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    Good Monday morning, Our new Bunn coffee maker has rubbed off on me. With the Bunn, if you pour in a cup of water, it immediately forces out a cup of coffee. At 67, when I now drink a cup of coffee it immediately forces out a cup of . . . ah . .. water.
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    First off a little background. Born and bred Arkansan here. Recently my stepdad of 28 years passed away. He loved his Klipsch LaScalas. He would talk about driving to Hope and purchasing these speakers during his youth. For many years he had them powered with an old low power Marantz amp. I fondly remember a time 25 years ago when the neighbors called the cops on us listening to Skynyrd at a level a bit louder than they liked. Nothing came of it but I remember him remarking that he didn't even have them near full throttle and the five-o asking him to prove it so he put on some shooting muffs and proceeded inside to let the dogs off the leash. The picture of him putting on those shooting muffs is something that I'll carry forever. Classic. So these speakers and some redneck rock provided an initial bond between us that stuck. After a break-in relieved him of most of his audio components including his beloved Marantz, his setup eventually expanded to include a pair of RS7s, an RC7 and and R12SW being run by a Denon AVR-2800. A few short months ago he discovered that he had lung cancer and underwent all the chemo and radiation treatments to no avail. During this time we rekindled this bond over listening to just about every musical genre. He commented how he always enjoyed the sound from his old Marantz over the Denon and how he also had always thought about building a custom xover but time ran out. In his will he left me these audio components stating that no one else would appreciate them and that he knows that they will be in good hands and enjoyed for years to come. I started lurking on the forums here quite a while ago trying to learn what I could about passive crossovers and what would possibly work with our listening setup but I have no background in this area. Does anyone have a recommendation for a xover build that would accompany the following configuration. Use the LSs as a two channel pair with the source being my HTPC utilizing a dedicated sound card. For an amp I was looking at venturing into an economical tube amp like the tubecube 7 or finding a suitable amp on the forum here is always a possibility. The room dimensions are 20x25. Ideally I would like to be able to wire everything with a switch allowing me to choose between running the LSs in a surround sound configuration allowing us to enjoy order to enjoy the surrounds, center and psw or running the LSs in two channel with a tube or classic amp for music. I only took pics of the back with atlas driver and aa xover. TL;DR 1. Does anyone have a recommendation for a low listening volume xover that will take a touch of edge off the squawker? 2. Thoughts on the tubecube 7 or another two-channel amp for power? Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings and for any responses. edit/grammar
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    Hey folks ...haven't posted in a few days but have been following the thread. Happy 90th to your dad, Rivervalley. That's quite a milestone. Mark (MKP) ...stay cool and be well. Will try to check back later.
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    Morning gang..... A happy Monday to all.......it's gonna be a hot one again....... Got some RainForest blend going down this morning....... Will be rolling out to the shop shortly, gonna make this a short day..... will try to leave by 4:00 this afternoon. The sun really starts beating the front of the shop late afternoon. The shop is built into a hill, so the back wall of the shop is several feet into the earth. In the morning it's fairly cool in the bay and I try to keep the bay doors closed. That works till that sun crests the front of the shop. OK......gotta roll......stay cool my friends.... MKP :-)
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    little update on the project. this is a picture if the plinth, i did a 45 degree chamfer bit and ran it though a bit to give this nice looking lip. i decided it might look nice to do a small rounder on the slot port on the bottom rear. so i mocked up a piece to figure out the right depth since i only have 1/2" and 3/4" bits. this is what i came up with. stuffed the cabinet with 1/2" mattress topper on all surfaces. will also fill with polypill once cabinet is finished. soldering up the crossovers. finished and wired mounted the boards inside the cabinets behind the top woofer. used 1/2" nylon standoffs to keep the board up. gluing the last baffle on. got the two 4x10 sheets of red oak veneer. all the veneer is cut but no sense of showing that. next pics will be with some actual progress. tomorrow will hopefully get one cabinet fully veneered.
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    You'll find out when she hand cuffs you.
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    How I spent the weekend besides the coffee and adult beverages to get me thru this. So the wife wanted the fireplace wall to be painted in a shade of grey while she was vacationing. My sister came down and selected this color. First time painting with metallic paint ($$$) hope I don't have to repaint when the boss gets home.
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    The most well known is the Canal Loop at LBL. Closer to Fort Campbell is Barkley State Park and the north/south trail at LBL. The rough stuff is north of us in southern Illinois. It was an ancient sea bed which left rocks galore, there's literally 1,000 miles of trails out there, most are pretty rough and slow unmaintained horse trails. The more groomed ones are Lake Glendale, Lake Kinkaid, and Cedar Lake. One Horse Gap, me with a demo Kona stinky from the shop owner of Revolution bikes: Lake Kincaid, my old Kona Stab, sold it to the owner of Siren bikes on the OP. Actually this came from the Revolution guy and was sold to the Siren guy. Packentuck Falls top of One Horse Gap:
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    Oh, the AC is finally working correctly. A very comfortable 72 degrees in the house!
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    I usually hear comments like that from people who haven't done any exercise since high school gym class and get winded climbing a flight of stairs.
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    I am selling my spare set of Alethea Audio Jupiter Cap'ed B type Cornwall Crossovers. No Hyperbole... no snake oil... just fantastical sounding and superbly, built Klipsch circuit with excellent top shelf parts. I think these are priced well at $575 shipped...
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    Hello everyone. After 16 years here I have finally earned a 'warning point'. I wanted to apologize to all the members here that read the offensive words that I posted and promise that I will refrain from using foul language in the future. In an attempt to explain, not justify, my use of coarse words here I will say that my working background was in labor. The work was hard and men were men and we men conversed as men. Sometimes words were used among ourselves that may have been offensive to more tender individuals, but at the end of the day we were bound by a bond that was built around hard work and accomplishment. You learn a lot about people when you are pushed to your limit in conditions that test a persons endurance and work ethic. So it is from this background, manually pounding granite 12+ hours a day (mostly nights), that I am trying to transition from to the more modern world where people are now more easily offended. I feel like a douchebag, however that feels. I have no experience with douchebags just as I have not had interaction with the seemingly softer individuals that are so prominent today. So, I am a relic. A specimen from the past. Thank goodness that I am no longer employed and subjecting others to my crudeness. I will soon go to the Gulf Coast to meditate for a few weeks and hopefully return as a more understanding and caring individual with the understanding that our world is now more sensitive and quick to shoot off a message to authority when subjected to crude language. Today I will go buy khaki pants and a baby blue button-down shirt to begin my transition to understanding. Wish me luck! Keith
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    So as my wife and I frequently visit friends in Wichita it seems all the local talk was folks on the lookout for Frankenstein. I suited up and with help from Woody, he has been found, captured and relocated. Resting safely from the publics prying eyes he is performing as expected and then some. But dont cross this guy he Will take your head off at a moments notice. But he is purring at the moment. Its already becoming difficult keeping Frankenstein and the KHorns seperated. I see a family fued in the future. Thanks to Woody for assisiting in the capture and relocation of the mythical beast. But Frankenstein was doing well at Woody's, beautiful digs.
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    Low on Freon? Yes, it was. The AC installer said that when everything is 95+ degrees, the gauge readings are not accurate. He was right. There are no leaks. Just glad the heat wave has temporarily broken in these parts.
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    I wouldn't have responded to this thread except that your apology was to the community, and I hope I've earned the privilege to be considered part of this Klipsch Forum community. I didn't read whatever it is you wrote, and I don't intend to look for it. If it helps you feel better, even though you didn't offend me personally and you don't owe me an apology, as a member of the community I accept your apology unconditionally.
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    Did you check with your resident poltergeist to see if the color change was allowable prior to painting?
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    If any of you ride, surely you're tired of everything being from Taiwan by now. If so, check out some of my friend's creations. Revolution bicycles, made right here in Paducah. Welded, powder coated, graphics made and applied, assembled, everything. https://www.facebook.com/revolutionbicyclecompany/?pnref=lhc Siren bicycles, dude is from southern Illinois right across the river then went to California but now he is in Colorado. He builds it all himself, doesn't outsource the welding. https://www.sirenbicycles.com/
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    Ahhhh...that's not grey I'm deaf so I couldn't tell; not even ONE of the 50 shades?
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    Yeah but you deserved them.
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    Thanks again to everybody, all this advice and suggestions have been really helpful. I have no problem doing lots of research on a good receiver before I start buying the rest of the system. That was the main issue I was having. Never had a nice system before and I want to get it right. I think i'll spend a little more and go with my original plan and get the Klipsch RP-260f, especially since everything else is going to be reference premiere. So i'll do more research into a good receiver. Thanks again to everybody.
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    Another adventure of mine: Keystone Mountain in Colorado in 2005. Hoping to go back next year if I can get back in shape. freeride park at the base the "Cowboy Up" trail the ladders, which leads to a 7' dropoff: wood piles are a perfectly legit trail the "punk rock" trail Gold Hill trail nearby, I think between Breck and Frisco
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    Keith, I hope this was a condescending apology, because I would not apologize for being real. I agree as well that today's world is a bunch of pansies and that it needs to change. People need to get over themselves and being so PC and making sure they go out of their way to make sure they let you know you're wrong because you don't agree with their thought process. I don't know what was said, nor do I care, but the reason I have backed off the forum for some time is because of the PC. I actually had someone on here complain that I called myself white trash and was asked not to use derogatory language. It's a joke to me how people today are so much into what someone else says or does when it doesn't immediately affect them or their families personally. People used to mind their own business and not care what was said as long as it didn't physically hurt them. "Sticks and Stones" is no longer a valid saying. Just my 0.02. I could care less what anyone says or how they say it,so long as it doesn't physically hurt me or my family. Sorry you feel the need to apologize, and I don't mean it in a negative way. Saying sorry for something you really feel sorry for is one thing, saying it to appease is another.
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    These are the trails I grew up with back in Spokane, WA:
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    I used to race mountain bikes back in the Northwest when I was growing up. I did pretty well, was top 5 in WA state and placed in races like the Sea Otter classic in California and some NORBA Races. Did a few 4 man team 24 hr races as well. Anyway, I have talked to a number of people who have said the same thing as you about steel bikes. Steel has a certain flex that dampens vibrations and gives a much smoother ride. You can also scratch and scuff up steel and aluminum but if you gash your carbon fiber bike frame you are in big trouble.
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    Nice boutique bikes (frames). I suspect most if not all of the components are foreign made as usual. I was diagnosed with heart failure 12 years ago. And 3 years ago atrial flutter & pre-diabetic. The AF was fixed with a cardiac ablation but I needed to lose some weight. I have two vintage Schwinn Paramount. An early 70's one of a kind chrome plated prototype with mostly Campi Super Record and Dura Ace crank. The other is an 84' custom built frame with Campi Aero and Modolo Master Pro titanium brakes. In the process of trying to get more exercise to more lose weight (I'm already down 35LBS) I thought I might be able to get back on the Paramount (custom built wheels 2 sets) but it didn't take long to break a spoke - so still too heavy for those bikes. I finally decided that I had to be too careful (breaking spokes) and prepping the bikes before every ride, cloths & shoe change, etc was taking too much time and inconvenience to do any "practical" riding so I decided I needed something, well, more practical, so I could just jump on it to run errands or do a quick 30 min ride around the neighborhood without fear of damaging another expensive wheel. So I just bought a Trek Marlin 5 in Viper Red. Very cool & nice bike. Rides smooth, rolls nice, shifts gears like a dream. Amazing bang for the buck. Even got a wireless heart rate monitor with the cyclometer. FWIW, with the drugs, exercise and a little modification of diet (I still have my Saturday night pizza) the diagnosis is now "benign" on all counts (knock on wood - I have to see the cardiologist for a regular appointment in a few hours). Just want to loose another 35LBS. I think the new Trek will help with that. Only had the bike a couple days and already rode 2.5 hours.
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    The sponsor logos is in fact kind of weird. If they were worried about being seen they’d wear a solid neon green shirt. No that’s not good enough. Everybody’s obsessed with company logos and want to look like they’re sponsored. When you’re 18 it’s almost understandable. When you’re older than 30 it just gets kind of weird. To be fair though, it’s not just cyclists that do this. 3-gun, motorsports, car stereo, pretty much everything, it’s ridiculous. Go to a shooting match nowadays and there’s people who barely know how to shoot that are rocking race jerseys that look like something out of NASCAR. I don’t understand it.
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    Dad had a great day. Thanks for the congratulatory messages. Judy and I took him and his girlfriend to lunch, then on to his party. Got to see lots of cousins and friends I haven't seen in years. It is just hard to remember to not look in the rearview mirror so I don't see him stealing a kiss from his girlfriend, Mardie.
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    One of my favorite Johnny Carson jokes involved the heat. He said "It's so hot today". The studio audience yells back "How hot was it?" Johnnie replied "I saw a dog chasing a cat and they were both walking".
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    My oldest son was the one who liked working on cars and trucks. Having that skill gave him confidense he would never have had. He got very good at doing brake jobs for his friends. I think every kid at Parkersburg High School got a free brake job done by him. He in turn taught them and so on. His hot rod was a black 07 WRX Subaru (non-STI). Now he drives an Audi. Still a turbo car, still AWD, and still black. This new car, is a LOT nicer though. His new 2017 on the left and his old 2012 on the right:
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    It's too hot to post.
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    I'm 52 and haven't worn dayglow spandex since Frankie Goes to Hollywood was in town.....so RELAX. I ride aggressively off road with guys half my age, and do some racing. When you do something like that for an hour min-to all day you will want the right gear. If my activity only lasted 8 seconds I could probably wear jeans and timberlands. Fortunately gear is available in many styles these days. Also in agreement with the above-anyone over 40 who is engaging in strenuous endurance activity deserves props in my book. Most of the people I grew up with look and act like they've got one foot in the grave.
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    Who wants to see that? I certainly wouldn't want to see myself in spandex riding a bike. They're exercising, not competing.
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    bad choice power is not a spec you even need to worry about. the r-26 is best buy junk. aluminum tweeter. the reference premiere is a huge step up. bigger horn and bigger drivers equals bigger sound. for not much extra money. 100$ extra if i remember right @MetropolisLakeOutfitters can help you out. he is a dealer and can possibly get you a great on the set
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    Hey mojomc welcome to the forum.... Man that is a great 1st post..... thank you for sharing..... Yea man this Klipsch thing is way more that just speakers..... Music brings people together and music played through Klipsch sounds second to none. Sounds like you and your stepdad share a bond that we all seem to have here......The love of our Klipsch.... La Scala's are some of the finest classic Klipsch.... La Scala's were the 1st Klipsch speaker I got some 26 years ago and I still got em. That's my youngest daughter (Emma) sitting in the bass bin in my avatar. My wife and I would find her sitting in there when we played music.... she loved it.... we could hear her laughing from the other room.... My choice of power for my La Scala's are a Adcom 555II..... I used some Carver's with the La Scala's but I always come back to the Adcom..... I also would like to try some tube power one day. We have some fine tube builders here...... and lots of folk to help spend ya money Enjoy your La Scala's.... MKP :-)
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    welcome! we can give recommendations but ultimately you have to decide what your ears like. I'm a denon and marantz fan over anything else. huge audyssey fan plus i like the user interface on these more than anything else. heres my advice on that. while it is correct its worse to underpowered than overpower, i suggest buying the feature set you want in a receiver and TRY and make sure you get a high enough model with preouts so you can add an amplifier down the road SHOULD you ever decide you want to. can i ask why all reference premiere EXCEPT the mains? in surrounds sound your center and sub are the most important. however matching the front three is also VERY important. so if i were you and you want to get the 440C then i would get the RP-260F towers and then everything else in your setup would match well. ORRRR if you can get the 450C id still look at the 260 towers and 240 surrounds with the 15" sub. thats a killer setup. i have a friend that has the same setup and its awesome at his place. there is no overdoing it with subwoofers. i have 8 18's subs in a 12x23 theater room. Movies WILL NOT sound the same with the 110. it will struggle. i have owned the 110 and 112 subs and they both while OK sounding are very output limited. they were sold very quickly.
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    Not what I got but what my son got. Went to see Chris Isaak in concernt and he gave this to my son.
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    Happy birthday Rivervalleymgb's pop I use to drink Stoli but a few weeks ago I did a taste test with my favorite Belvedere. No contest....Belvedere is much smoother and also more pricey I use the blue cheese olives too. Winchester turned me on to Belvedere! Whatever happened to him? He reminds me of Earl for some reason. Just now I'm having 3 fingers of Jack Black
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    Not surprised, she probably gets chased a lot. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Roughly 8 months ago i bought all the tools to make my own subs. well after building a few subs i had been dying to try some speakers from Diysoundgroup. so i bought the fusion 8 towers and center. built them and absolutely loved them. but the downfall, IMO of my diy ventures has been finish. i duratex EVERYTHING. i do it cause 1)its easy 2)my wife doesn't mind it and 3)its extremely durable in a living room with a 5 year old running around. i was on pins and needles with the palladiums in the living room even know my son is VERY well behaved around speakers. Fast forward a few months and i got a buyer for the fusions and decided to try a three way design from a different designer. I ordered a trio of 893 speakers designed by a guy from avs forum known as tuxedocivic. he has designed quite a few speakers for the site. he's known for producing a more "forward" sound. I did not want to duratex these i wanted to try my hand at veneering. I researched pics of what the flat packs looked like for these since i could not do regular window bracing due to the three way horizontal. i knew the center brace needed to be different. so once i saw a pic of it i just mimicked it and made my own enclsoure. came up with this: after everything was put together i took a shot to see how much space this one was gonna take up. i did order crossover boards for this build as this one had about three times the part of my fusion build. wrapped with oak veneer after a ten minute coat of dark walnut minwax, and four coats of gloss poly here was the finished product not much for listening impressions so far except this baby has fantastic midrange, silky smooth highs, and the off axis response really is good. sounds great in every seat in my living room. will be doing some fun A/B'ing soon with some high end center channels.
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    Hey Mike, I knew you knew that you knew. So now it just depends on how set your wife was on grey FWIW the color chosen goes well with the tile around the fireplace IMHO Oh and.... those beautiful Belles
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    Really? $750 seems a little high based on what they look like. He will probably call you back when they don't sell, your offer was more than fair.
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    My cycling shorts are traditional black. My jersey is subdued ... in fact I often ride in a tee-shirt because I actually find it more comfortable than a jersey. That said, outrageous clothing has at least one desirable effect for road cyclists -- it gets them noticed. We are constantly dodging cars whose drivers either don't see us or don't look for us because they are paying more attention to their cell phone than to their driving responsibilities. So the next time that you notice some cyclists because of their clothing, congratulate them for getting the job done.
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    little comparison picture of some drivers i had laying around from another project. this is the horn and tweeter out of the KG4 vs the compression driver and seos 8 horn i am putting in my diy speakers. kind of an unfair comparison. this is basically a clone of the b&c de-10.
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    If he wasn't, he is now!!
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    Hey Dude I hear that Kirkland brand vodka is pretty special. What's your take?
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