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    So my brother & I had the day off today. One of his friends came by and we all spent about 10 hours visiting the bowels of Los Angeles. It had been a long while since i did that. Went all over that place. Bought a cool shirt from this place that is basically an alley where street vendors sell their wares...for very cheap. Then over to Langer’s Deli for lunch ... movie producer eating lunch in a nearby booth. Then walked Hollywood Blvd and did some people watching. Then up to Griffith Park Observatory and hung out and took in the view of Los Angeles. Then GRIDLOCK coming home...took over two hours when with no traffic it would have been 45 - 50 minutes. But, with the three of us telling stories of the crazy stuff we’ve done in our life--the drive wasn’t that bad (and i’m the normal in that group). My brother’s friend is a writer and is on the 16th re-write of his novel. When in Hollywood, i didn’t realize until i returned to the car that i had parked directly in front of Capital Records! Snapped a few photos with my cell phone ...
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    Morning all.... Slept in a bit today.... just getting ready for 2nd cup.....Gonna be rolling out to the shop soon... get some stuff cleaned up... I like it when the shop is all tidy & clean... I work so much better.... The BOSS will also be coming in with me.. she wants to work on her office... She is up to her armpits in paper work with all of stuff that has been going on.... she is power of attorney over her mom, and her dad made her executor of the will.... so for the last few weeks she has been jumping through rings of fire with all this BS. I tell ya the BOSS can cut through BS like a hot knife through butter... she worked in finance for years before we got the shop.. A quick story to give you some insight of the BOSS/ wife... Years ago when we bought our house from my farther-in-law she handled all the paper work that goes on when financing a house. She would keep me posted with what was going on... This was back in the day when the housing market was crazy..... if you were breathing and had a pen you could get a loan...... The house appraised for crazy money... but all we wanted was the money that my farther-in-law was going to sell us the house for... He was going to sell it to us for the price that we all agreed back in 1990..... and by this time the house was worth 4 times as much... but he stuck to his word.... So we were buying this house for a fraction of what it was worth on the market at the time. The finance Co. wanted to "give" us more money.... like they said we can give you guys $500K..... ahhhh no thanks...... all we wanted was the loan for the house. We were rolling everything into loan... So the BOSS was working with this one finance guy (Wayne) it was alot of fax's and phone calls... The day came when we were going to settlement.... all of our "ducks" were lined up... we know how much everything was costing.... all the number's.... The BOSS had it planned out.... All through this I could here the BOSS in her office talking to Wayne.... a few times I heard her say to Wayne "when we get to the settlement table I don't want any surprises!!" At the settlement table was me the BOSS, my farther and mother-in-law the loan officer and Wayne.... Papers were going around the table... all kinds of papers.... I was looking at this one document with this number on it that was never discussed.... it was a rather large number... I was at a loss.....this number was not on any of our fax's we got from them.... Soooo now the BOSS sees it... she starts to question Wayne about this number..... Wayne starts to give the BOSS some type of babble bullshitt.... He was saying "well I had to do this then I had to do that blah blah blah" The BOSS was saying NO this isn't making sense... Voices were getting elevated!! Then there was about 30 seconds of silence.... NOW picture this... I was sitting there next to my farther and mother-in-law... I had some papers in front of my face.. my eyes were looking over the papers ... no one was speaking, Wayne and the BOSS were standing up looking at each other.... The other table in the room were another settlement was going was also looking at us..... It was like time was standing still... I was thinking to my self..... "somethings about to happen"........... The BOSS made the move... she snatched all the paper work up from everyone and ripped-em up ... oh yea... it was nutz... as she was ripping she said to Wayne "I told you I didn't want ANY surprises!!!" She stuffed all the ripped up documents into her briefcase.... looked at me and said "come on Mark".... I looked over at my farther-in-law and said.... "I guess were leaving Dad".... his jaw was wide open.... Yea it was crazy...... As we were getting in the car the Pres of the loan Co. came running out... Whats going on??? What happend??....... Now we knew the Pres of the loan Co.... Tom.... he was one of our customers, he was the one that set us up with Wayne... The BOSS gave him the scoop of what just went down....... He said "what can we do to get ya back??" The BOSS pulled out the document with the BS number on it and said "make this number go away!!" Tom said I will call you later..... So later that week Tom and the BOSS got everything worked out......they got the numbers worked.... Tom was very sorry for what Wayne tried to pull.... There was sooo much equity in the house that Wayne just re-worked the number so he would get a bigger commission...... I guess he thought we would just roll over at the settlement table.... ahhhh not the case!!! We finished the settlement at my in-laws house that weekend. Tom sent the loan officer that was also at the table when the shitt hit the fan.... When we all sat down the loan officer said... " in all the years of me doing this I have NEVER witnessed anything like that from the other day"....... as we were talking he looked at me and said...... "ahhhhh you want to keep this one"..... He was pointing at The BOSS ...... Oh yea fun times...... MKP :-)
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    Mornin' gang. Back from kidney surgery. Still hurting but should be ok. It involved shattering a 9 mm stone with a laser and putting a temporary stent between the kidney and bladder. Don't ask how they got in there. Still have some follow up 'issues' to be addressed. It's good to be back. Gonna pick up on my 'likes' from this point forward. billybob ...thanks for asking about me. Cheers to all.
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    Awesome story Steve, both of them. Second cup of coffee down, what to do for the day. May need to be a day of audio and playing with audio toys.
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    Sounds like a fun day Steve, love the Queen Star, I'm a huge fan of theirs, I saw them 5 times back in 80s. I never got tired of seeing them, their shows were always updated, unlike some bands. It's awesome you actually talked with Brian May. I think he is one of the most underrated guitarist around. That band had no weak links.
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    Money is boring talk. Plus it just reminds me how much I’ve blown in my life. I paid cash for a house once...then realized I could borrow against it ... more money without having to work--not a bad plan for a guy in his 20s...then i had to pay off the loans and i felt like i had bought the house twice. I can live without credit cards; but, i have three and sometimes use them even when i have the cash...i realized that i hadn’t use them in nearly a year so i went out to dinner and used one, then went on line and bought some stuff from the Hippie Shop. YEARS and YEARS ago ... when i was of the mindset that i’d rather party than work...that’s what i did. I stopped working and decided that my job was to have fun. I had already bought the house and was blowing through the bank accounts like crazy. One day (circa 1982) i found out that i only had $100 left in the bank, so i took it out and bought a keg of beer and threw an “I’m Broke” party. Then went back to work. I may have wasted a lot of money; but, i didn’t waste my youth.
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    Sounds fun Steve but you were the "normal" one Great photos.
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    Thanks Carl....Been doing alot of deep breaths lately... Me and the Boss really need each other right now.... The Boss also has alot on her plate...... and yea were still planing being at Hope......... Oh and I was pumping out some good tunes at the shop most of the day MKP :-)
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    Evening gang.... Just checking in..... Haven't posted in a few days.... crazy busy with all the crapp.... shop, house, mom.... you guys know the drill.. We had the big thaw mid week and a bunch of rain... the one side of the shop took on a shitt load of water.... Shop vac 30 gals out of the one bay... it really sucked...pissed me off.... oh well... Going in tomorrow to do some shop clean-up.... then we'll head to mom's to check in on her and my daughter.. and Sunday we'll do some more cleaning at mom's house... There was some talk about the great NW... I lived out in Seattle for a year... I really liked it out there...I worked in down town Seattle at a huge Honda dealership. It was the largest dealer I ever worked for, they had something like 26 mechanics... Fun times.... Me and the Boss just got in from a great sushi meal... worked late at the shop tonight... put some pads and rotors on our Odyssey van and looking at I found the power steering rack is leaking.... there always something with that old turd van...it does have almost 300k on it.... OK gang wishing all a good night and a good weekend..... check in later... MKP :-)
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    I must have credit….I owe everybody
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    He just purchased a house. As I did when I was his age with no credit. Sometimes Credit Unions are more willing to give loans to people before they have credit. Cars and motorcycles can be purchased with cash. No not $80,000 cars at that age, but when he is older and feels the need to purchase one he may have the cash to pay for it. I say these are great practices, doesn't mean I live by them. However I will say I prefer not to get a loan on something that looses value.
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    Morning gang Recovery mode from farm run First cup to be followed by many Now, finely, at home weekend. Hobby time Opted out of the Reno run for the SB, I can bet the same money here just fine.
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    Glad to see you back, glad to hear things came out ok.Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    I had no idea that was even possible. Smaller banks and credit unions may have the power to manually under write the loan. So they basically just go off of a gut instinct. As for employers, most of the ones i have heard of doing credit checks are ones typically dealing with money. Plus they look for real negatives which may show signs of risk. Having a credit score of zero doesn't typically show signs of risk. May state that someone pays cash for everything. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    About 6 or so months ago, I bought a set of Quartets from the original owner. They were a little tired looking, so some restore a finish and feed n wax brought their finish back. Highs were slightly off, so I put in Crites' titanium tweeters. This made them much smoother. After 6 months of play, there was a bit of harshness present and detail missing that I was noticing. A few days ago I updated the crossovers with the full Crites build. For anyone wondering if they should freshen up their older crossovers, the answer is yes. These really brought the speakers back to life and now they will last another 25+ years. The detail that has been brought back is astonishing. The detail comes close to the La Scala II. The highs are back that were severely rolled off on mine as well. Probably due to the cleaner presentation, it sounds like there may be a bit more, and snappier bass too. I will need to compare these to my Heresy III now to see which I prefer. I'm pretty sure the Quartets will have the edge with the larger tractrix mid horn. I did compare them with my Altec 19, which is probably not a fair fight. They can't compete with speakers that are that much larger, but they are no slouch. The Quartets don't have the presence of the 19, but the detail is pretty close between the two. Tonally, they are quite different, but that may be a matter of preference. Just wanted to share my experience and let anyone that's on the fence of upgrading know that I highly recommend it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    .......after TWO encores, the full audience let out a sound that came right out of a super bowl arena! I don't know how the audio engineers were able to handle it, but there was no distortion and it was louder then the loudest cresandos of the full orchestra ! .......all for now, enjoy your evening my friends, off to RTM later tonight ;0)
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    Good afternoon everyone... Great news Chuck, soon you will be back at that Hammond full swing ! Excellent story there MKP, I read with great interest, WOW!! Ok, have some current photos to load ... Did some snow removal, worked on music and now enjoying my paid concert subscription from the Berlin Digital Music Hall stream.... Excellent audio and HD presentation as always... ;0) Right now, Stravinski's Rite of Spring Talk about dynamics in orchestral music !!
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    They look great, how much are you going to sell them for and what's the next project? Mark
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    Good to hear from ya Chuck....... Hope ya feel better soon.... MKP :-)
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    Wonderful Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Hi Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Furthermore if I need cash Mark is a friend of mine and has more money than Cam Newton
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    Directly in front of my house at 6:30am. The Lady driving was okay but a little shaken up. She was on her way to work and swerved to avoid another car. I live in the woods and it took about 20 minutes for help to arrive, good thing she seems okay. -Cindy
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    Thanks Jason! The cane is called "British small weave" from MojoTone.
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    my finger tips feel like they have been rubbed to nubs from working with that cane ...other than a few tweaks, bass bin grills complete Now to do the sub - DOES IT EVER END!!!!?
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    Good to hear you're doing well Chuck. I'll bet a Broncos Superbowl win would be some good medicine for you
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    guess she had a problem getting her car to start. wouldn't turn over for he?
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    What does New England have to do with this [emoji12] Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Mark, take a few minutes for yourself. Crank up some tunes and close your eyes. Deep breaths..............................................................................
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    The interest rate is usually adjusted to reflect borrower history, but local conditions rule and I have no idea about NE.
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    Stating for myself only. I sometimes carry. But I don't want to shoot anyone. I have never felt the need to pull a weapon on anyone. I have seen situations defuse when someone was abusing others and a holstered firearm encouraged the abusers to step down. I have no respect for the group named in the original post. They are just WRONG!
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    Yes so, GF/fiancé over to sisters. I am here bending the old elbow. Sorry for the font size but, relegated to this by security. Will be good to hear from Chuck/Denver as to how he is doing now. Working in proposed music room and had considered putting some items on the cl for sale but, keep finding gems. Any old how...good evening as per always and cheers...
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    If you think about it. Why would you? Yes I know if a perfect world a person could save have a retirement fund and an emergency fund. If you had six months worth of bills put aside or even better six months worth of salary put aside. You could be prepared for just about anything a credit card would cover. I know getting to that point would take discipline but its possible. I work with a kid who is 21, he has never had a credit but is able to handle most emergencies with smart planning. I think its a good thing to work towards, at least that's my goal.
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    We just finished watching it. It didn't stress my subwoofer. It didn't have a great soundtrack. It was one of the best directed and acted movies I've seen in quite a while. Do yourself a favor and rent it.
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    Cane can be stiff and hard to work with but worth every bit of effort once its done.
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    it’s not too late for me to get there by game time ...
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    As further insult, Brian Bosworth had to sit BEHIND me at Lakers game. Jack Nicholson was still in front of me; but, i could have hit him with a peanut if i tried.
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    I had no idea that was even possible.
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    WOW! those are really nice, "Full Range" I will most likely just use Velcro. Some small vertical strips will be installed to secure to. Thanks Magnets work a lot better, they are surprisingly strong Just one pair of button magnets per grill is needed And I also like grills - good trim and colour gives the La Scala a polished look
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    "Most of us prefer" lol you crack me up roger!
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    YOU are a figment of MY imagination. And I am a figment of YOUR imagination? Does anybody else see this as not possible? Go pass a kidney stone and tell me about how holographic it was.
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    I was referring to a good credit score not a credit card.
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    I have two cards that pay back cash each month. I have received over $1,000 back on one of those cards. I'm making money! I do pay off balance every month.
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    Right babadono....I am retired and since a Roth is tax free I actually save the 13.99% interest I was paying. House, car all paid off long ago. Now to cut up cards
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    Enjoy the feeling, it's temporary. Tell me about it.
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    I bought a lot of stuff from their Performance section. After installing the Adjustable Powerbands, I had to get some Brass Balls because they don't offer Red Limiters.
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