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    I needed speaker stands customized according to my listening area and fitted exactly for my speakers. Since I cannot find anything near to required measures at the stores I decided to do the stands myself. My speakers are in the bedroom so I had to overcome the height of the bed and adjust the height of the speaker to my height of view. Therefore the stand height is 32 inches. I took approach similar to the Skyline speaker stands, two plates made of wood tied together with iron rods and put on the spikes. For wooden plates I took two thickest Ikea meat cutting boards I could find, glued together in three layers of bamboo wood. Upper plate is cut to the dimensions of the base of the speaker. Threaded iron rods are fitted into 3 inches PVC pipes that are at the end of the assembly filled with quartz sand but not completely. Spikes are made of hardened steel. The seats for spikes are chiseled into the bottom side of the wooden plates. Since I made these during the winter when temperatures are low and I could not wait for paint on the PVC pipes to dry (the legs of speaker stands), I finished them with self-adhesive foil in grey color. Not as good as paint but I can do that later. At the end the speakers are put on vibrapods.
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    You are one of the reasons I stop using this forum Moray. You have no idea when to keep your mouth shut. Your response is unwelcomed and unneeded. Piss off old manI think that you should have handled this in a PM, it's classless to openly rip someone. Your 594 post count DOES NOT entitle you to behave in such a manner Mak How many posts do I need to have before I can openly crap on someone's thread? Is 3,800 the right number? I made a statement about my experience and I don't need anyone to tell me that I'm wrong. This is repeated behavior by Mr James. I don't understand why you are so upset. You expressed your opinion (which I happen to agree with as I use these for all my systems) and Moray expressed his opinion. Others also weighed in. I have learned a great deal from Moray, so if on this occasion we have a different opinion it is not of any consequence. Hell, these are banana plugs, not heart valve replacements. Lighten up, enjoy life.
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    Now that would be different. Sour cream ? I don't drink coffee of any type but the wife went through the Colcafe like Sherman through Georgia. It kept her from daily morning visits to Starbucks. Previously I would buy her Juan Valdez Columbian coffee and she prefers the Colcafe. As to the Mexican sour cream; it is made with a different bacillus then the usual store bought sour cream, tastes much, much better and is unobtainium in my northern world.
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    DD in the cup and heading in a little early this morning.
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    First cup done....LF's turn to get the second cup She takes possession of new house Thursday so we will be busy for awhile Good story MKP. Wolfbane.....instant coffee? Really? If you are near a Costco buy a bag of Mayorga beans and grind away
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    Now that would be different. Sour cream ?
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    Nope, worse, they fell into the hands of a "flipper"
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    Made a note to self. Never buy anything from jason str. Not even a hammer.
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    These are cheap plugs that I use and like. They don't get loose and make a secure connect. Price $ 6-7 for four. Although they are not need, it sure makes life a bit easier and looks a little more classy.
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    You are one of the reasons I stop using this forum Moray. You have no idea when to keep your mouth shut. Your response is unwelcomed and unneeded. Piss off old man "Ladies and gentlemen, we...are...live! This is the main event of the evening.This is the moment you've all been waiting for.......and now introducing the champion. Fighting out of the red corner Moray,This man is a Boxer , a martial artist!!! And now Fighting out of the blue corner we presenting he's opponent Finallygotmyheresies ,This is a Kick Boxer, a ju jitsu fighter..... hahahahahaha ciao from Italy...... fighters :-D
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    Of course it runs…..it's a Honda
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    Welcome Gents and have a great birthday! We will expect you to post more this year.
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    Magnetohydrodynamic worm drive for me
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    Why not just use methane gas like Doctor Evil?
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    The Simplexx subwoofers are entry level models but easier to build. Still better than store and online company models in my opinion as mentioned above. Plus if something fails 20 years down the road you will be ahead of the game having T/S driver parameters for the cabinet design and an easy to replace external amplifier, no guesswork involved. The real stars of the show are the Tuba's.
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    You might try the search function, I'll bet there's endless reading on the subject. Hot Rod La Scalas
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    this is the second such thread about these very loudspeakers and he (the owner) is still flogging them as CW. not much of a guy to do business with.
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    Well Happy Birthday TwoCables You other two who haven't posted in 1 and 2 years what's the problem ? If you still read here come call me a jerk and I will apologize for not saying happy birthday, I dare you
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    As long as she liked it, I have never been in a starbucks, I would feel bad drinking a cup of coffee that cost as much as a half pound of coffee at the store, I'm cheap. I don't like what is called sour cream here and I would think that wouldn't be good in coffee? But if it's different that explains it, i guess we just get use to what is available here. But in the end as long as she's happy your happy, I know how that works been married 37 years.
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    Red, Blue, or Green? Actually, now that I think about it, purple would probably work best but I have some blue on the shelf.
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    I've used pretty much every sub $20/ea banana plug option out there and I just recently found these on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Strike-Banana-7-Pair-Sewell-Direct/dp/B00VXQ972W?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00 They are small but they are solid and have a very good feel to them. If you are starting with bare wire these attach in seconds. They have a very low profile. FYI I'm using them with 14ga wire. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a small, simple, good quality plug.
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    I've used the Monoprice ones and they're OK at best. If you remove them a few times, you have to tighten the threaded assemblies. I've threatened to put lock tight on them but it was just an idle threat. If I used them a lot, I would.
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    These are what I use, Nakamichi. Very reasonably priced. With set screws but I solder my cables in, just because... nanaplugs1 (Small).jpgnanaplugs2 (Small).jpg Matt ♪ ♫ ♪ agree these are good banana plugs, they sound even better when you solder them on to the wires. Pre tin the connector and then the wire as that makes the final solder joint together much easier. You can still take them off and re use just more fuss.
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    It really is a bad mounting design. Too much weight hanging over a poorly attached plastic terminal cup. Quite sure Klipsch is aware of the issue and should remedy the situation. Best wishes for the OP to get his new Heresy III's up and running soon.
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    Sorry to hear your family knew him Wolfbane. I read all about this despicable act yesterday. I too am Canadian and it really bothers me to see how all westerners are being targeted abroad. Not trying to politicize this story but our western leaders are too PC to take any substantial actions against anyone responsible. In fact BO and JT are two peas in a pod, they are both willing to accept unknown commodities into our countries. Doing this they feel they can place feathers in their cap showing the world they did the right thing. Soon the terrorists will be among us and these tragedies will be happening in abundance on our own soil. Much like the Ottawa attack two years ago and the San Bernardino attacks of recent memory, it proves they are already here. Tim
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    I think Klipsch needs to find a better way to mount the crossovers so this wouldn't ever happen. Those crossovers weigh too much to be mounted like that. Bruce
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    Awesome faucets! I finally was able to identify the faucet used in the resort we stayed at in the Philippines. It is a Blanco. Smoothest I have ever seen or used. Seeing the price, I understand why. Bruce
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    I can solder anything, from copper pipe to 0.031" open face strain gages you need a microscope to see. 31 years Quality control and Spacecraft assembly. Currently I do instrumentation and data recording. I have modified almost everything I own from CD players to amps to speakers. No Fear, nothing is safe!
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    That was a good edit, Moray. Well done. +++ Back to the topic: I like hearing all opinions on banana plugs. I have banana plugs on everything and I am never satisfied for some stupid reason and I'm always looking for another one. Within a reasonable budget of course.
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    Just not emoT....va free...
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    I was thinking more along the lines UPS dropping them off the back of the truck prior to finding his driveway. You never know...
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    You should not assume that everyone knows every acronym you use. Yes, I have re-read the TOS.
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    I agree that it would be worse. Someone who sees a great deal and jumps on it to make some jingle.... I can see most people doing that. Ideally, an end user will score the best deals....like me.
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    Nothing worse than sellers that don't know what they have. After a little research they double the price....probably after a phone ringing off the hook
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    Coffee n' Cream Latin Style:
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    First thing i would do is hook up the one that does not work with the wire from the one that does. This way you will know it is in fact the speaker.
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    OMG..... It lives..... Running good... Gotta roll out just checking in...... MKP :-)
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    Ok. Do you suggest any particular brand or model? Here's some REVIEWS I bought a Rocky Rancilio years ago as I needed something pretty precise for espresso. We use it mostly for brewed coffee now. It still works like it's brand new after god knows how many hundred pounds of beans have gone through it.
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    Yes we are….I'm home for lunch
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    That original post was from 2004, I have a feeling they're no longer for sale.
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    As does Coca Cola from Canada and the US. The US Coca Cola is only available once per year for Passover, come in just the 2 Liter Bottle and can be identifid by it's distinctive yellow cap. You can see what the product looks like here (next to the crappy 'Rye Whisky') from an earlier post of mine here: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/148141-cables-coffee-and-cocktails/page-846 I never purchase and consume any product that contains HFCS. Read those labels as manufacturers like Heinz are using this in place of sugar in their ketchup, etc. This is your brain on HFCS:
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    I finally broke down to my 15 year old daughter's request for a puppy. We picked up Winnie, a 7 week old Yorkie. She weighs around 3 lbs, and will get to around 10 lbs. They are both happy...
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    Something bitter sweet: A short visit with some cousins... than a bath and trim:
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    DeanG crossovers tame the highs.
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    There's a sign on the wall But she wants to be sure 'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings There's a feeling I get When I look to the west, And my SPIRIT is crying for leaving
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    Well, I think it more boils down to what type of sound someone likes. The K-400 is a little more in your face and a bit pinched down sounding compared to the tractrix horn I use but still sounds nice, very much the unique Klipsch sound to it. For those who like the more in your face sound, may like the K-400 better. I say this because about two years ago I had recommend to a friend who was building his speakers, he had the chance to buy some used wood tractrix horn or used K-400 horns. I convinced him more towards getting the wood tractrix horn. I heard later from his wife that he always sort of held a grudge towards me for that because he wanted a more forward in your face sound and I recommend getting the tractrix horn. He switched them out about a year later and liked the K-400 horn, she said he liked them much better for the more impact and in your face sound. Now I try to get someone to listen to both and make their own mind up. I always felt bad for steering him in the wrong direction he wanted to go in! Some of us like sound differently than others, so I try to keep that in mind.
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