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    Morning all.... No shop today ...... Were off to Philly this morning going with our friends. Gonna get some good eats in China Town.... I'll have The BOSS get some pics today. Yea dtel.... gotta clean em up.... don't know what i'm gonna do yet... Well 2nd cup about done..... grandkids getting ready to get on the bus..... gonna roll out... Oh....;. Up-date on the Pilot..... did the 1st oil change yesterday 2300 hundred miles on the engine...No oil consumption.... right at the full mark A good day to all... MKP :-)
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    I like the blood splatter paint job
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    You should see my son now. Six feet at 14. Trombone, viola, and piano. And wants to be an architect. Closing in on Eagle. Very proud and grateful. Dave
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    She was sweet, had a great life, influenced a lot of people, and went almost instantly with no pain. I can grieve, but I can't complain. Given her 100% mortality prediction within 10 days at birth we had a great blessing for 13 years. With that knowledge, I said always that I was prepared, but not ready. Dave
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    Getting closer to completion. Staining the doors. Forgot a few trim pieces needed to be made.
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    Skipped the coffee, but having a great time on flag and bourbon day with the smoker smoking and the tunes going and the puns a flowing. And the soccer game is on too.
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    I think expansion for a team into Vegas is idiotic. The hometown fans would never fill the seats. The seats instead will be filled by casino owners that are putting clients into the seats. You might think this is a good idea but I don't and here is why. The "fans" that are going to games will be rooting for the teams according to where they are from. RedWing fans will buy up tickets to see the Vegas team only when the Wings are in town. The actual fan base for the Vegas home team will take at least ten years to get a following. They should have expanded first into Quebec city where they already have an arena sitting there waiting. Unfortunately the NHL commissioner Bettman is, and always has been rooting for expansion into American cities where hockey ranks third or fourth behind Football, Baseball and Basketball...that is all...
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    Turkey 101 is my everyday whisky. Ice and splash of soda, very nice on a hot day. Or a cold day. Or when it rains. Or snows. Excellent with hail. Dave
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    After looking at the pics again it mostly looks like they need a good cleaning ?
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    I hope your new speakers sing for you Mark. It sounds like you had an exciting trip.
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    The PAW and I are doing final pack out of our Seabrook house, right at 10 years to the day from when we moved in. Thomas is at scout camp in Arkansas. Mixed emotions. This house was never really "me." Too "Pleasantville" and uniform. However, many memories. We lost our daughter here a month after that picture was taken so locking the door the last time will certainly involve tears. Some of our friends will be dropping by tonight and we'll toast. Then, it's home to Texarkana. We are planning to have our building downtown ready by first quarter of '17. It will be my last home. My final journey will be out old US 67 to join my parents and daughter at East Memorial Gardens. My travels are done. OTOH, the Regional Music Heritage Center will need me for quite a while so I don't plan on that trip out 67 anytime soon...though, of course, that isn't my call. Dave
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    What? I thought this was my job....
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    Team Name: The bench areas would be the Buffet Line, penalty boxes shaped and outfitted as an ATM machine. Team Mascot: Saturday Night Giveaway:
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    This really bolsters my opinion of you guys...
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    I agree. It is a foolish move along the lines of playing hockey in Phoenix. The only games I've attended there was when the Calgary Flames were in town.
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    It would be worth a call to Klipsch to find out.
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    I asked an older guy one day if he had a knife, he said start a fight and find out
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    Looks like I need to get a handle on this knife thread............................................
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    Yeah personally I think your subs ought to be heavy enough to not move in the first place. If it vibrates at all then put some heavy granite on top or something, not that anybody would be crazy enough to do that.
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    Cut 2 tennis balls in half and put one piece under each corner of your platform for a cheap experiment to see if you like the effect.
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    Born yesterday.......7 lbs. 11 oz. Meet Davinchi
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    Congrats!! Just saw your post. Grandkids are a blessing. We have three and a half (one on the way)!!
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    Arash - Google "Altendorf Felder forum" to get real life opinions. -- https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=altendorf%20felder%20forum Lars
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    Those are some robust saws. Are you using them for mass production of speakers?
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    Not everybody looks at dates on threads, I know I don't. I think trying to answer a question is more important than the date a thread was started.
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    Hopefully KLF-30s are broken in by now. Your right I was thinking about the neighbors.
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    IMHO, unfortunately, "social commentary" creeps into threads where it's really not even relevant. How about "Great game, really enjoyed it", or "what a fantastic performance by the goalie", or whatever, and leave it at that?
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    Purchase the Deoxit D5. Remove the receiver cover and spray switches from the inside. Spray lightly, rotate switches back and forth several times, Let it sit for a few minutes, spray again, and rotate switches again. You can pack some paper towels under the switches to absorb excess. Deoxit does not evaporate immediately, so I always let it dry overnight. http://www.parts-express.com/caig-d5s-6p-deoxit-d5-spray-with-perfect-straw-5-oz-60th-anniversary--341-201
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    We just rescued two puppies, schweenies, brother and sister, premature miracle dogs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Welcome to the forum. I personally have not owned any of the Epic line but have enjoyed and still enjoy various other models of Klipsch speakers. They are a great bang for the buck speaker co. I am sure you will enjoy these speakers. Tom
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    how big of a room are you trying to energize?
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    Oh I thought you said Belle on a bookshelf. That would definitely not be a good idea.
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    RIP Mr Hockey Love the term "Gordie Howe Hat Trick" 1 goal, 1 assist and 1 fight all in one game
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    For me "back in the day" has not changed in 5 decades!!! Any design has to start with a concept such as the required power to properly drive the speaker with which the amp is going to be used. Then a decision has to be made as to the type of sound the person desires as different circuit arrangements will yield definite sonic differences (such as SET vs. SEP, push-pull pentodes vs. push-pull triodes, and so on). Once the power question and type of circuit is settled, then we go to the suitable tube candidates to satisfy that requirement. And, within that latter category, we have to decide on cost. Some folks don't want to be using output tubes costing $200 each! Regarding preamps, again we have to know what it will be used with. I'm not going to design a high gain preamp capable of an output of 25V if the amp with which it is going to be used has a sensitivity of only 200 millivolts for full output. As to rolling tubes, I personally don't consider that worthwhile. In numerous, blind, listening tests over the years most guys have had trouble differentiating subtle variations in tubes. There's a lot of snake oil out there about tubes having black plates vs. gray plates making a huge difference in sound (the color difference is simply due to different heat dissipation coatings used on the plate), that the shape of the getter or number of getters affects the sound, or that a $400 Telefunken 12AU7 ALWAYS sounds better than an affordable Sylvania. Perceived sonic differences in cases like that are often proportional to how much the person spent on the "better" tube. Sure, if a particular tube is noisy due to excessive gas (something I can relate to personally) switching to one which is within spec will be an improvement. So, that's my philosophy. Others will have a different perspective. And, of course, this discussion has to include the issue of "audiophile grade" caps and resistors as well. I won't get into that side of things. Maynard
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    Rythmik FV15HP or Reaction Audio Gamma 21 would my 2 choices for a sub under $2k. I have owned a TON of quality subwoofers over the last 8 years and the Rythmik was heads and shoulders better than all of them. That Gamma 21 has me drooling though.. I was even shopping for a new sub when I ran across this thread. It's a disease but it's a fun disease;)
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    have you owned both of these? I have. The palladium is no slouch.I would take the palladium over all that you mentioned. Now if you were gonna spend a little more I would say get a ported version like the pb-12plus or the pb-13 ultra. Or a little more could get you a seaton submersive which would crush all of them hands down. Never owned Klipsch subs. I am using two Velodynes and they sound pretty good. I want a sealed sub though. I don't care about explosions and things like that. I want the very best musical sub for the money. Sealed or ported means zero in terms of musical or not. Whoever told you that does not know what they are talking about.
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    Reading Part III A of the Opinion made me want to vomit. Granted, Led Zeppelin is the best band ever, and so, I am biased. However, the reflux comes about because as we all know in litigation, experts are paid whores who can, and will, say anything. It is so interesting to hear them talk about how the songs are "substantially similar" because of things like "a Renaissance feeling about them" and “the use of reverb to create a mystic, dreamlike quality [so that] each note of the guitar has a ‘whispering tail.’” Yeah, right. If this is the standard, then let any musician without sin cast the first stone. Ridiculous!
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    That isn't the issue, the issue is whether they are entitled to a partial song writing credit for the song intro. Led Zeppelin has lost/settled a couple of prior cases for plagiarism of old blues riffs and lyrics without giving proper credit.
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    Hello room........I would like you to behave
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