So, here is our little nosh set up and our first of the season and earlier then ever.... A fine spinach and artichoke hummus, smoked salmon on cream cheese and crustini crackers, blue corn chips and a fine French cheese. The vino is simply box wine for now, good bottle to be opened with dinner ;0) Shopping for hanging plants at the nursery tomorrow...... Many photos to follow over the summer months!
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    I really am just amazed. Men think women are petty???? This is why competition is a good thing. While someone may be entirely opposed to cleaning any part of an electrical component in water, Windex or otherwise, others consider it acceptable. You can call BS on someone's particular method of doing things, but an all out character assassination really isn't called for. The individual(s) exhibiting that behavior should be moderated more closely. If everyone did business exactly the same way we would be walking around like a bunch of zombies. And...yes....most days I can feel the love!!!
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    I would hope anyone that is self employed and actually enjoys what they do would feel this way. In my business, it's never been about the money, but the satisfaction on my customer's faces. The money is nice, but secondary to doing something that I love and making others happy. I'm sure that sounds corny, but so be it.
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    Bummer Chuck.....retailers loss. A beautiful day here.....LF playing tennis. Jake sleeping. May ride the bike some. Mower back from shop and hopefully ready to go. Got to think about something to grill tonight. Too nice to stay in the kitchen. Cheers Ladies and Gents
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    Morning gang..... My wife brought me my 1st cup of coffee in bed about 20 min ago.....mmmmm good. Man my wife is the best, and she just took my cup for the 2nd one...oh yea. So first on the list is breakfast......we go to this restaurant that only serves omlets. I'm not much of a omlet guy....but we found this place about 10 years ago. One omlet will take care of me and the wife. We always get it with lump crab, mushrooms and spinach. After that it'll be off to the boardwalk for icecream and watch the weird people........there might be people watching me.....lol I'll Yea Mark I'm with you....I like that Line Array stuff, don't know were it would go......and yea that money thing kinda slows me down a bit. duder....the deck on the back of my house is 34'x24' so it's like a stage. My Ev's will be pumping out the jams this summer and if they can't put out enough sound the 2nd set of KP362's will be called upon. I've been looking at getting some big subs for the deck.....but it's that money thing again...... Chuck get all those appliances taken care of......good luck with that.... OK gang gotta run.....wife says times up......omlets are calling..... Wishing all a great day and a great weekend..... MKP :-)
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    Iv listened to a few systems a couple guys have already, in a Hanger space, they all said "arrays" because you can hang them. Bass is not an issue, large room treatment looks like a must. 60' X 100' is the Keeper hanger, and no i dont plan on lighting the whole thing up with sound. Have planned for quite some time, hanging curtains to cordon off a section, size ? dont know yet. This is my Retirement space, 30 years of thinking, plenty of room for one and three quarters of Aircraft. And No, the SP is NOT one of them. new house first, then think about passing on the SP. Sucking down the last of the Dickinsons blend, thinking about a Good Corn Dog.....Hummm.
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    Just humor gone wrong I suppose. Using emoticons just doesn’t get the laughs that they used to. Not suggesting causation, just making a loose observation in relation to a few of the high-speed, high-volume forum posters that registered in the past year, who always seemed to be at the top of the “Today’s Top Posters” tab each time I looked, that have now suddenly vanished in the last couple of weeks, including the vanishing avatar pictures. The forum accounts and historical posts still seem to be there for the individuals that I'm thinking about, Jim included.
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    Hey I try, but I at least have respect other opinions. Age has nothing to do with common sense or having respect for others ideas.
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    It definitely improved your impulse response. Too bad their software is so expensive.
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    Yes, I was there both nights but I got there late both nights as well. The Harmons + Lonnie are a pretty nifty bunch of dudes. I truly enjoyed the company of (almost) everyone I met and may actually now have a bit of a Klipsch addiction...obsession...lets go with passion. Because when you're passionate about something you want to know everything you possibly can about it, right? I needs me a PWK biography. Guess the stories from the people around here will do for now. Talking to my students, I found out one of them's grandmother was allegedly his secretary. There's just so much history and "I've only just begun." Anyway, even though I'm an über n00b, when I figured out who Roy was I immediately told him I wanted to pick his brain. Course, I didn't really know what size pick to use. Kevin: Rodney has been telling that neighbor story all week! We definitely need a motto addendum for that one. Can't wait to show him the blog post mentioning it. BigStew: probably "Blue Bayou"
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