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    There is a difference between barking and howling...
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    Works done..... No tacos for me.....off to the steak house for some sacred filet..... Check-in later.... MKP :-)
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    A friend asked me the other day, what I thought about Bose speakers. Should have told him he would also need one of these if he were to purchase Bose
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    You guys now see what I mean? Another Bose story with a happy ending!
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    OK, I have owned Bose.... Before I owned Klipsch....some 27+ years ago I got a set of 901 II's and had my old Sansui intergrated amp... and I liked it...really thought it had great sound. Then I found my LaScala's and got some "real" amps.... sold the set-up..... Years ago at the shop I had no tunes there. I got some boom box set-up, was happy with that for awhile..but I always wanted better sound. So through the years I upgraded to other better set-ups... Surfing the CL one day I found three Bose 901's IV. They were in good shape and the price was right. So I hung those 901's in the corners of the shop (just two of them).... got a old Adcom and had that set up for quite a few years. Quit a few people came into the shop and asked about my system. You could hear it in the office and outside. Anybody that new anything about speakers would say "oh Bose 901's there the best" I would just say something like yea there OK.. Now the one parts guy that comes to my shop loved my tunes. He would say how great it sounds... that Bose 901's are one of the best speakers ever. About two years ago I scored my four KP-362's. The plan was offing the Bose and Adcom and bringing in one set of the KP-362's and one of my big Carver's TFM-42. I told the parts guy I was getting rid of my Bose for these Klipsch. He was not happy, he never even heard of Klipsch speakers. He realy thought this was a bad move. I told him the deal was done and the Klipsch would be in the shop in a few day. The afternoon came where he bought some parts out to the shop. He came in the bay and I showed him my new Klipsch. I put on some tunes and put about 300+ watts in em...the look on his face told all. After the song I said "sooooo what do you think?" He said he has never heard music like that....it sounded like a concert. Even the used car guys next to my shop love the Klipsch..... in the warm weather the bay doors are open and the music is pumping out of the shop.... So yea..... Bose.... I've owend em...... sold em.....no plans for any more.... MKP :-)
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    I still think they'd sound best plugged directly into the wall...
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    I don't think that's a fair analogy.. You're saying hot rodding a 3cyl Metro is equivalent to tuning a Ferrari. Disclaimer: I have only ever heard their sound socks & Wave systems or whatever those alarm clock do-dads are called.
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    Does listening to Bose while refurbishing Klipsch motivate you to hurry the hell up?? Bose sounds decent at best. It just doesn't move you.. It doesn't evoke awe. It's great for a cocktail party in a tiny kitchen apartment.
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    I can agree that they can sound pretty good, if they're not being ABed to something that sounds gooder. I have had the 901 and 301. It is hard to tell that there is so much missing unless there is something to reference. I had the same experience with my Polk SDA SRS. They were excellent, sounded great and a lot of it, until I AB them. My wife would support my opinion and follow my lead when it came to this stuff, and I kinda knew it. Until one night we were at our very local Best Buy and I asked her to come to where they had the home speakers (before they had the fancy shmancy touch screen setup). There they had the ceiling speakers hooked to a single receiver and speaker switch box. I turned on the best Bose they had and turned up the volume to a moderate level.Then I switched it to the best Klipsch in the display without touching any other controls......you'd think she witnessed the second coming of (her) Christ.
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    Hey Duder try this https://duckduckgo.com/?q=k-cup+dark+magic&t=ffnt&ia=products&iai=B007PA30ZUhttp%3A%2F%2Fecx.images-amazon.com%2Fimages%2FI%2F51rkkewJAgL.jpghttp%3A%2F%2Fecx.images-amazon.com%2Fimages%2FI%2F51rkkewJAgL._SL160_.jpg Picked some up this evening at Fairway, that is what I am looking for. Thanks.
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    Maynard's amps are best.
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    My dog only started barking at dog recordings after I bought boutique speaker wire
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    Would that be akin to 10lbs. of shite in a 5lb. bag??
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    Look, you have to understand we are talking about getting the best sound out of your Bose. They simply don't sound their best with the standard McIntosh amp. The guy at Best Buy said the more you pay for an amp, the better the Boses sound. I upgraded the power supply in my custom built McIntosh 901 with gold plated wires and I had the tubes tied and then rolled, twice. Now I am getting 1,200 watts per channel and the Bose have a dreamlike, airy, almost effervescent sound. You can't playback crap or you'll get crap especially with stock Bose. I'm sorry I didn't know Mc's didn't cost $5,000, but it's kinda stupid to worry about money when it comes to Boses. And yes, a single speaker is a "Bose" and two or more are "Boses." I'm not bragging, but I own two. Now when I play a good vinyl record of a dog barking, all the other dogs in my neighborhood start barking too. It's that good! I think more than 2 would be called The Boss
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    I witnessed a demo where that was done. There was a very loud buzz and those speakers, original 901s, held up. I would recommend plugging into 240 VAC or higher to ensure destruction. 220,221….whatever it takes
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    I witnessed a demo where that was done. There was a very loud buzz and those speakers, original 901s, held up. I would recommend plugging into 240 VAC or higher to ensure destruction.
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    If you really violate the basic rules of speaker design at will and do whatever it takes you can make almost anything sound good at some point. But low efficiency speakers never, in my experience, remain listenable below a pretty loud level while designs that follow PWK's 8 cardinal points sound good at any level. That's my experience. YMMV. That part can't really be denied. Perhaps more debatable is what impact all the EQ required to make those little bitty drivers jump through hoops has on the sound. I personally have never heard Bose in that perfect environment for them that makes them listenable. But I take it from those who've heard them under those conditions that they can, in fact, be listenable. IMHO, it's a lot easier to just put a couple of Klipschorn's in whatever corner you have, hook up a good 5 watt amplifier, and be done with it. Dave
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    I still have an old pair of the Bose along with some dated BIC Venturis, bookshelf series, both of them, in the wifes garage, listen to them at low volume wile refurbing Klipsch over the years. They will likely go to the Desert one day wile loading for a shooting outing, and yes, the BICs will go right along with them.
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    Evening gang Awakin by Mortar fire, dam kids anyway Must find a cookie and fire up the foot heater. Rough day, many movies, Carnitas/Black Beans Glaore Looks like everyones having a safe holiday so far
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    Looks like he was searching for the missing highs and lows.
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    I can agree that they can sound pretty good, if they're not being ABed to something that sounds gooder. I have had the 901 and 301. It is hard to tell that there is so much missing unless there is something to reference. I had the same experience with my Polk SDA SRS. They were excellent, sounded great and a lot of it, until I AB them.
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    Do they still sell Bose in the Fisher Price aisle ?
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    Works done..... No tacos for me.....off to the steak house for some sacred filet..... Check-in later.... MKP :-)
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    BTW, welcome to the Forums, and thank God you got rid of the Bose before joining. That was one heckuva good trade! Dave
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    Ps.... Today is the 1 year anniversary of starting this project! Slow going... But not bad I suppose.
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    Distant cousin worked at an Atmos equipped theater in Muscatine. Last time I was through there it certainly didn't appear to be the cutting edge of technology in Iowa....perhaps it is.
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    Thanks guys, Yeah - I'm in no rush. I'm just kind of a curious person with it at the moment. Really wanting to see what the hype is about. Might take you up on that MB, if I don't end up Kansas City-way sooner.
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    They are made of metal, Carl Then you're good to go. Promise me you won't paint them pink then.
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    Well you are right there Jim. No axe to grind, no ulterior motive just curious as to why VRD has a following. When I owned mine I spoke to Craig several times, seemed an ok fella to me. Met him at a Klipsch open house in Indy I believe, maybe opinionated but a nice guy. But Jim you should know the most innocent question here can bring the words/opinion/accusations flying. Maybe that's why Craig himself left; with all the "expert opinions" here I can see why. I guess I'll just crawl back in my hole and listen to my inferior rig as I hope an informed expert can show me the way.
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    Morning Gang, Couple cups down(OK 3 or 4), man it looks cold outside. Frost is dissipating as the sun does its thing, still probably only 40 with a high today about 60. Getting 27 tons of gravel delivered for the dirt portion of driveway at 10am. Better get out there and get ready. Later ......
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    They just need some voice coil lube.
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    Morning Gang 34, Dam Nippy. Midwest/Eastcoast appears to be getting slammed. The wife and i like Mo, and will visit again, we would like it to be there Dodge is a Toasty 82 New Year is at the doorstep, Prepared ? Picking up a case of the Duggans on the way out to the farms. Will attach Bows for the New Years
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    Watching the Kennedy Center Honors with Carole King and in an early studio picture is clearly a Voice Of The Theater speaker behind her.
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    Sorry Dave, but I think you missed a step: throwing them out because the cabinet is too small to do jack crap to. Bose doesn't have much of a crossover, they just point the drivers in various directions to help offset the peaks in the response The Automotive factory systems they offer are behind the rest as well IMO. Its almost like they sit down and say, "Lets create something that has no real highs, no real bass and has a mono sound even though we are using 11 drivers."........
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    Never had the big truck nor any use for one. As to car audio, no interest. They can sound very, very good...but I have a listening room for that. I'd be safer driving drunk than listening to the stuff I love on a top notch car system. Talk about intoxicating and absolutely demanding one's total focus...that's what music does to me. Therefore, I'd need a designated driver if I had a first class car system. Actually, one of our vehicles has a Fosgate system with sub that just happened to be in a used vehicle I caught a good deal on. However, I listen to NPR pretty much exclusively for the reasons stated above. Dave
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    Perhaps they should include on the packages of crap stuff they sell: "Additional listening equipment required"
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    It was a good day here at teknoid land. The rest of my Christmas present to myself came. In the "software" department is 4 of my favorite albums all on 180G vinyl. In the "hardware" department is: And in the "buzzware" department a good friend who knows that I enjoy such things from time to time dropped this off:
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    Next you'll be saying Hi-res digital audio is better than vinyl.
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    Let me be clear about something: I hate snow. But it makes for a beautiful scenery...
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    Afternoon gang Up from Nap, rest day afterall. Belgain Waffle, check-in here, and nap time. Warmed right up to 50 here. Truck was so frozen this morning, i just said the hell with the farm run till Wend. Placed a small heater inside, should be nice and toasty in the morning. I see/Hear we have some new "Mortar" based fireworks in the neighborhood. They have been "Test" firing all week
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    They also indicate that as of present, there haven't been enough production horns tested. I'd like to see genuine representation from JBL, EAW, EV, Martin, Funktion-One, Klipsch, and Danley's DBH 218 on that list. Too much DIY. That's totally a fair point, but some of these other subs have been measured in other places...some even provided by the manufacturers. It doesn't take too much work to derive an apples to apples comparison most of the time (sure there are always caveats to that). I just find it interesting that the pro audio world is almost entirely direct radiating for the subwoofer portion of the systems. And the better line arrays look less and less like multiple horns too - and more like multiple direct radiators. I just wanted to point out that modern direct radiator design has come a long way. Granted, doppler distortion is a fixed entity for a given bandwidth and driver size - but it's not like this distortion magically goes away on a horn. It's just simply reduced by a lot. You can get that back by adding multiples. Speaking of multiples....I totally hear the arguments about price and limited wall power, etc... Most of these subwoofer shootouts are obsessed about SPL capability, and they pick a lot of source material that rumbles your butt. I totally get the fun of that, and even play around with that on occasion, but for me it's more about sound quality. Just because your drivers can dissipate a crap ton of heat doesn't mean you need to use the fully capability of the system. I bring that up to emphasize that multiple driver solutions are all about improving the sound quality. The room modes are just an incredibly dominant acoustic effect and no amount of "better subwoofer" will ever overcome that. We need subwoofer solutions that are immune to room modes - and to my knowledge there is only one such approach. Ironically it's the least implemented. The problem with talking about generalities is that not everyone enters with the same assumptions. This is why I like to focus on what would be the best of every world and use that in the comparison. Ultimately I'd posit that the best of the multiple direct radiator will outperform the best of the multiple horn setup. This is because horns of that size are part of the acoustic sound of the room - so now you've got all these caverns for the higher frequencies to bounce around in and make it sound like you're listening in a cave. But since we're kicking around the crazy ideas....one thing I'd like to try is a bifurcated tapped horn with mouth exits at the ideal locations for a dual zoned bass array. This reduces the number of drivers you need, and the mouths are small so high frequency cavernous effects don't happen. The hard part is keeping the recipe of what makes the Othorn measure so different from all other tapped horns.
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    NICE...... I know what your saying with the wife thing..... my wife loves our audio gear... and most of the junk i'm into.... Congrats on the new RC-64ii ..... very nice..... enjoy.... MKP :-)
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    I have about 21 hours of Spotify played through the new crossovers at this point. Everything I initially described still holds true except for them sounding slightly more 'crisp'. Perhaps they have mellowed out a bit or maybe since I hooked them up immediately after the Fed Ex truck dropped them off and they had been sitting in a cold truck for a week had something to do with it I don't know. Without a doubt they sound better than the original x-overs but I haven't been able to put my finger on it until it occurred to me that there seems to be a 'blacker backround'.....like there's less noise. The music is more pure but the one thing that really stands out is the improvement in the bass. Definite improvement in the bass but then this morning I put the port extensions back in. Wow. It sounded great with the stock ports but with the extensions in the bass plays slightly deeper giving the speaker an overall cleaner and more impactful delivery. Low-medium volumes are very satisfying and turning up the volume just gets better and better unlike with the original aging crossovers.
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    Wvu80, Thanks for your comments on my post. If you do a Google search for “human auditory memory studies”, you will get far more results for studies of the auditory memory of primates than for humans. As mentioned in the Introduction to the published study in question, primate auditory memory capabilities fall short of their visual and tactile memory capabilities. I encourage the reader to read the study as linked below. As you may know, university-level research can be expensive even when funded by corporate or government underwriting as this one was. With a campus full of potential test subjects, it was natural for Poremba and Bigelow to use this low-cost resource rather than solicit suitable test subjects from the general population of Iowa City. Sure, a test with an equal number of male & female participants and a range of suitable ages and ethnicities would have been ideal but probably cost prohibitive. You wrote: A total of 54 undergraduate students (37 female) with normal or corrected-to-normal vision and hearing participated in this experiment for course credit. There were two parts to the study. In Experiment 1, there were indeed 54 test subjects. In Experiment 2, there were 82 undergraduate students (42 female). Would having 540 subjects in Experiment 1 and 820 in Experiment 2 result in a different study outcome? Maybe, maybe not. You wrote: Part of the stimulus/response studied by the researchers was having the subjects listening to dogs barking while listening to headphones. Barking dogs was but one of the ninety auditory stimuli the test subjects listened to. You wrote: Relying on subjective opinion is what you suggested Mr. DeanG was guilty of. Dean G was not giving an opinion of dogs barking through headphones, and I would argue Dean's ability to discern minute differences in auditory stimuli is MUCH higher developed than most of the undergrad students in the original study. I thought my post was aimed more at questioning Deano’s belief that passive components like a metalized polypropylene capacitor needs to “settle down” after 10 -20 hours of listening. There’s no point questioning what he (or anyone) hears or claims to hear. We all have our filters, biases and emotional blind spots when it comes to the listening experience. Here’s a link to the published study. http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0089914 Lee
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    ^^ This may be completely wrong, it's been like two decades since I was familiar with it, but it's my understanding that you have to be at least a 1/4 wavelength away from a sub before you can hear it properly. If that's the case, let's play a 20 hz tone... the wavelength is 56.5' long. Divided by 4, that's 14.1'. If you're 8' away from a sub when the quarter wavelength is 14', you're not going to hear the full effect. If the sound was concentrated through a horn and not blasted out like a shotgun, what Derrick said may be true even in an open-air environment. Again, that may be completely wrong.
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    You are moving along! My hat is off to you guys doing complete theater builds. It is a lot work. I just got a projector and I am complaining about running wires, patch walls, ect. This may lead to me repainting the whole room. Keep the pic's coming.
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    Pre-recorded cassettes for the most part are a disaster save for the days of cassette car stereos. When I bought my Nakamichi CR-7 I vowed not to play my pre-recorded tapes in it. I had read that the engineers at Nak had such attention to detail that even pre-recorded tapes sounded great, but I stood firm. There came a time when I gave in, it was kind of like how anal you can be with a new car and keeping it pristine only to finally relent and not sweep it the carpet at the first sign of dust. I put a Marillion tape in and hit Play, it was tremendous. The level of genius that worked for Nakamichi at its peak was impressive. While pre-records are never in heavy rotation I don't give it a second thought to play one every now and again.
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