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    My vote...a third LaScala. Be patient
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    Anything by James Taylor, I'll suggest You've Got a Friend. :emotion-21: And of course, Best of Bread.
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    Very productive weekend. Mowed the front and back yard, trimmed the lemon tree, reversed the back door so it swings in the opposite directions, repaired a faulty lawn sprinkler valve, and met a fellow audio addict who was selling some gear. I'm set for now on gear so I picked up a Threshold FET 10 phono preamp for a friend ($40). One of those deals of a lifetime.
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    Got some pic's, I put a bunch so you could see what I was talking about, the walkway was dark and you really couldn't see much past the bar area except from the lights under the bar roof. I just did the base of some trees just to have it look a little bigger and see more of the garden, it feels bigger being able to see out a little further. I really like the difference, none of the outside tiki torches were lit in these pic's..
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    Chipping away slowly at the little things of beauty in life. Those little things that can make meaning of the occasional drab day. The little things of comfort that help to define the meaning with in ourselves. Yes, I am talking about dreams. Earlier in the week, I made a decision. Ever since I was a little boy, I dreamed of the day. That day is to come soon my friends. That decision was to start a new savings fund. Savings to fund that dream as a young lad. My goal: have the necessary funds safely stowed away. Nickel by nickel for 2 years I will chip away at my goal. The "goal" you ask? ↓↓↓ '72 454 BB, 4 speed, T-tops, Factory Sides Hello again my friend, "Ramen Noodles" LOL Matt ♪ ♫ ♪
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    Thank you, we use it alot, even if for just for relaxing in a hammock listening to music.
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    Better get ready to eat Ramen for 3 years after we get through spending your money
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    Once I went to buy a chess set, one of the more fancy ones. I lived in a well to do neighborhood near the shopping area. Being a new resident, I did not think much about it. After going in several stores I left to go home. As soon as I got to my car, 5 police cars surrounded me. I politely ask what is wrong. They said a suspicious person was sighted in some of the stores. I told them that I had not seen such a person, lol. Being a person of color, I immediately new the suspicious person was me. Color can make a huge difference is some communities. I was asked a couple of question and left to go on my merry way.
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    If it were 20 times bigger it might work.
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    Ours was simple compared to what your doing, I could get away with low power general lighting, nothing specific or high power.............yes eventually pics. Looks great, I have only tried the 3-2-1 method once and they came out so good I plan on doing it like that from now on. Going to do a little chicken today, but that sucks compared to ribs !
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    Thanks everybody, it just started as just redoing the garden and adding a place to sit in the shade, glad we did it, we use it alot. Many of those poles have hooks to hang hammocks which is really handy because there are Heresy's hidden up in the back ceiling. Heresy's and hammocks, they really go well together The bad part is lately I usually wait to just before dark, even with two ceilings fans it's still hot .
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    Awesome work Dtel, I'll bet people never want to leave! Jimbo, looking at the pics of those ribs made my cold ham sandwich for lunch seem underwhelming
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    Fun seeing the outdoor lighting pictures. I'll post some of mine this evening. Hope everybody had a great weekend.
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    Our doggy... Seems like just yesterday she was a little puppy.
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    Wow, dtel....after looking at your pics, I think we should have the next Pilgrimage at your place!! Beautiful fun stuff!! Great work.
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    Not the greatest photos since it's kind of dark and mysterious down deep inside my smoker drum....but these were definitely the best ribs of the summer so far. After a lot of years of doing this, I'm a firm believer in a few things about my ribs.... I only use "St. Louis cut" spare ribs, which I believe have more flavor than back ribs I always remove the silver skin on the back of the racks....PIA to do sometimes, but worthwhile. I've read where other folks are adamant about leaving it on, as they say it helps to retain moisture, but that's BS as far as I'm concerned..... Rub applied overnight, and covered with plastic wrap in the fridge. I normally make my own rubs, but like to experiment with the commercial brands too. I use Pecan and Sugar Maple mix for my smoking wood. I will occasionally use Hickory (just a little), or some Oak, but the Pecan and Sugar Maple are my favorite. Spritz the ribs quickly with apple juice every half hour I use the 3-2-1 method. 3 hours on the smoke, 2 hours in foil (with a little added apple juice), and then 1 hour (still in foil), wrapped in a heavy brown paper grocery bag, and placed in a cooler. And last but not least, a good heavy Zinfandel from Ridge Vineyards or Ravenswood.....
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    I hope someone takes you up on your offer Aaron.
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    Ha - "dtel" My car will come with the proper drive train, installed...
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    Might want to take some car money and go ahead and buy this.
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    This concept is completely foreign in our relationship. In fact, she just finished a cupboard in our bedroom to make place for an amp and BD player. I was throwing around words like "horn subwoofer" and "corner speakers" in regards to the bedroom without any disagreement from her what-so-ever. She even offered up a few suggestions. As far as some of her favorites? Hall & Oates, Wham!, DJ Baby Anne, Black Mill
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    Great to hear the mat will be available. I want one for my personal VPI, but we'll get the Klipsch table for the RMHC listening area...an obvious choice! Win/win. Dave
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    Since it's dead here, going for the third coffee for today, no other news except it's HOT outside.
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    Looking at some of these engines your going to be eating noodles for a very long time !
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    Thanks for the bump!! I am excited and a bit nervous as first time re-veneering.
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    Well worth the time they take to view. A lawyer's perspective, a cop's perspective and a constitutional overview Don't Talk to Cops, Part 1 - YouTube Don't Talk to Cops, Part 2 - YouTube 10 Rules for Dealing with Police (Full-Length) - YouTube
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    This works EVERY time... https://youtu.be/VlrKETxwRvM?t=3
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    Don't eat too many of those things, it will kill you. Too much salt.
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    My opinion - You're not going to gain many points playing her some technically dynamic super well recorded tracks. Rather, play a few songs SHE loves, and as long as they are quality recordings, That will swoon her the most. Music can't really be chosen for others. We ALL have different things that evoke different feelings. You might want, I dunno, some Jazz, She might puke on that, and love some Josh Groban or Andrea Bocelli. Or maybe Mettallica or AC DC. Linda Ronstadt ft Arron Neville "I need you" pretty safe. Of course, you can always make a run to the Drugstore, then put on some Barry White. Lars
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    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/scott-morgan/5-reasons-you-should-neve_b_1292554.html http://hwblaw.com/never-consent-to-a-search/ http://jayrameylaw.com/know-your-rights/ "1. NEVER grant permission to the police (or anyone else) to search your house, car, bags/luggage, person or any other property. 2. During a traffic stop, do not answer questions that are not related to the stop, such as where are you coming from or where you are going, if you are carrying large sums of cash, where your work, or what the purpose of your travel is. If the officer persists with these questions, tell him you want to speak with your attorney. If the officer tells you that you are free to go, then LEAVE. Do not agree to stay and answer more questions."
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    I don't know if this adds to the conversation or is just a sidebar. But I've had multiple interactions with police, like some here have mentioned they have had. I have two short stories, however anecdotal. Same person, Me. Same car, mine. Two very very different outcomes. 1) living in very affluent Naperville, Illinois driving a very large body German car with 5% window tint on each window except windshield I made a lane change without signaling. I was pulled over. I pulled entirely off the roadway. Rolled down all four windows, opened sunroof, turned 4-ways (hazard lights) on, switched engine off, keys on roof, hands grasping door/window sill. Officer approached hand on holster, and saw the keys on the roof. Looked around in my car front and back seat. He asked license and reg. I asked if I may unbuckle my seat belt and then asked for permission to reach into pocket for ID, and into glove box. I opened glove box, asked if he would like to inspect before I reach in. He had a strange smirk on his face and said no, go ahead. I handed him my ID and he glanced at it. He handed it back. Asked if I knew why I was pulled over. I said yes, I failed to indicate my lane change. He then asked me why the windows, keys on roof and all that- he asked if I was making fun of him. I said no officer, you have a scary job- we don't know each other and I wanted you to feel safe. I would like to not be shot today. It was a blunt answer- but very much the truth. I was let go with a warning. 2) same car. Different town. I was leaving work and traveling through the "ghetto" across town to my home. I was at a red light from a two way street onto a one way street. I had a pack of Marlboro red's on my gear selector surround, but my lighter was in my pocket. I raised my hips to access my pocket and lit my cigarette after getting lighter out. After turning when light went green, Window was cracked maybe 2" to ash the cig. I had a black crown Vic right on my tail.. And I mean close! Lights and Siren going. It was an undercover car- the lights were on the sun visors. I pulled over as far as I could due to a large curb. Two officers approached my car. One on the passenger side gun drawn pointing about 4-5 feet in front of him at the ground. Driver cop approached my drivers side and yelled at my car to roll windows down. (I had barely just turned my vehicle off and switched my hazard lights on!) they were there so fast! I rolled my windows down & I was yelled at to get out of the vehicle and lay on the ground. I called back to the officer asking what I had done and why I was being asked to get out. No response.. Well not a verbal one. I was pulled from my vehicle, handcuffed, and put in back of their cruiser. They then searched my entire car.. I was released after about a 30-45min long ordeal. I was told they were looking for weapons because they saw me try to hide a weapon when I was at the stop light. So- my anecdotal evidence says- where you live makes a huge difference in how you are judged and perceived. Mind you- I'm no gang banger looking thug. The closest thing I own to gang banger was the tinted windows or maybe a Mercedes-Benz put crew racing jersey. Not fubu, not white sox hats and whatever else that seem to be stereotypical. Maybe situation 1 was white priveledge? And 2 was just fluke? Doubtful... Seems to happen all to much. Luckily I wasn't killed! It scares me to be pulled over these days.. And I have skin color on my side. I can't imagine the terror in the black community or the police community these days. And those stories 1 & 2 were not that long ago. Sad days. I hope drastic change is possible.
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    As an attorney and former prosecutor, my answer is YES. A street interaction with a police officer is not the time to instruct the officer on the law. If an officer asked for my phone or to search my car, I would politely ask if he/she has a warrant. That said, I would not risk a physical altercation to avoid an illegal search of my car or seizure of the phone. If your rights are violated you can address that later through proper channels. If you're shot and killed by an angry officer, your opportunity to appeal is gone. If you give them permission to search, your rights along with your ability to appeal is pretty much gone, no? I don't see how you can give them permission then turn around and do what you're saying.
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    Amp works great, for the last month, thank you all, it has a good sound, but not quite, as my old 1957 harman kardon. But impressing powerful with my Belle!
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    Dave I'm not saying that a respectful decline to be illegally arrested, searched, etc. is inappropriate. A well trained and well intentioned officer will not pursue it. I am saying that a street level pissing match with a bully with a badge and a gun is a no win proposition. Being dead right can get you dead, right?
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    In my opinion, no, not at all, you should plainly state that you do not consent to a search but you will not resist. The 4th amendment doesn't exist for nothing, and nothing good can come from it. Same thing when they ask "where are you going"? You point down the road and say "that way". I realize this is a seemingly innocent tactic to see if you start giving weird conflicting statements and more or less to see how you react, but still, It's none of their business where you are going, nothing good can come from your explanation. This is America, we don't have the Gestapo here. We shouldn't act like we do.
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    That works for me. TV screen wall mounted with a motorized screen above it. Some of my family enjoy watching movies on the big screen with a light on in the room. No wash out problems.
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    Mornin' all. Haven't checked in for a couple of days. Great pics dtel. Thanks for sharing ... you've given me some ideas for our place. Nothing but hot temps out here ...just made plans to go to the mountains in a few weeks to escape the heat and give Better Half a break from work. Maybe a little fly fishing. Despite the nasty temps, been doing a lot of cooking outdoors. Hickory smoked ribs and mesquite grilled ribeyes. Not likely to starve anytime soon. Enjoy your day. Cheers .............
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    Then he took us to the actual hanger. WOW! I'm not into planes but these were absolutely incredible! As we arrived, they were wheeling out a huge glider to prepare to take a few groups up for training. They even had a sweet P1 Mustang Trainer Plane from WWII. The plane has been modified to a 2-seater for trainer and pilot in training. With the proper credentials, you could fly it for 30 minutes for $1400.
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    During our visit, W.C. took us to the Triple Tree Aerodrome which he is heavily involved in. I really had no idea what to expect. He gave us a tour of the facility including the training room for RC Planes. The room was setup with several computers with monitors and RC Controllers for virtual simulation training.
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    They are nothing less than works of art! PM sent.
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    Where's a computer savvy six-year-old when you need one? Thanks MG for the tutorial, now if I could only follow your instructions.
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    Too bad, I hate it when that happens. It wasn't me!
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    Not many cars I miss in life or wish I had kept except one car, a 68 SS Camaro. It was no Yenko or number matching '69 Z/28, just an old 68 SS. I really wish I still had photos of it.
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    Funny, guess it kind of reads per say. But no, just means no more fancy dinners out (adds up quick). A steak here and there won't hurt, just cook it myself. Ramen for lunch and other sensible spending will go a long way. Matt ♪ ♫ ♪
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    Another Screen Print:
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    Not a new Belle owner, have had mine for about 35 years. Mine have the ebony finish which I haven't seen on any others, Was curious if anyone knows how many they built with the ebony finish. They are definitely a great speaker and nice to look at. Also was looking for input on replacement receiver. I have been using a Fischer rs1080, also for about 30 years, but I think it croaked. ?? fix it or replace, dilemma...note serial #s on Belles, 8512929 &8512930. year built?
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    "Having a good product is not enough. Despite what our ignorant government "leaders" would have us believe, you don't produce a product to "create jobs" or even "make speakers" for the love of the product. You are in the business of making money." Job growth is a sign of a healthy business. No one makes millions of dollars by running a business alone. A product that creates jobs means more money. I'm curious about this dealer "network". There hasn't been a real high end dealer network in 20 years - which is why everyone drags their product to audio shows. The remaining high end dealers don't give up floor space to new product (since most go out of business in the first year) - but to well known and established businesses - and that list is still surprisingly long.
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