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    Beautiful birds! I don't trust that monkey. Isn't this the truth!
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    Here are a few pictures from an animal sanctuary in Roatan and cave tubing in Belize.
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    Morning all.... The BOSS at mom's this morning... I'm off to the shop..... getting ready to walk grandson to bus stop... 2nd cup going down ... nice cool morning later.... MKP :-)
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    After yesterday's haul, he probably has show his dipstick to everyone in the shop, then post a picture....Shameless he is. SMH Just for your guys info..... The BOSS was holding the other end of my dip stick.... MKP :-)
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    Panic shopping underway....getting ready for Hurricane Matthew LF may go to Charlotte (inland) while me and the Jakester hunker down here. Been looking at Porsche Cayman S models on line. Went to lunch and parked next to one. Don't see many of those around here. 295hp and around 2900 pounds or about 10/1 ratio. Anyone have experience with those? There is a pristine one in Florida with a new set of tires....but the sales guy Oliver doesn't want to dicker much Well after a week Karl the water bug (no relation to Carl from Texas...as far as I know) made an appearance as I was leaving LF's place. Ran across the driver side floor mat and up into the opening around the brake pedal That's about it for now.....
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    It wouldn't be a cruise without crystal water.
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    Great pics from Roatan and Belize. Thanks for sharing. On the other hand, we probably should be careful about displaying any more pictures of dipsticks ...next thing ya know guys will be comparing dipsticks or (shudder) fuel pumps. After all, this is a family forum. Happy Tuesday guys.
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    Good morning "Triple C Gang" ! Hope everybody has a great day today.
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    Wonder no more. Now, I will say that oil has some color to it, so, you know.
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    Dave that is one cool coffee pot MKP :-)
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    Afternoon all..... Bringing this day to a close at the shop.....figure I would change the oil in the Pilot....This is the 2nd oil change since I did all the cylinder head work.... It's just shy of 4 thousand mile on this oil.....and that's were it's at on the stick..... This engine has not used a "drop" of oil in those 4K miles..... WoW is all I have to say..... I was thinking after the cylinder head work I would be putting 1 to 2 quarts in it between oil changes.... This has come out really really good. The Piolt has 210K on it now.....Other than it kicking a code for 4th gear trans solenoid (about $40 and twenty minutes).....this trucks a keeper I do have to take for state inspection so i can get tagged..... later...... MKP :-)
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    Under these circumstances, if they have any class at all, a credit is due IMHO!
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    After yesterday's haul, he probably has show his dipstick to everyone in the shop, then post a picture....Shameless he is. SMH
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    For real..... Your right Dave.....but in this day and age we live in, people just don't want to be reasonable.... Best of luck Carl.... MKP :-)
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    Just got back from a great cruise; Cozumel, Belize, Roatan Honduras. Now back to reality and working for a living.
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    You shouldn't talk about Chuck like that.
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    Was not sure what they look like, so I went to look at some pictures, good looking car !
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    Looks like the West Bay end of the island of Roatan it's our favorite stop.
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    I have been conspicuously absent from here because of other priorities in life. I just updated the caps in an old HS buddy's Cornwalls. He got them 44 years ago and we lost touch. He is still very happy with the sound. I still have K402's with TAD drivers on a shelf, awaiting a bass section (I designed another bass horn, but I have other priorities). As to my system, I upgraded my electronics and went back to 6 channels of SPL TD-1's for the time being because of downsizing AGAIN. This time I reduced my subwoofage from 3 Danley TH-50's to only one in the rear and one OThorn in front. Great balance between 2.2 (very musical) and 6.2 (very impactful). For some LFE stuff, I sometimes miss my DTS-10's, but I'm very happy with the present compromises. My Yamaha pre pro has ESS Sabre DACs, which seem to appear in all high end gear. I'm glad to have that back in the setup since getting rid of my OPPO 83 Special Edition to upgrade the Video section in the newer 103. As even more of an "all Klipsch" traitor, I even like some direct radiator systems, but I prefer having ALL HORNS, ALL THE TIME, whenever possible. Ciao for now..................................and may you all strive to enjoy as much "micro detail" as I do with full dynamics.
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    I just got back to Houston an hour ago. The wife is on her way back home to work a few hours. We're kind of doing half days at work so we don't get so far behind. It also saves on vacation days. As of right now her next surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. My wife may come back late tonight or early tomorrow. We're fortunate it's only a couple hour trip one way. They'll change her wound vac packing while they have her under as well. Sorry I'm kind of jumping around but you catch my drift.
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    Back home last night, we had a good time as always. Carl how is Amy, any new news ? Luther nice pictures, was glad to hear everything went well, not surprised with the friends you two were with. MKP Congratulations, looks like the wife has turned into quite the speaker collector, good for you.
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    Finally received my Copy of a Shellac LP...
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    I was wondering how long this thread would go before Mark showed us his dipstick.
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    Happy Monday All! What a weekend in football (GA/TN!!!) and golf! Carl - prayers still coming your way for Amy and your family. Being an avid Star Wars fan, I found my Christmas list topper for this year. Sheer. Brilliance.
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    Wife ran in the Plano Balloon Fest 1/2 Marathon this morning. No balloons due to the threat of rain (it eventually downpoured and they called the race when she was at mile 12). Oldest stayed overnight with the grandparents, so it was just me and my youngest - she was less than thrilled to be up at 4:30AM, but eventually lightened up. Then just a quick pre-race panoramic, and an older gentleman with a fancy camera rig hanging around his neck. He walked around with his hands behind his back most of the time and I never saw him take any pictures - don't be that kind of photographer. Keep the camera ready and have your eyes/mind seeking out the shots right in front of you.
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    Thanks Dean. Could even be one of them there fancy bandpass filters in there too if its a 3 way crossover.
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    I would love a cayman, even more a cayman s.
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    With those side-pipes you'll set off car alarms as you drive by parked cars. It'll be great fun.
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    This is an incredible deal. I've owned a pair of these in the past and they have a deliciously smooth sound.
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    I love super tweeters, I have no earthly idea why. I can't hear above 12K.
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    http://www.mav-audio.com/base/product/tubemagic_d2 Sent from my SM-G920R4 using Tapatalk
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    yes those are the struts which I was referring to (I place a layer of dynamat on the inside and the outside of the struts. I also add a layer of F-11 Acoustical Felt around each strut held in place with water based contact). You can also place a layer of dynamat on the back of the magnet and a layer on each side of the terminal tab they tens to rig like bells. I am sure if you search the Current Cf users thread you will find lots of info.
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    No joke, most of the crap nowadays are shortys.
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    I was at the Harley plant in KC one time and they had a portable dyno. This guy had his bike on it with straight pipes the operator showed him how if he put the baffles back in the exhaust he would actually have more horsepower. So guess what the owner did ?? He put the baffles back in because he had proof there was less horse power with out the baffles.
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    4 more coats of lacquer applied, some pictures of what they look like while drying. The camera angle can make them look glossy smooth or wet or dull, it shows exactly how they look, depending upon from what angle you're looking.
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    What... no proper merge collector? For shame doc.
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    I know that Roger (twistedcrankcammer) is still current on here. I also believe he still has 7 of the TSCM speakers. You can send him a PM or mail through the forums. Bruce
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    Morning gang... Coffee about done...... grandson was off school today...so we slept in a bit.... Thanks Gary... Was tossing and turning last night..... had JBL's and Crown amps on my mind OK.... should have left for the shop already... gotta roll.... later all.. MKP :-)
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    great choice on mains. i owned them. skip that center. its not enough. get the 450c to match the mains. i have had all three reference premiere centers the 450 is the only one that will keep up with those. skip the 110 sub also. get the r-115 and nothing less from klipsch. you have a large room. i have a 11x17 living room and the r-110 and r-112 was a joke in here. dont dig deep for movies and are very limited on output. the r-115 is a pretty good sub. and one will get you by for sure. a second down the road would be nice. everything else you are on the right track for sure! sending you a pm also. check your messages up in the top right corner. welcome to the forum.
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    Nothing personal Mike but your house sucks.
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    I knew Portis Gilley and Mr. Bradford, both. Mr. Gilley passed away while I was still working at Klipsch and the entire plant was EXTREMELY saddened...he was a wonderful guy...always helpful and always a smile and kind words to all of us! He was really missed!
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    The best photos can be technically atrocious. Do they accurately portray emotion or the human condition? If so, score!
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    It's not the best photograph, but this is Mungkus' final portrait.
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