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    argued the same thing with my Uncle. He said, “If i wear the seatbelt and get in an accident, it might save my life. Then i’d encounter all kinds of stuff that i’m not really interested in anyway.” He lived to 85 and died of cancer. When he was “death Imminent” at the hospital, nurse came to take some blood. He asked why. She said “doctor’s orders.” He refused and said, “what...is he going to tell me that i’m sick?” He died later that day.
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    Ok. I'm eating at dtels and drinking at Webers.
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    Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving
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    Update: added a bookshelf map. It's much more detailed. Working on updating the floorstanding map. Since so many people are confused at how the Klipsch models compare, I started working on a map. It shows all the models from all the different series roughly arranged on a color-coded chart based on performance and size. This is for floorstanding, consumer models only. I haven't heard all these models, but I have heard a lot of them and lined them up to the best of my knowledge. What do you think? Any adjustments?
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    Cool pic Gary.....Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
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    Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours.................just took this photo for you all, as I get the breakfast started... Coffee about to be poured into the two competitor's mugs ! (there is even a cable in the mix).. Enjoy your day my friends.... .............Gary
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    <edit> Failed from my phone The pic above is what I have in hand here. It's at my folks. My dad and I go in halves. Wouldn't know about it except my brother introduced it to us.
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    No more drinks for you tonight! I'm cutting you off!
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    yeah, my sister got one of those tickets. She asked the cop if she could go to Seat Belt School -- he wasn’t amused. I wear mine every time that i’m in the car.
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    Don't post again, you will ruin the number. Enjoy the new forum
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    Me too. You'd be looking at my ugly mug right now.
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    I think you can combine the areas things such as cornwall and RF7 into one total offering even though the model generations are slightly different... also, where is the belle? I am not sure I would personally begin the epic and legend series at the orange level... MAYBE the green level... maybe lower. I do like the idea of a heat map... but the colors need to be adjusted so they reflect a smoother transition. Nice work sir... you have way to much time on your hands.
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    Good morning. While enjoying a cup of freshly ground 8 O'Clock Colombian, the wife is complaining that whole bean coffee seems to cost more per cup than ground. I think she's wrong, but it does seem that DIY grinding is more for freshness than cost. What do you think? What are sources of quality whole bean coffee in bulk? What is the shelf-life of whole bean? What is the best way to store whole bean; to refrigerate or not? We (that's the royal we, it's usually me, the early riser) tend to grind tomorrow's coffee the night before so the sound of the grinder doesn't awaken sleeping beauty. How much do we lose in freshness? If the answer is, "a lot" perhaps a set of noise cancelling headphones would make a good Christmas gift, if I can just get her to sleep in them. You didn't expect a quiz on Thanksgiving morning. Be grateful you're alive and have enough firing synapses.
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    I like the way you think, don't blame you at all.
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    I don't know ,I have always love the big look of the huge klipsch speakers and I thinking a want a vintage system !! Thx for a cool web site !!
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    Ooohhh cutting you off is going to be a big job! Btw - first taste of the Alaska distillery tonight - wonderful! Tried the blueberry vodka - can't believe it's been right here this whole time! Thanks for the tip!!
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    OK pre cooking is done everything in the refrigerator until baking in the AM, the hard part's over. Turkey, ham, crawfish cornbread, mirliton dressing with sausage, shrimp and ham, baked macaroni/cheese, sweet potato (with a sweet syrup), artichoke casserole (different romano cheese, italian bread crumbs among other things), green bean casserole, Italian salad. My sisters are bringing Broccoli, egg and cheese Quiche, and desserts. And i'm probably forgetting something
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    Can't. I'll see a great deal somewhere and have to post it in the Alert section, can't help it. It would be easier to turn down $100 khorns....okay, maybe not, but you get what I'm saying
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    Happy Holidays to you too! What took you so long to get here?
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    Happy thanksgiving to all , nothing like turkey dinner with a little Frankie /dean /Sammy playing on the mcintosh !! Happy holidays my new friends
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    I think you made some good adjustments, Matt. It would certainly get a newbie into a 90% safe bet if they had no personal experience with Klipsch and had only your chart to go by. +++ If you think about it you might want to come up with some meaningful Tags for search purposes. I think so much great information is lost on this forum because the search engine is hard to use to pinpoint information. As an example try searching on "Scala" and see if it doesn't return more than 13,000 replies.
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    I'll just leave it at a visual for those that haven't had the pleasure then.
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    Now now.....some of us haven't had TG dinner yet...don't kill our appetites
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    Happy Thanksgiving all!!!! I thought you could order the flavored vodka from the website. They didn't offer the Permafrost online though.
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    Updated it a bit. Lowered Epic and Legend a bit, combined Cornwall 1 and 2, chorus 1 and 2, LaScala and Belle. To be clear, this is just a general map to help the noobies get an idea of where everything sits.
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    let me think let me think about this Thanksgiving Day everybody's home with their families, booze is involved and every store is open probably probably one of the busier days of the year for last-minute sales of booze I will report back later
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    The sixth child has died from the bus crash in Chattanooga, I found out Tuesday that one of the deceased, a nine year old girl, is the God daughter of an acquaintance. This is tough for all. Interesting thing is the driver had no evidence of drugs or alcohol in his system. He was not following his designated route, which put him on a narrower winding road. Bruce
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    Much longer than ground coffee. It will start to degrade the moment you grind the beans. Overnight shouldn't really be a problem, though. Was up at 5:30 so I could take my wife to work. She is putting in an extra 12 hours today (double time!). I'm home painting in our family/music/tv room. Bruce
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    Well, you can tell who the single guys are. WEB, MATTEWS, and me. Its thanksgiving, 7:15 central time and we've been here for more than an hour Course, I'm only up because I'm checking the bird. Mark
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    Grey Goose usedvto have flavored berries to drop in. The blueberry was amazing. A couple of those and a couple blues and we were good to go. Is the Alaskan available by you WEB?
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    It's something different, we keep enough other offerings that the flavored vodka doesn't get sampled daily. It's usually special gatherings, like today, that someone new will get introduced to them. The homemade beer is and equally special treat.
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    We probably would run out, after looking at the pic we would end up running out in the yard acting silly. Nice collection, we need to try that, I told the wife about it and were going to look for it, or see if it can be ordered online.
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    I wish it was that easy, I like the idea.
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    I can't think of anything else
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    It will be in a "care package" from there with other things. I'll send it when I can.
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    Every family has that crazy weird person. If you can't point that person out, a mirror might help.
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    Hard to follow all that food and well wishes without getting a bit hungry. Love Cajun and Smoked, just about anything. Got back here a couple of hours ago to find all 3 cats fast asleep. As I had a bite off of the list for a couple of Klipsch bookshelves and my newly acquired Rotel multi CD player, wanted to get the party some extra pics of units. Now am in Thanksgiving mode. To all the past well wishers I say thank you. Just had a bite to eat thanks to Jimmy Dean and when I feel the blues coming on, it is likely I have not had my listening level of music I grew up with. Streamed the Animals White Houses album on the RF-3's and am feeling alright. On weekends at much a tender age, would go to the beer getting place called Granny Blank's(editor)) where if you could be seen over the counter, you were legal. Then back to the House of the Rising Sun over the water. The StingRays were the regular band but, others played there like The Fugitives, The Colour Corporation, The Nightcrawlers and others. It is a timeless dose of music that makes me happy. Sorry as well to see the bus and kids killed and hurt. Drove a full size school bus back in my 20's for a private, school in Tallahassee. Getup before daylight and go to a town 20 miles away and pickup all along back roads finally arriving back to the city. Drove for a few months, and long enough to learn for myself the pitfalls that could occur if you did not have it together. It is a demanding job and drivers should be thoroughly vetted. Being a serious driver from the get-go, I wore my Bausch& Lomb Shooter sunglasses, which helped on many occasions. Guess they have stopped making it: https://send.com/product.php?id=143081&gclid=COyR1Yrxv9ACFdcYgQod6hUDRA
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    Afternoon all and a Happy Turkey day to all.... Got home around 7:00 last night.....Well come to find out that the home computer has taken a dump while we were gone for those several days. Don't know what's up with....a blue screen that says some crapp and it won't boot up. Even tuning off then back on doesn't do chitt. oh well... Man since we left yesterday to now I got three pages of posts to catch up on.... Check back later... MKP :-)
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    http://cellar.com/spirit_producer/536/alaska-distillery Iv never had a problem ordering on-line........anything/everything i want.
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    Good list! You either need to add about 30 more colors or put a disclaimer: "Your results may vary"! With a list like this (which I am sure will be tweaked) you can get started AND plan your next move. The key is to listen to them (preferably in YOUR home with YOUR components with YOUR ears)! Then keep buying until you have tried them all. Nice work!
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    Because it's Thanksgiving and not everyone gets to RTM "Instead of bringing that one up, we threw ours down"
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    Greatly, as a rising tide lifts all boats. Relatively speaking, my Knorns just went up $4,000 in asking price.
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    She says good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Mark
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    Any pictures of the cabinets? What kind of damage do they have?
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