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    You are indeed, correct. Reason I mentioned what happened was more to do my little bit to nudge a casual reader into listening to their inner voice.
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    Backstory: I grew up eating a cinnamon coffee cake that my mother made. I absolutely loved it. I loved it enough that when I went off to college, I stole her recipe and continue to make it to this day. Made from scratch, takes just under 2-hours from start to pulling out of the oven so it's not something that I can whip together in 5-minutes and enjoy....it's a process. I always (I mean always) make a double batch. I'll eat it fast enough that making two of them won't be an issue for me. Also, it gives me one to give away which I actually enjoy doing very much (in spite of the effort it takes to make them) Most everyone in my circle of life has had either a piece of one or an entire one given to them. I've got a neighbor that is (guessing) 62/65 years old. Honestly, he's a good old country redneck but, he'd give you the shirt on his back and if someone was giving you grief, he'd be the first one to jump in to help/defend you. The other day, about 3 weeks ago, I was driving home. I realized I had not seen him in a couple months. I had "that little voice in the back of my head" tell me that I ought to go home, make a couple of coffee cakes and take one to both he & his wife and, our other neighbor. Both of them have had them before and they all loved them. Well, I didn't do it for whatever reasons. We just got back from his funeral. He passed away in his sleep earlier in the week. He had no clue that I had thought about him and was going to make him one of those coffee cakes and now, it's too late. Friday night, I did get to making two coffee cakes. I delivered one to his family yesterday morning and they just got done telling me how much they appreciated it and loved it. To be honest, I almost rather they had said nothing as all I was hearing was how much they enjoyed it and it reminded me that I didn't bring it to him when I originally thought about it.
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    Up early for 2 cups from a clean machine using bottled water; ya'll were right tastes nice. Just finished the front yard mowing, weedeating, edging and blowing with a 102 degree heat index at 0900. The back can wait. Ordered a new burner tube kit, grills and regulator for the Weber Performer (charcoal with gas light). Paint supplies on order for the honey to do list while the girls are off on their Korean vacation.
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    The best addition you can make is to add the Palladium center channel. The front three speakers in a home theater set up are the most critical and the Palladium center will timbre match with the left and right speakers. The Polk surround should be ok as they are not as critical with voice matching as the front three are. Also with the Palladiums being a 3 way speaker, anything less than the Palladium center would be a mistake in my opinion.
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    My wife was in Kroger and saw a friend across the store but didn't make a point of saying hello. The friend was from the days when we had kids in school at the same time. About a week later the woman died suddenly. Now Nancy makes a point of making contact with friends. You never know if you'll get another opportunity.
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    the best lip sync (broadcast) anyway
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    Don't know why they post sideways.....feel free to flip
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    Masonboro Island at Wrightsville Beach. The LF and I volunteered to hand out trash bags to the party people. Not bad at all.....
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    I hope everyone has a safe and great 4th weekend. My neighbors (about 6 houses down) have decided to entertain us with a radio station that just plays bass, maybe I will see how my new Forte 2s sound outdoors with a little Zep. Too bad the 600s aren't ready. :D Mark
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    I had the La Scala's out last night while the neighbors blew a couple of thousand dollars worth of fireworks in the street... Had a July 4 mix on through Spotify, which was really pretty good.
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    I have come to learn the gut is a powerful life tool and instinct is not be be ignored. My condolences to your friend and I am sure he is happy knowing you are there for his family and able to give them some cake, that is what truly matters. I remember right before my Grandfather died I had a strange urgent voice in my head that I had to call him. Our conversation was different, like we both new there was some significance we could not consciously identify. He ended up having a stroke a few day later and passed soon after that. You got to love people from the old WWII generation though. When my other late Grandpa got MRSA the doctor told him there was nothing else they could do all he said was, "Well, the Japanese and then Chevrolet have been trying to kill me for years, I think I can handle this." A true hero.
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    No matter what you do or don't do, you will always have regrets (if you have a conscience).
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    That's the important part. You had taken the time to share that great cake with them on previous occasions. Unfortunately, the older we get, the more this kinda thing happens. That guy considered you a friend no doubt, that's what counts!
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    So what are you saying about shared values? Why all the veiled stuff about shared community and values? So what is moral to a Deist? I think the term the Federalist used was "virtue". Essentially what it was, was self interest. A system to protect self interest while also preventing factions. Our country has a value system beyond self interest that is shared and accepted, it is based on the premise that it matters not what your race, religion, or gender is, only that you believe in the rule of law and the Constitution. That is the "shared value" that Americans have shared since 1788.
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    So I guessing yor are one of those that believe that the crew that came up with the Constitution did so by praying for guidance and inspiration? Or that Thomas Jefferson sat in a room and prayed to God and the words just flowed forth? History? Last time I checked there weren't any accounts of GW parting the Potomac in order to surprise the enemy. Godly people? They were either Diests or Unatarians who firmly believed that religion has no place in government, along with being adamant that there be no religious test to hold office. They were smart, very smart, they said keep religion, and thus God, the hell out of government.
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    No, you rock. The care and perfection you put forth in your craftsmanship is incredible. I know your struggles are weighty and often but an onlooker would never know it by fixing their eyes on the finish product. Michael touts you as a brother and best friend and you don't disappoint. Keep doing what you do. Bill
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    You guys rock. Thank you to all my friends for the complements. It is great when others get such enjoyment from my work. A special thanks to all who helped me finally get it finished. Sad thing is I don't even know who all helped, all I know is I couldn't have done it without the help. I was just cleaning up in the shop and found sign after sign that my wife had posted as reminders for me on this project. My favorite "Michael changed his mind. NOT BLACK anymore." He had originally wanted the cabinet black. That would have been a big oops.
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    Morning all.... Yes, a happy 4th to all..... I've been working in the yard trying to fill these two holes.... was going to the landscape company up the road and getting a yard of fill dirt at a time. I noticed my neighbor two house up had a skid steer he was using. speaking with him he said he's putting a pool up. I asked him if he's got any extra dirt he doesn't need I have two big holes I'm trying to fill in. Later on he started bringing the dirt over to fill the holes... It worked out good. We had a cookout on the deck last night and had two of the neighbors over... yea the fill dirt guy and his wife also the younger couple right next to us...... had the KP-362's on the deck and all the tiki torches lit.... was a very nice night. ok gang...... check in later...... a good day to all... MKP :-)
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    I would wager that a high percentage of American flags being flown this weekend were not made in America, especially if they were purchased at Wal-Mart. How sick are you now?
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    I know that most of the people on this forum understand . . . history, our national character, our source and our strength. It is ourselves only to the extent of our obedience and our faith in, and our love of God. The deliberate pollution of the facts is our "great" undoing. "Education", or "right emotions", nor ignorance will ever deliver us from ourselves, if we do not understand the Source of our nationhood. It is not Fate, or some happy coincidence or convergence. It happened to be Godly people 2.5 centuries ago who were so much smarter than we today, evidently. We say "God bless", or we ask God to bless our nation, or we ask God to be on our side. We have it BACKWARD. We must be a people who bless God, as individuals. He will bless the people and nation who bless Him. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. I hope this is not overstepping the posting rules or boundaries. but, the Truth is the Truth, and must be said.
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    Based on this I'll go with asking $800 shipped. Zim, thanks for the reference.
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    I love the Star Spangled Banner. It started as a British drinking song and was sung very differently at the beginning than it is now. There are some early versions on Youtube, with the phrasing you almost wouldn't even recognize it. What I love about the SSB is how many variations it has and can still be the same song. How very American. In general my favorite versions are played only, no words. I tend to like the versions played by military bands that are uplifting and magnificent, lots of brass. The SSB should be played as a march about 2 minutes long and not as a 4 minute long dirge. I don't like the versions that are drawn out which bring attention to the singer and not to the song. List your favorites, with your comments. Here is one of mine. Why? Goose bump time! Favorite American flag gifs welcomed as well! Happy Independence Day, 2016!
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    After another application of Howard's Dark Walnut, and two applications of Watco clear oil. And, they smell good too!!
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    Very cool rock version. To me this almost goes past a SSB arrangement to being a composition, a variation on a theme. Did you notice the time signature? The SSB is in a straight 3/4 and this was done in 4/4. That's why the "feel" of the tune feels off. It isn't, it just feels that way.
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    Carl's F-20 build thread is a good one. Can't find it now. Almost convinced to go that route. It's bigger than a Tuba but peoples' impressions of the sound seem to match what I'm after.
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    I have/had CF-2, 3 & 4's and while they all will sound good with @10 watts going in, I found that 25 watts and up are needed to control the woofers and 100 watts isn't over doing it and will provide the deepest and most impactful bass (especially notable with the CF-4 model). As your grandpa and others have mentioned, good quality tube amps are an excellent match with most Klipsch speakers but the Epic series seems to lend itself to SS and digital topologies that can provide more bottom end and control. Still, look for quality as you want to avoid the noise, strident highs and distortion prevalent in lesser amps. Have fun!
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    Matt I took a look at those old boards they are not for you, they need a transformer and lots of parts. Sorry I thought I got new trannys when I rebuilt mine.
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    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security." - Preamble to the Declaration of Independence
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    Hmmmm. Won't speculate on the reason(s) for what sounds to be disdainful of and hostile to my comments. Nor will I reply in kind. Perhaps you will come to a different understanding as your lives unfold. And perhaps not . . . .
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    I thought you were just mirroring my wife.... says I'm always talking but never saying anything...
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    Life is for the living. I'd like to think he went peacefully and laughing inside, thinking of meat helmets.
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    There are a great many of us loyal to the Crown. There are many in Quebec who are not as well as number of anti monarchists. Fortunately they are a minority.
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    . That was after the show.
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    Who cares, just as long as we can still text while going down the road
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    On another patriotic note... my Grandaughter 13 yrs old made all of us very proud when before we lit a pile of Fireworks she started singing America the Beautiful loud as she could without any notice. It really surprised everyone, then we all joined in so all the neighbors could hear. Kids...they may be the only ones who can to save us....
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    That's Ok since they invented them. But everyone knows America invented freedom. Did the patent expire?
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    I, for one, can't wait to set off some Chinese made fireworks on Monday...
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    From a marketing perspective, I cant think of any thing else that would make people want to buy the La Scalas more than this.
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    Klipsch has already, wisely, posted this thread to their Facebook page.
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    My audio repair experience has been limited to vintage tube gear components, and heritage speakers through these places. 1.) Audio Classics (Tuner Master, Richard Modafferi) I think it's fair to say that most of the old dogs in here are aware of Audio Classics. They can be pricey, but I think it's safe to say you get what you paid for, especially when your gear goes to Richard Modafferi. He has rebuilt 3 Tuners for me, 2 McIntosh MR71's and a Marantz 10B. His work is absolutely stellar, nothing short of absolute perfection... but he's getting up in age, and must be in his upper 70's by now; So don't sit around thinking about it for too much longer, if you have a vintage tuner, get it to him ASAP. He's magical. 2.) NOS Valves (The Man!! -- Craig Otsby, forum member NOSValves) Craig's work is outstanding, he's rebuilt 4 McIntosh MR60's, as well as my precious C22 Pre Amp. Absolutely love his work, clean is the best way to describe it. The tube gear he's fixed or refurbished for me still works flawlessly to this day. Craig also built a pair of special VRD's, and they are perfect sounding. Dead silent, pure clean Class A. If you ever buy a something from Craig, take a look under the hood, the work is so damn clean. I think he's a real craftsman. What the Amish are to wood, Craig is to vintage tube amps, and tube pre's. Nothing short of perfect. 3.) McIntosh Audio (Terry DeWick) McIntosh Audio's Terry DeWick, I have not personally sent gear to him, but I did pay a relatively high price for a NOS looking C22, that Terry had recently repaired. I paid a premium only because it came from the original owner and he offered me a McIntosh Audio yellow receipt with Terry's sign-off on the unit. When I plugged it in, I thought it sounded good, but there were multiple issues. Switches did not function (they did nothing), and the knobs (rheostats) were filthy, resulting in a hell of a lot of static just from touching them. Long story short, I sent it to Craig, who went through it with a fine tooth come. When I got it back from Craig, and hooked-it-up I was instantly pleased, it was the Wow-What a difference effect!. To be fair, I have heard a number of guys in here that have good luck and speak well of Terry DeWick's work, so maybe my experience was a fluke. 4.) SpeakerWorks (ask for David Miller) David at SpeakerWorks performs excellent work. You may have to wait your turn, but he is worth the wait. He has repaired and rebuilt a few woofers and mids for my Cornwalls, and one set of klipsch crossovers. His work is very clean, and the price is reasonable. On a side-note, if your in the market for vintage gear (SS and especially Tubed), you need to visit his shop. He does not advertise any of the gear. Walking into one of the rooms in his shop is like stepping into a time capsule. Wall to wall vintage audio gear sitting on racks; McIntosh, Marantz, Technics', Luxman, Scott, Fisher; it was incredible, it's like a candy store, and every component was in excellent to pristine "looking" condition; but beware, he knows what he's got, and he isn't cheap. I did not buy any vintage gear from him, as I thought his prices were too high, but his repair work is reasonable and his work is excellent.
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    Evening gang.... OK OK I couldn't wait till the morning.... The BOSS and I having a cup of evening coffee with the new BUNN.... Got some DD de-cafe going on..... The BUNN is awesome.... can't wait to use it again in the morning Later... MKP :-)
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    I received the speakers. They sound great but may get a titanium diaphragm upgrade from Bob Crites. The backs cannot be removed. Cabinet is plywood. I believe they are early model Cornwall II's. They are also in absolutely fantastic condition. Previous owner really took care of them as the veneer and cabinet in general look furniture grade throughout. I'm attaching some photos.
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    dmb, I would think you could get $500 - $600 for your RF-82ii's. The larger tweeter and the extra 8" woofer are a pretty significant upgrade from the RF-82's. I would at least go and listen to them since they are local. You might just decide to take them home with you.
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    Thanks guys for the warm welcome.Pic indeed. Here you go. I must confess that I've never been fond of modern Klipsch speakers as I auditioned them against many others. They were a tad to bright and forward sounding.What made me go out on a limb and try these without hearing them I don't know. They were sort of calling out to me. More so from something inside of me that said "BUY THESE!". Much like the Wharfedales Denton's I bought. I'm two for two.
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    The pictures don't do justice to the speakers. The poor lighting in the man cave doesn't help either.
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    I just got to say..... Nothing impresses me more than when a Dad teaches one of his children the joy of working with their hands. Some of the best memories I have of my late father are of building things together. Great job building the theater. And great job building memories. G.E.M
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