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    I think MM needs to head to the desert and try this out...
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    But where's the fun in that?!?
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    I really should stop looking for Klipsch on CL! http://denver.craigslist.org/ele/5833706600.html no affil.
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    Go Cubs!! Believe me, this part of Indiana and west to Chi-town is very excited....ticket prices are already insane.
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    Gotta grab me some of those... I never got sick eating anything from street vendors, but I have since read an article that said some street vendors get their cooking oil from runoff and sewer water that they filter. It COULD be a rumor.
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    Just got back home, it was an adventure but the people made it really fun. We drove to the Harmon"s house and rode up to Hope with them in the bus, it doesn't get much easier or nicer. There was a small problem, a small line going from the radiator to the reservoir came loose at the radiator letting it lose fluid and it started to run hot and then alarms were going off. The problem was you can not see even close to where the problem was without removing the giant air filter and it still is almost impossible to get to, 400 hp Cummins mounted in the rear of a 40' bus. So Kevin called an extra large size tow truck and they brought it to the Freightliner dealer an hour away which was closed already. We camped in the parking lot until morning, although we were not roughing it, AC, refrigerator and Sat Tv, everything working on the bus we just couldn't move it. Kevin always tows his 1 ton truck so we got in it and went out to eat and hung out later in the bus. The next morning Freightliner fixed us up, and checked everything else out and we hit he road to Hope, we all worked each day moving things from the plant into the museum, and parking at Rodney's at night.
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    Exactly...... More mass...... My IR 244 impact would break em loose @ 130 psi when I first got it. That was 20 plus years ago, that gun is worn out.....but I put that socket on it and has no problem breaking them loose MKP :-)
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    Hey Carl have you or any of your techs seen these sockets? They are BAD A$$...... I got this 19mm a few months backs......they have been back order for ever..... I use it for the harmonic balancers bolts on the Honda crank shafts..... you can not break them free with a impact and a regular socket. Over the years I've had Honda's towed to the shop from other shops that couldn't get the bolt to break free. Before I got it I would have to use the Honda special tool to hold the harmonic balancer and use a 1/2" breaker bar with a 3 1/2 foot cheater on it (old floor jack handle)to break the bolt free. Some of my Honda buds have bought 3/4" impact guns just for those PIA bolts. MKP :-)
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    Seems to be not much talked about here. Go Indians! JJK
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    Not a bad set up, but my HT never sounded quite right with a Hersey center between Cornwalls, and I was not satisfied until I added a center Cornwall. That was a very noticable improvement. Three Cornwalls in front with Heresy rears makes for a very good HT, especially in a small-ish room.
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    That stuff looks more like bait than food.
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    you should get the moderators to move this over to the comedy section. i don't need klipschorns or lascalas because cinema speakers are superior. that is childish
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    That's a substantial tow truck fo sho. I guess if you absolutely have to break down while traveling, that's the rig to do it in. Glad you guys made it ok.
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    I do miss my twice a year visits to Kowloon.
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    Good Monday Morning Two and counting One week, Halloween. RV Slide/wall work continues, plywood backing so it will support a TV. RV Antenna R&D continues, as an inventor, the Web IS indispensable. Easy week, taking the wife for her Doc visits, mouse ckickin/money spendin retirement
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    See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_crossover#Classification_based_on_components "Black" is an interesting audiophile meme. I don't know what it means. I do know that the use of active crossovers eliminates a set of components between your drivers and your amplifiers--components that change their behavior with age and with load (i.e., voice coil and passive component heating). Amplifiers on the other hand like to be direct coupled to drivers; they have much more trouble with passive reactance inserted into their load loop. I've never seen a hi-fi sound reproduction system without amplifiers...or acoustic drivers.
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    Welcome to the forum. You have some nice electronics. None of it is a V6.
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    Verticals are special, another option is to buy a Cornscala box and motorboard kit from Bob, and put the verticals back to stock. I am all about upgrades or sidewaysgrades, but I don't think I would chop up a vert. HB
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    Welcome aboard! Nice speakers!
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    Good choice on both the Mustang and the Cornwalls!
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    All Heritage product should have sequential serial numbers. The label on the packing carton should even call out the serial number of the speaker that it's matched with (serial # XXXXXX1, match with serial # XXXXXX2). The speakers are grain-matched. In other words, the left speaker is virtually a mirror image of the right speaker. This is why the speakers have sequential serial numbers - so they can be kept together (easily) through the factory, as well as after they leave the factory. One reason why this is important is because real wood veneer (especially exotic wood veneers) will vary dramatically in grain pattern, texture & color. Matching the wood grain makes a distinct improvement in the perceived beauty of the product. Kerry
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    You are lucky you didn't get food poisoning, lol. That would have made for some interesting sounds after you left the restaurant.
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