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    Morning all.... No shop today ...... Were off to Philly this morning going with our friends. Gonna get some good eats in China Town.... I'll have The BOSS get some pics today. Yea dtel.... gotta clean em up.... don't know what i'm gonna do yet... Well 2nd cup about done..... grandkids getting ready to get on the bus..... gonna roll out... Oh....;. Up-date on the Pilot..... did the 1st oil change yesterday 2300 hundred miles on the engine...No oil consumption.... right at the full mark A good day to all... MKP :-)
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    I like the blood splatter paint job
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    She was sweet, had a great life, influenced a lot of people, and went almost instantly with no pain. I can grieve, but I can't complain. Given her 100% mortality prediction within 10 days at birth we had a great blessing for 13 years. With that knowledge, I said always that I was prepared, but not ready. Dave
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    I think expansion for a team into Vegas is idiotic. The hometown fans would never fill the seats. The seats instead will be filled by casino owners that are putting clients into the seats. You might think this is a good idea but I don't and here is why. The "fans" that are going to games will be rooting for the teams according to where they are from. RedWing fans will buy up tickets to see the Vegas team only when the Wings are in town. The actual fan base for the Vegas home team will take at least ten years to get a following. They should have expanded first into Quebec city where they already have an arena sitting there waiting. Unfortunately the NHL commissioner Bettman is, and always has been rooting for expansion into American cities where hockey ranks third or fourth behind Football, Baseball and Basketball...that is all...
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    By the big tractrix midhorn and the 15 inch passive radiator. Bill
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    After looking at the pics again it mostly looks like they need a good cleaning ?
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    I hope your new speakers sing for you Mark. It sounds like you had an exciting trip.
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    Please recall the publication titled "Symposium on Auditory Perspective" which is contained in the Klipsch Papers. It describes the project of wire transmission of music between two halls and, of course, reproduction of the music, in 1933. The bass horn used on stage is shown in a photograph and described in technical terms in the publication. PWK sometimes cited to this. Just recently I ran across the U.S. Patent which describes the physical structure of the bass horn, or at least a very close alternate version of it (the one in the patent can be split, I don't know about the one in the photograph). The patent and two pages of the Symposium is attached. Enjoy, WMcD Bass Horn Patent to Wente and Symposium on Auditory Perspective.pdf
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    They're part of the family...
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    Well, that and hanging out on this forum.
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    Mr. DWI Lawyer is anything but BS crazy. (snip!) Perhaps I misunderstood his post? He seemed to be saying that since he considered the source not credible that the story was bunk. He devoted a few paragraphs attacking the site, for goodness sake. But didn't dispute the accuracy of the story at all. That, to me, seems a bit batshit crazy. First of all Bella, most of the folk posting here are OK, at least that's the way I look at it, including you, my friend. I get un-easy when ANY member starts making personal comments about another, unless it's a compliment. The subject of the thread relates to a recent event that was horrific and is disturbing to most of us on a number of different levels, personal, professional, politically, etc. I know I'm dealing with it by not dealing with it at this particular time. Mr. DWI Lawyer posted something to be honest I didn't even read, and it has nothing to do with him. It's just I'm avoiding that topic. But even though he posted something that may have been disturbing (not his fault) I didn't call him any names. +++ Personal: My son is in law enforcement, and this Orlando thing has him concerned. That makes me concerned in a way I can't help, so I feel very inadequate and powerless right now to put my son's mind at ease. I am focusing on my son, not the incident. I hope the Klipsch collective can understand that.
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    Beats the heck out of work, that's for sure.
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    Team Name: The bench areas would be the Buffet Line, penalty boxes shaped and outfitted as an ATM machine. Team Mascot: Saturday Night Giveaway:
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    This really bolsters my opinion of you guys...
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    That entire 70's dynasty team in Montreal was amazing. Half of the team became great coaches, managers and agents. They really had no weaknesses and had the perfect blend of everything to remain championship material. You don't see that kind of dominance anymore. L.A. and Chicago are pretty much it in recent years. I still think hockey is the best sport on earth
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    I agree. It is a foolish move along the lines of playing hockey in Phoenix. The only games I've attended there was when the Calgary Flames were in town.
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    It would be worth a call to Klipsch to find out.
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    I asked an older guy one day if he had a knife, he said start a fight and find out
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    Elijah Craig is my go to for a daily drink. I love the Colonel EH Taylor Single Barrel for a more special occasion. Pappy is mostly overrated in my opinion - especially for the price point. Elmer Lee is great bourbon, but expensive as well. Thankfully I have a local Cigar lounge that keeps all the bourbons and scotches in stock - ranging from the mild to the high end stuff. Not sure what I'll celebrate with yet!
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    Yeah personally I think your subs ought to be heavy enough to not move in the first place. If it vibrates at all then put some heavy granite on top or something, not that anybody would be crazy enough to do that.
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    Cut 2 tennis balls in half and put one piece under each corner of your platform for a cheap experiment to see if you like the effect.
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    I've owned the 30's since they first came out. Got 'em for 2 ch listening but have evolved into a 5.1 HT system consisting of the 30's as main speakers, a KLF C-7 center and a pair of KLF-10's as rears. You can't beat that for a sonic match. I picked up the C-7 and 10's on the used market for a great price. You can do that too if you are patient. I use Marantz AV separates (processor and power amp) to run the system and find them superior to the Denon AVR I started with. Marantz pairs exceptionally well with Klipsch.Strong recommendation. Best of luck.
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    He meant to say run for your life. As most of us know we are suffering from a plague here called upgrade-itus. I heard rumors that the CDC is secretly working on a cure for this epidemic, but the only true way to be sure you don't get this is to avoid contact with known carriers. Please do not take this to mean they are indeed working on a cure. I certainly don't want to be the person to spread false hope to those who are infected or who have family members who are suffering with it. If you would like more details you can try to contact the CDC yourself. They have blocked my number, and have banned me from the premises. I even tried to volunteer myself to be quarantined for study and they sent me away. If you do find facts regarding this or any study which may be of help, please post that information publicly here. We all need to know. We are desperate to know. Thank you in advance Craig
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    Those are some robust saws. Are you using them for mass production of speakers?
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    Not everybody looks at dates on threads, I know I don't. I think trying to answer a question is more important than the date a thread was started.
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    Thanks for the pics. Looks like a nice system. GLWS
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    It's definitely not uncommon here in Florida. I only paid $400 for my son's RF-7's.
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    Hopefully KLF-30s are broken in by now. Your right I was thinking about the neighbors.
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    Dang i wonder if they'll accept my lascala's as trade in on one of those?
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    You take some of the best pictures! Click on Oldenough's photo to really see the detail! True, it doesn't get better, very nice picture, what lens ? Hi dtel, It was shot with a Minolta 100mm Macro.
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    Seems that he liked music as well. I thought this was an interesting photograph.
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    The 7's will go about as deep as any floorstander Klipsch makes. The speakers may be wired out of phase or they're not getting a full signal.
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    Sounds like something is off. In my room, the 7s make people think I'm running my sub. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Your bedroom experiment (?lol) was exactly what was needed here. My forte II live in a 14x14 mahogany paneled office 8' ceiling and I can tear the roof off with a 60 wpc Yamaha receiver. What is your square/cubic footage please?? It matters a LOT how much air you're trying to energize. It's not going to be concert levels within that entire space with only a pair of forte II, no. That attached kitchen area is part of this room for acoustic purposes. Let's remember that THX specs ( as a starting point for our illustration) operate in a 3000ft3 space, and that requires a 1000 watt amp and two specially designed subwoofer cabinet. It's not the room placement, it's a matter of efficiency and wattage for the given space. With Klipsch you're dealing with some of the most efficient speakers on the market so you're correct there. For really ripping sound in that space you have, something like LS would make a lot of sense. Do you have some numerical expectation of decibel level you hope to achieve for peaks/ average listening in this rooom?
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    Jubes or Khorns would put a smile on your face.
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    man I was so Ned back then lol. You can tell how over the top excited I was about my Svs ultra. Oh how long ago that seems and how far I've moved past what I thought was the best setup anyone could own lol.
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    Welcome to the forum. I personally have not owned any of the Epic line but have enjoyed and still enjoy various other models of Klipsch speakers. They are a great bang for the buck speaker co. I am sure you will enjoy these speakers. Tom
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    RIP Mr Hockey Love the term "Gordie Howe Hat Trick" 1 goal, 1 assist and 1 fight all in one game
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    Once again, refer to Rumble in the Jungle.....watch the film "When We Were Kings".
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    One thing I would like to see us add to this, is proper packaging when shipping via UPS, FEDEX, or USPS. I have used all three companies with great success. I feel most of the time you see damaged goods, is when the shipper doesn't properly package the item. Maybe Willand will post some pics of good examples, I have heard he does some of the finest packing jobs. Some thoughts on packaging, I have all ways tried to line a good heavy box with 3/4" or 1" solid foam you purchase from most hardware stores. It usually runs about $20.00 for a 4x8 sheet. After recently receiving my McIntosh box, I have some better ideas how to ship receivers, amps, pre amps, etc.. On that note, I would highly recommend factory shipping cartons when possible. Two of the most recent brands that I have purchased factory cartons for are McIntosh and Bryston. McIntosh MC2505 2-3 week lead time cost was $55.00 shipped Bryston 2b-lp 1-2 week lead time cost was $65.00 shipped. I think this thread could be very helpful for those who contemplate shipping goods, regardless of size.
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    For me "back in the day" has not changed in 5 decades!!! Any design has to start with a concept such as the required power to properly drive the speaker with which the amp is going to be used. Then a decision has to be made as to the type of sound the person desires as different circuit arrangements will yield definite sonic differences (such as SET vs. SEP, push-pull pentodes vs. push-pull triodes, and so on). Once the power question and type of circuit is settled, then we go to the suitable tube candidates to satisfy that requirement. And, within that latter category, we have to decide on cost. Some folks don't want to be using output tubes costing $200 each! Regarding preamps, again we have to know what it will be used with. I'm not going to design a high gain preamp capable of an output of 25V if the amp with which it is going to be used has a sensitivity of only 200 millivolts for full output. As to rolling tubes, I personally don't consider that worthwhile. In numerous, blind, listening tests over the years most guys have had trouble differentiating subtle variations in tubes. There's a lot of snake oil out there about tubes having black plates vs. gray plates making a huge difference in sound (the color difference is simply due to different heat dissipation coatings used on the plate), that the shape of the getter or number of getters affects the sound, or that a $400 Telefunken 12AU7 ALWAYS sounds better than an affordable Sylvania. Perceived sonic differences in cases like that are often proportional to how much the person spent on the "better" tube. Sure, if a particular tube is noisy due to excessive gas (something I can relate to personally) switching to one which is within spec will be an improvement. So, that's my philosophy. Others will have a different perspective. And, of course, this discussion has to include the issue of "audiophile grade" caps and resistors as well. I won't get into that side of things. Maynard
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    Like most of our computers, SMART phones, and TV's? Bill If people avoided buying imported stuff in the first place we would have more manufacturing and more available jobs here in the United states. Not trying to be political but its common sense, keep Americans working. I am just playing. It is obvious that we can't completely buy all American all of the time. I also try when I can. Bill
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